Over the past few weeks AJ and I have had the chance to review a one year subscription to  Help Teaching Pro from This was our second time using


What is is an online subscription based program that gives you access to worksheets, quizzes and activities. There are a variety of options for early education all the way through twelfth grade. The site also gives you the ability to make your own custom tests and worksheets. There is a free membership available, but it has limits on how many questions can be on customized material and it doesn’t give you access to all of the content.

The site uses free resources found online along with original content and content made by other teachers to give you a variety of options. While there are a lot of worksheets and tests, there are also lessons that are put together that include videos and worksheets. There is even the option to make your own BINGO sheets or Word Search Pages.

What Type of Worksheets Are There?

You have the ability to sort the worksheets and tests by subject or grade. I was unable to find a search button, but I think one would be very helpful!

When you click on a category like Math Worksheets and Printables you are taken to a screen with even more options. When we reviewed this in the past there were a few options for the higher grades, but not very many. Now there are options for algebra one and two, geometry, and even trigonometry. They have added a lot, it is nice to see how the site has grown! A wealth of information at your fingertips!

Once you decide on the category you want, you can pick a worksheet that fits your need. You have the option of printing it off, or assigning it to your student to complete online. There is also the option to copy the worksheet and add to it or take problems away that don’t fit your needs.

Most of the worksheets are multiple choice questions, but there are also some diagrams where the student needs to match the name or function to the part of the diagram. There were a few diagram type questions in the science section. A wealth of information at your fingertips!

I found a worksheet to go along with almost every topic we were studying in math, science, and geography. There are a lot of interesting worksheets in the English and Language Arts section as well. There were questions about books, writing helps, spelling, vocabulary, reading strategies, grammar, and more.

The Lessons

In addition to the worksheets that test the knowledge your student has on a topic there are also lessons that teach concepts. Again there is a big increase in the topics covered now than there was when we used the site before.

Currently there are lessons available for; English and Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

For younger kids a lesson may include a video that has a story read to them. Then a worksheet that goes along with the story. A wealth of information at your fingertips!

Older students may watch a video about SAT words, be sent to another site to practice the words, and have two worksheets to complete. There are a variety of different types of lessons depending on the grade level. A wealth of information at your fingertips!

How We Used

This year I am teaching at co-op. Since the subscription is good for a parent or teacher, I have used a few of the worksheets with my kids at co-op.

For my class about government, I used the Constitution Lesson. It had brief written information about the constitution, a video, practice questions, and a worksheet about the amendments. I didn’t have the ability to show the kids the video, but I watched the video and made sure to include some of the information in my lesson plan. I made a worksheet with some of the practice questions and had them do the amendment worksheet. It went over well, and they learned a lot.

For my fraction class I have used some of the various worksheets as we practiced different operations with fractions. I plan to make a final review worksheet for them to use at the end of the course by putting some of the worksheets together. A wealth of information at your fingertips!

The final class I used the site for was my reading and writing class. There are six kids from 5-7 years old who range from tracing letters to a little girl who is very advanced and is writing stories. I have printed off bingo sheets with spring words for the kids to play. In addition to the bingo sheets,I also printed a few grammar worksheets for my advanced little girl to work on when she finishes her work early.

I have also used the site with AJ. When she was working on her science fair experiment on osmosis, I searched the already made questions about osmosis. It brought up a few different worksheets. I had AJ look up any of the questions that she couldn’t answer. She used the questions as a starting point for her research.

We also used various worksheets throughout the review period, especially the vocabulary section. Every few days I would pick the worksheets I wanted her to do, save them to my computer, and use them as the time came up during our studies.

What We Thought

I was very happy with the growth of the site, especially the lesson section. I hope to see that section continue to grow. There is a wide variety of options available, but I do wish there was an easier way to search for worksheets.

