When AJ was younger it seemed like I could find worksheets for almost any subject fairly easily. Since she is in 7th grade now, worksheets are harder to find. Sure there are some here and there, but I miss the simplicity that I had just two years ago of being able to quickly find a few worksheets to supplement a topic that she is studying. We were recently given the chance to review the Pro Plan from I was interested to see what types of things they had to offer. To my surprise, they offer a lot!

HelpTeaching Review is an online site that has lessons, worksheets, and tests for grades K through 12. It also includes word search and bingo card generators. They do have a free membership option that gives you access to a limited number of products, but to fully enjoy the site there is a small yearly membership fee. has worksheets or tests available for a wide variety of subjects including; English and Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art and Music, Study Skills, and more.

There is the option to print off PDF copies of worksheets and tests and the option for you to assign the work to your student to complete online. You even have a record of your student’s scores and how long they spend on lessons. If you want your student to complete the work online you can easily email your student the lessons or worksheets that they need to complete. There is also the option to simply share the work that you want your student to do by giving them a special link. Since AJ doesn’t have an email address yet, I decided to just add the link to the lessons or tests I wanted her to do to her schedule for the week. She enjoyed the independence of just clicking on the link and doing the work, and I liked that I easily track how well she did.

The site has so many wonderful gems to explore. When you log into you have a number of options. Each topic is divided into subjects and then is broken down further and organized by grade level. Included next to each lesson was the approximate amount of time the lesson should take. I loved how organized everything was and that there were so many options on how to find work for the topics you want to cover.

Each week as I planned my lessons I looked for topics that would help supplement AJ’s learning. I found quite a few math worksheets, vocabulary worksheets, and grammar worksheets. The worksheets were a great way for me to find out if she was retaining what she was being taught.

HelpTeaching Review
I also looked for lessons on topics AJ was learning about. The lessons are what makes this site better than any other worksheet site that I have used. The lessons bring together videos, worksheets, and explanations to make a concise lesson on the topic. A lot of the videos come from other sources including YouTube and Khan Academy. The videos are nice on their own, but when combined with written explanations, practice questions, and worksheets they are perfect. A lot of the lessons look like something I would put together if I was planning a lesson on the topic, but this way everything is done for me.

HelpTeaching Review

AJ really enjoyed the science lessons she did on Her favorite ones were the biology lessons. They were more detailed than the book we are using, and she was able to see what they were talking about.  

Another great thing about is that they are constantly adding new materials. Over the course of this review I noticed quite a few 7th grade science topics added and some pre algebra worksheets as well. There were new lessons or worksheets added at least weekly.

If the already made lessons, worksheets, and tests weren’t enough there is also the ability to make your own tests. You can make the questions up from scratch or use a combination of ones that have already been made up. You can even search for a topic and find a variety of questions that fit the topic.

I made tests for the book AJ was reading, (the next few on her reading list have tests already made for them, so that makes my job even easier!) and vocabulary tests. Even though we have been using for a few weeks, I feel like we have so much more to explore.

Overall we both think is great. It is easy to navigate, is full of useful worksheets, lessons, and tests, and has so many ways to help your student learn about new topics. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is homeschooling a middle or high school student.

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HelpTeaching Review

Free Fun With Words Packet

Free Fun With Words Packet - 10 activities to focus on spelling and critical thinking skills

Don’t you just love Spring? The weather is nicer, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are blooming. I put together this Fun with Words packet that is all about Spring. It contains 10 different activities all focused around a set of 20 spring words. Some of the activities are designed to help with spelling, others help with vocabulary, and a few help with critical thinking skills. To get your free packet, subscribe to our News Letter. In the News Letter you will receive our latest posts, deals, giveaways and freebies. Sign up below!


Free Saint Patrick’s Day Math

This year is going by so fast! It is hard to believe that it is almost March. I created a really fun math packet for AJ in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, “Lucky Math” and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Saint Patrick's Day math worksheets

The packet includes 5 different worksheets focusing on different math skills. Some of the skills included are:

  • Operations with negative numbers
  • Math Vocabulary
  • Absolute Value
  • Prime and composite numbers

But there is a neat twist! At the end of each page, the answers from the math problems become ordered pairs that you then need to graph on a coordinate grid. Each worksheet adds another piece to the picture, and when you finish the 5th worksheet there is a picture made from all of the graphed points.