I like the ability to create my own worksheets and customize them to fit my needs. The fact that there is an online option and a printable option is very helpful. The worksheets are of high quality and I didn’t notice any errors. This site gives you a wealth of information at your finger tips. I plan to continue using the site for the remainder of the year.

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2017 Fall Resources

Fall will be here before we know it. Soon the leaves will be changing colors and the weather will be getting cooler. It has been a very hot summer here in southern California. Last week it was over 111 a few days! I am looking forward to being cold.

It is amazing how quickly this year has gone by, It seems like it was just Christmas, and in a few months we will be gearing up for another holiday season. Here are some of my favorite fall resources that I have shared in the past.

Fall Unit Study Ideas

If you like to have your studies correlate with the seasons, then this post is for you. There are some great ideas to help make your learning faun and exciting this fall season!

Free Printable Pack

This subscriber Only freebie is packed full of fall learning. From language arts skills to logical thinking, your child will have a blast learning while celebrating fall. It includes Sudoku puzzles, bingo, multiplication puzzles, graphing, and more. There are 25 pages full of fall fun!

Pumpkin Fractions

This simple pumpkin fraction activity is great for those who are beginning to work on fractions. It is a color by fraction activity that is sure to please!

Sharing Jesus this Fall

Are you looking for a way to share the gospel this Halloween? These tracts are a great way to share God’s love!

Other Fun Halloween Posts

I know that Halloween can be a touchy subject. Some people celebrate it, while others hate it. Here are my feelings on Halloween. AJ has worn some fun costumes over the years, and none of them have been scary or gory. Here are some ideas for girls costumes that are church friendly.

However you celebrate this season, I hope you have a happy fall. What are your favorite fall resources?

Spanish For Kids By Kids ~ Review

We all know it is easier to learn a second language when you are younger. So I have been introducing AJ to Spanish since she was in Kindergarten. We have used a few different programs over the years to help her learn more vocabulary, but I have never stuck with one for a long time. She is in middle school now so I was looking for an easy way to help her learn and remember the basics before we start on a formal curriculum next year. We were given a chance to review a neat Spanish program, Starter Set 1 from Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids, and I thought it would be exactly what I needed to help AJ get back into Spanish mode.

Beginner Spanish Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review
With this program your child learns through watching cute little shows in Spanish. As your child watches the DVD they are able to figure out and really understand the meanings on Spanish words. The DVDs are completely in Spanish, but there are a lot of visual cues to help your child learn what the vocabulary words mean. I really liked the idea of letting the child learn though watching the video instead of simply memorizing lists of words.

Beginner Spanish Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review
We received quite a few things from Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids.

  • The Complete Spanish DVD Set – This has all three DVDs, Basketballs Aren’t for Breakfast, The Little Magic House (Part 1), and The Little Magic House (Part 2) – These are the main part of the program.
  • Curriculum Guide # 1 – This explained how to use the curriculum and gave extra activity ideas. There is also a certificate of achievement to give to your child once they finish the first video.
  • Workbook #1 – This is used with the videos to help your child practice what they know. It isn’t a required component, but it is a lot of fun. The activities are simple. It is full of colorful images and even gives information about the country of Peru.
  • Curriculum Guide # 2 – This is for the second level. It is set up the same way as the first guide, but I found it helpful because it listed all of the vocabulary that the child is learning. It made it simple to check if she had figured out the correct meaning of a word.
  • Workbook # 2 – This book still has simple activities, but they are a little more advanced. It includes more grammar and has geography information about Colombia.
  • Curriculum Guide # 3 – This guide is for the third level. The games and activities are a little more advanced. One activity it has you do is take your child to the store and have them find all of the fruits and vegetables that they have been learning about.
  • Workbook # 3 – While the activities are still fun, they are a lot more in-depth in this workbook. The child learns how to conjugate some verbs and they continue to learn grammar. This level has your child act out a skit in Spanish, write a postcard in Spanish, and make a Spanish menu using words that they have learned. There is a big difference between level 1 and level 3.
  • Sticker Set for Level 1 – This is a set of colorful stickers with vocabulary words on them. Your child is encouraged to put the stickers on items that match the vocabulary. It is a fun idea to help younger kids practice vocabulary.
  • Flashcards and Go Squish Game – These are used together to practice vocabulary with a fun game.

Your child is suppose to watch a small section of the video each day until they are able to understand the vocabulary in that section of the video. Then as they understand the vocabulary they watch the original section of the video plus another section until they eventually finish the entire video. You are not suppose to tell the child what the words mean, they should learn them on their own. They learn the word libro (book) by showing a boy with a bunch of books around him. The book has the word libro on it and the word is said a few different times while showing a picture of a book. The flashcards and workbooks are additional parts of the program that help your child learn additional Spanish and practice what they have learned.

AJ already knew most of the words in level 1, so we watched the entire video and made sure she knew the vocabulary. She liked the videos and thought they were funny. I felt they were a little odd, but that they would keep kids entertained.

By the second level she was learning a few new words, but it turned out that she knew a lot more vocabulary than either of us realized. I am sure watching the videos helped her remember words she had previously learned, but she was more advanced than the vocabulary and grammar taught by this program. I think it would have been perfect to use when she was younger and just starting to learn Spanish. We went through the videos and workbooks at a faster pace, but I know the process helped her to cement the vocabulary into memory. We watched all of the videos at least once a week to make sure she really knew the vocabulary. I hope they come out with additional videos in the future at a higher level, because I know AJ will like them.

What We Liked

  • The idea of learning through watching is wonderful.
  • The videos were short and sweet, making it easy to fit a lesson into our day.
  • The workbooks and flashcards are bright and colorful.
  • The Curriculum Guides gave additional ideas for practicing vocabulary.
  • There are multiple activities that will keep your child engaged.
  •  You can move at your own pace.
  • It is more than just vocabulary practice.
  • The child is able to hear how the language is spoken and understand the pronunciations much better than any other program we have tried.

What We Didn’t Care For

We really enjoyed this program, but there were two things that I didn’t like.

  1. The workbooks don’t line up with the lessons. The Curriculum Guide tells you which pages to do, but I think it would have been helpful if the workbooks lined up better.
  2. The videos don’t tell you when to stop. I would like it if the videos could be watched a segment at a time. That way I could have her watch it on her own without having to be there to stop it. She got too into the videos and didn’t like to stop them.

Overall I think it is a great way to learn Spanish, and I wish that it was around when AJ was starting to learn Spanish. If you are looking for an easy way to introduce your child to Spanish, this is the perfect program. You can go at your own pace and let your child really learn the Spanish language.

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Beginner Spanish Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review

What is a MOM?

When I was a little girl my mom had a beautiful little picture hanging up that said, “Anyone can be a mother, but it takes someone special to be a mommy.”



I always think of that picture, especially this time of year. May is a busy month in our family. We have my little girl’s birthday, my grandma’s birthday, my birthday, and Mother’s Day.

I use to feel a little left out and out of place on Mother’s Day, because I am not a mother. I didn’t give birth to a child, and I didn’t adopt a child, so how could I be a mother? The little girl I always talk about and that my life revolves around is my beautiful little cousin AJ. After some bad things happened in her life and she spent a little time in foster care, I was blessed to pick her up from the airport on Christmas Eve back in 2004 when she was 18 months old. I have raised her ever since, but her “real mom” is still in the picture, and she still calls her mom. If she still has a mom, what does that make me?

I am the one who taught her numbers, shapes, and colors. I taught her to read. Am I just a teacher? I stayed up all night and learned how to use a breathing machine for her asthma. I cleaned out her cuts and bruises and kissed her booboos. Am I just a nurse? I have given up time with friends and stayed up all night when she had nightmares, giving up “me time” to play dress up and dolls. Am I just a babysitter? I have been there when she is happy and laughing and when she is upset and crying, seen her through the terrible twos and the horrible threes. I have had the pleasure of the snuggling and the hugs, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Yet, I still didn’t know where I fit in. Each year as May came around, I would help her make a card for her real mom. When strangers would wish me a happy Mother’s Day, I would politely state that I wasn’t a mother. She was always my little girl, and I was always just her “Kate” .

Then it hit me one day, no I wasn’t her real mother…… her biological mother, but I was just as important. I still help her make a card for her mother on Mother’s Day, but now when someone wishes me a happy Mother’s Day, I say thank you. Deep down inside I know that I am a mom, maybe just not in the typical sense. I try to always remember that it t does take someone special to be a mommy and I am that special person.

To all those women out there who give up their life to take care of a child, whether you are technically a mother or not, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Embrace your day

Dear Homeschool Mom Who Feels Behind

HS Mom behindIt is that time of year, the time when school is winding down and the end is in sight. Whether you school year round or take the summer off, it can get stressful towards the end of the year. If you are like many homeschoolers, you probably had bumps throughout the year and are not exactly where you had planned on being. Maybe multiplication just didn’t click as fast as you were expecting. Or maybe your little one fell in love with a science topic, leading to rabbit trails and further exploration. Maybe you spent two months learning about Ancient Egypt because there was just so much to learn. (That would be us!) Maybe life happened. A new baby, an illness, a move, anything that might have put a wrench in your schedule. Maybe you just scheduled too much into your day and subjects took longer than you expected. Whatever the reason, you feel behind and are faced with three basic options.

Option 1

Just make up the work. You can easily double up on subjects. Hey, what kid wouldn’t like three or four grammar lessons a day until the end of the school year? You could drop all of the fun subjects and focus, making sure that those core lessons get completed. Better yet, you can skip summer break. Work through the summer until you have finished every single page of work.

While the work could get finished this way, I suspect you will get a lot of complaints from your kids. It won’t be a day in the park for you either! If you feel the need to finish all of those lessons, just take in to consideration the amount of work you will be expecting your child to do. Is it reasonable? Is it necessary? And most importantly, will they really be learning and retaining the information, or will they just go through the motions.

Now if you are behind because of behavior or attitude reasons, that is a different story. Missing part of summer break or having to double up on lessons may be what your child needs to buckle down and get their work down in the future.

Option 2

The second option would be to just skip part of the book. I went to public school as a child, and I don’t remember ever finishing a text book. Honestly we usually didn’t get even half way through any book except for math. I am not saying that leaving more than half a book unfinished is a great idea, just putting things in perspective.

Go through their books and see where you can combine things or eliminate things. Does your child understand the topic? Maybe they don’t need to do all of the book work. Is part of the book review? Does your child need the review? Will skipping the last three weeks of spelling really matter? Everyone’s answers are going to be different based on your unique child. Isn’t that one of the best parts about homeschooling? For subjects like science and history, the topics are going to come up again. If your child doesn’t learn about plants this year, I am sure the topic will come around later. If you are using a spiral based math program or grammar program the topics will come up again as well.

Option 3

The last option you have is carrying the work over. You have two more units in history, but really don’t want to rush. Why not just start at that place in history when you start up school again. Why do we have to start and stop based on the month it is? Will learning about Rome in September be any different from learning about it in May? If you are using a mastery based math or grammar program, this would really be your best bet if you don’t decide to try and finish it before the end of the year.

We have so many choices as homeschoolers, there is no need to stress. Do what works for your family and finish out the year strong! No matter what, know you are doing a great thing for your child!

A Memorable Easter

Easter has always been the biggest holiday, other than Christmas, in our family. When I was younger, I would  awake to a huge Easter basket full of candy and goodies. I remember that, until I was a teenager,  I would always get a Barbie doll, a movie, and a big chocolate bunny, along with numerous other trinkets. After going through our Easter Baskets, the egg hunts would begin. Inside the house we would find plastic eggs filled with candy, and then we would head outside to find the hard boiled eggs that we had colored a few days before. I was lucky – I had an amazing mom who always made sure that our holidays were memorable.

Until recently, I had no idea how hard my mom had to work to make sure that we had such wonderful holidays. Until about two years ago, I was able to purchase everything I needed and most of what we wanted. I had a decent paying job and, even though I had been hurt at work and was receiving less than what we were used to, we were doing alright. I easily made Christmas, Easter, and birthdays extra special for my little girl. Then workers’ comp stopped paying me, even though I was not better. Disability was a joke and, honestly, if I didn’t live at home with my parents, I would have been on the streets. I went from saving money for week long trips to Disneyland on our birthdays (which were always paid in cash, never credit) to scrimping and saving just to put an Easter basket together for my little one who still believes in the Easter Bunny.

That is when I had to get creative. I had to stretch my dollars a lot further and count my pennies. Here are a few of the ways that I was able to save money on Easter.

  1. I saved a little bit of money from each check. Just putting away 5 to 10 dollars each pay day for a few months gave me plenty of money to cover everything I needed.
  2. Reusing baskets. Baskets can be a big part of the expense when it comes to Easter, we reuse the same baskets each year. We also check out the clearance section at the end of the season to see if there are any great deals.
  3. Shop after holiday clearances. While some merchandise is obviously designed for Valentines or Saint Patrick’s Day, a lot of unique items are not. Often I am able to find things like lip gloss, lotions, hair clips, cards, and small toys that will work great in her basket for 50 to 75% off after other holidays. If I don’t use them for Easter they can always go in the stocking at Christmas.
  4. Don’t buy holiday candy. I used to always buy the cute pastel wrapped candy, but often that same candy in normal wrapping is a lot cheaper. This isn’t always the case, so price it out and see which one is the better deal.
  5. Shop in aisles other than the Easter aisles.  This goes along with number 4. Stores want you to fill your basket with the seasonal items. They even go so far as to color coordinate everything so that you grab all of the “purple” items for your little girl and all of the “blue” items for your little boy. Take a look at other areas of the store like the toy department, stationary department, and especially the art and craft department. Depending on your child, a few inexpensive items from one of those areas may make them happier than the items on the Easter aisle. Be on the lookout for clearance sections too! Don’t forget to shop at the 99 cent and dollar stores too.
  6. Use the cheapest egg dye you can find. Skip the fancy dyes and go for the cheap stuff; then use your own crayons, stickers, and glitter to spice them up. Not getting the color you want with the cheaper dye? Try letting the eggs sit longer or add a little food coloring to the mix. You can also paint the eggs or use markers and crayons to color them.
  7. Be creative when filling plastic eggs. Eggs can be filled with so many things. You can get a small puzzle from the dollar store and put a few pieces in each one, fill a few with pennies, stickers, erasers, fruit snacks, pretzels, marshmallows, beads. The ideas are endless. Candy is fun too but, instead of getting expensive candy, buy a few individual bags of m&ms, or Skittles. One bag can fill about 5 small eggs.
  8. Think Simple. A big basket is nice, but a thoughtful basket full of love is even better.

Easter is about way more than egg hunts and chocolate bunnies; but I feel that traditions are important. This year, money is tighter than ever. I still am not getting paid at all while I wait patiently, or maybe not so patiently, for my lawyer to get things worked out. I am extremely thankful that I was able to put a small amount away from my tax return for Easter. This year’s basket won’t be as big, but it will be full of love. It is my hope that my little girl will never have to know how hard I have to work to make her holidays memorable, that she can keep her innocence about her for at least one more year, and continue to believe in holiday magic.

I hope these tips are able to help you to make your Easter brighter for your little ones. From our family to yours, Happy Easter!

My Word of the Year is

Post Contains Affiliate Links

Last year was the first time I decided to pick a word of the year. The word I picked was progress. I didn’t stick to all of my goals or do anything extra special, but when I look back at where I was a year ago, I see progress.

This year my word of the year really fell in my lap. I was getting frustrated with all of AJ’s complaining. She was complaining about everything. My income is extremely limited so I can’t always give her everything she wants, but she has everything she needs. I was beginning to feel like nothing was good enough for her and like nothing made her happy.

My word of the year for 2016 is Content

One day after she was complaining that we were having chicken for dinner again, I lost it. I think I must have yelled for about 5 minutes straight about how lucky she was to have a place to sit, a plate, warm clothes, and any food at all. I was so frustrated that she didn’t realize how lucky we are. If we didn’t live with my mom we would have been on the street a long time ago, and I am thankful for what we have. Don’t get me wrong, I am frustrated and angry with all of the things we have had to go through because of my accident at work. I don’t think it is fair that I have to live in constant pain and that I can’t do the things I use to. There is a lot we have to be angry and upset about, and I think those feelings are valid, but what kind of life will we have if all we do is focus on the bad and negative parts?

Even after reminding AJ how lucky we really were, I didn’t see much of a change. She complained about everything. From the food we ate, to having to do her chores, she found a problem with everything.

About that same time I came across a Black Friday sale at Not Consumed. When I saw this Bible study I knew AJ needed to go through it!

I ended up purchasing both A Content Heart and Because I Said So. Both Bible studies cover topics that I feel AJ needs to improve on.

As I read through both studies trying to decide which one to start with I was surprised by how much detail they both had. I also realized that AJ wasn’t the only one who needed to work on being content. I took a test in the study where kids are suppose to find out how content they were before starting the study. If I was really honest with myself, I didn’t score too well. I try to be happy on the outside and to look on the positive side of things, but inside I am not content.. Just reading through the study really opened my eyes.

So my word of the year for 2016 is Content. I am focusing on the biblical definition of the word which is – a resting or satisfaction of mind. My favorite line so far in A Content Heart is:

We may never FEEL content, but the Bible says we can make up our minds to BE content.

That is what our family will be working on this year. I think that both AJ and I can grow and learn together, and the first step will be completing this study.

Did you pick a word of the year? Let me know what you picked in the comments!

Free Curriculum, Blog Help, and Support

Last year around October I saw the applications for the Schoolhouse Review Crew. I had looked at the application the year before, but didn’t think I would qualify. I didn’t even try. But last year I saw the application to be on the Review Crew EVERYWHERE. Every single time I logged onto Facebook I saw that green graphic staring me in the face.

Schoolhouse Review Crew 2016 Applications
 I followed a lot of bloggers on the Review Crew, and I wanted to apply, but I didn’t think I was good enough. I wasn’t (and am still not) a big time blogger, and I didn’t have thousands of followers. I only have one child, and she is in middle school – would they need a reviewer like me? I decided to just try. I filled out the application and decided to put it in God’s hands. A few weeks later I was asked to write a sample review for the Crew, and then I was accepted.

I felt so honored that they picked me!

Being on the Crew has forced me to become a better blogger, there are writing requirements for reviews and requirements to write frequently on your blog about things other than reviews. While I am still not as consistent in my blogging as I would like to be, I have gotten a lot better.

The Review Crew is a wonderful group of supportive people. They offer advice and share their knowledge. I have learned so much over the last year! All of my social media numbers have at least doubled since joining the Crew.

To top off the wonderful sense of community and blog knowledge there is the curriculum.  The Review Crew reviews amazing products and curriculum. We have been blessed by so many things that we could have never afforded. We have reviewed books, videos, science, math, spelling, writing, online programs, and so many other items.

It isn’t a secret that money has been tight around here, and while I could use free resources to homeschool AJ, I don’t have to because of the Schoolhouse Review Crew! This school year I was able to spend less than $30 to purchase curriculum for AJ. I has been a HUGE blessing.

So why am I tell you all this?

Because it is that time of year again – the Schoolhouse Review Crew is accepting applications. If you are a homeschool blogger and you like to do reviews, don’t put it off. Apply today!

Top 10 posts of 2014

2014 was a difficult year for me and I didn’t blog nearly as often as I would have liked. 2015 will have a lot more posts along with some improvements to my blog. Here are my most viewed posts from 2014. Some of them surprised me.

10. Bible Road Trip – Review

Back in July I had the opportunity to review Bible Road Trip by Danika Cooley. This is a great Bible curriculum for kids and adults. In the beginning we were not able to utilize the program completely, but now we have the book and DVDs to go along with the program. We use the Bible Road Trip weekly as part of our homeschool journey. 

9. 6th Grade Curriculum Plan

Here I shared our plans for 6th grade. Not a typical curriculum, but it is working great for us!

8. Alone Yet Not Alone – Review

This is one that surprised me. I really liked the book but I never would have thought that it would have been a top post. Unfortunately, I was never able to see the movie even though it looked amazing. If you haven’t read the book Alone Yet Not Alone yet, you really should check it out!

7. 6th Grade Reading List

This is the list of books I am planning on having AJ read this school year. I think it is a good mix of books and she has been enjoying them.

6. Sparkle Egg – Review

This is a wonderful picture book perfect for Easter time.

5. Little House on the Prairie Week 1

We learned about so much during the Prairie Primer. It is one thing that I really slacked on blogging wise, but I will finish the series this year! In this post we had a ton of fun learning about Indians, blood and circulation, and more. It was a week full of fun hands on learning.

4. Reading Eggspress – Review

Reading Eggspress is the Reading Eggs program for kids ages 7 to 13. It had some good and bad aspects. We are not currently using it, but if you have a struggling reader it may be the answer for you.

3. VeggieTales Celery Night Fever

A silly, fun, musical video that teaches about forgiveness. It was a huge hit at our house.

2. Melk the Christmas Monkey – Review

Melk is the Christmas Monkey that helps to keep Christ in Christmas. We really enjoyed our time with Melk through the Christmas season. Melk isn’t just for the Christmas season though, he can be a part of your family year round. Click on the post to learn more. 
And the post that was viewed the most was………

1. Valentine’s Day Math Printable 

There are 2 fun math printables that I created for upper elementary kids. The first is a coordinate grid picture and the second is Candy Heart Math. Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, so grab your copy today!
Was the post you enjoyed the most one of my top ten most viewed posts?

Dress Like a Veggie Event

Are you looking for something fun to do this Halloween? There is a fun event being held nationwide in all of the Family Christian Stores. It is the Dress Like a Veggie Event. It is more than just a fun event though, it is a contest too!

How does it work?
It’s simple! On October 31st bring your kids to your local Family Christian Store dressed as a veggie. Any type of vegetable will do, but you can add to the fun and have them dress as their favorite VeggieTale. There are a variety of costume choices, but if you need some Pinspiration check out this board on Pinterest. It has so many cute ideas for numerous creative costumes. 
Once you’re in the store snap a photo of your kids dressed up as their favorite veggie. Then simply upload the picture to Twitter and or Instagram. Make sure to tag @Familychristian in your post and use the hashtag #FCVeggies. The grand prize winner will receive a $250 gift card for Family Christian, and Five runner ups will each receive a $50 appreciation certificate.

All of the kids who dress as their favorite veggie and stop by the stores will receive a small goodie as well. 

Before you head to Family Christian make sure to print off this coupon that Family Christian is providing to my readers. It is good for 40% off one regular priced item in store or online. See coupon for details and exclusions.  

I have 2 different Family Christian Stores near me.

The Highland, California store located at 
  • 4060 Highland Ave # B, Highland, CA 92346
and the Fresno, California store located at
  • 3072 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA 93711
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Does this even sound like something you and your family would likely attend? What veggie would your kids dress up as?