I have also included a list of points to graph that will make the same picture, in case you don’t have time to do all 5 worksheets, or in case they are too hard. AJ is in 6th grade, but I think with a little help the worksheets would be good for kids in grades 4 and up!

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Old School HouseI am excited to announce that I am now an official member of The Schoolhouse Review Crew! One of the first things that I was able to review is a product that I had been contemplating purchasing for a while now,

AJ and I were given a Yearly Membership to  There is so much to explore, that even after two weeks of using it, I don’t think I have uncovered half of the wonderful classes and programs that are available.

What is is an online product with downloadable, printable elements as well as online classes. It is a collection of over 100 different courses ranging from math and grammar to film making and violin. Classes are available  for every age from preschool all of the way through high school. There are classes and resources for mom too. Resources for mom include planners,  homemaking classes, and even menus.
The classes are done at your own pace, and one membership covers your entire family for all of the courses that you wish to take. It could serve as a full year of homeschool, or a great supplement. 

We used the website on my PC laptop. The site loaded quickly and was fairly easy to navigate. Once you click on the course you want to take, you are usually taken to a page with all of the lessons  hyperlinked and ready for you to start on whatever lesson you are looking for.  A few of the courses I looked at didn’t list all of the courses on one page, in those courses I had to click through a couple of pages to go back to the beginning lessons of the course. It didn’t make the navigation any harder, but it did take longer to get to the lesson I wanted. 

I did most of the site navigation when we used my computer,  but AJ  used her Kindle Fire to watch some of the sign language videos on her own. It was great that she could watch the video lessons and practice even away from the computer. 

Most of the courses require typical school supplies like; pencils, notebooks, and paper. There are a great deal of printable elements in the courses that I looked at, mostly worksheets, notes, and lapbook pieces.   

How did we use it?

With so many different options available I began looking around the site. There are really online learning courses for just about anything you can think of. While I was clicking around I found so many amazing things. I found math lessons that will be a great supplement in a few weeks when we move to a new topic, I found an amazing lapbook for the Gift of the Magi that we will be reading in a few weeks, and then I found the Dailies tab. Review
Under the Dailies tab there are numerous daily lessons. There are daily lessons in math, copywork, spelling, geography, and so much more. I really liked this section because the lessons were short and easy. I decided to pick two of the Daily lessons for AJ to work on.

Online Learning

Daily Puzzlers

The first course AJ started was Daily Puzzlers. The idea is simple. You print off a list of letters and cut them out. Then each day you are given a list of a few of those letters that you will be working with. 
Using different clues you make words with the letter tiles that were printed out. For example, AJ was given the letters : T L E T L I and given the clue “Make a word meaning allow.” Her job was to use the tiles to spell the word LET. Then she was told to add or take away letters to make a new word.
I expected the first puzzle to be simple for her, but it wasn’t. She had a lot of fun, but it became obvious that we need to work on reasoning skills. I had to really talk her through the thinking process for the first two puzzles. The first day we did three puzzles, and she wanted to do even more. The next day I saw a great improvement on her ability to think through the puzzles. I still had to talk her through a few steps but overall she was doing the puzzles mostly on her own.
These Daily Puzzlers help with spelling, vocabulary, reasoning, and thinking skills. The best part is that AJ enjoys doing them. She even wanted to “play the new letter game” over the weekend. Language arts is her weakest subject, so if there is something she wants to do that will help her to improve, I am all for it! She has already asked to keep doing the Daily Puzzlers, so I think it will be an activity that we add as a part of her morning work.

Online Learning

I printed the letters on pink card stock and used a piece of blue card stock for her workspace. When she is not using the letters they are stored in a Ziploc bag. I then stored everything in a small folder.

Daily Grammar 6/7

The second course I had AJ work on was Daily Grammar for sixth and seventh grade. I had a hard time deciding where to place AJ in the grammar course. She is in sixth grade, but I was afraid the 6/7 course might be too difficult. After looking at the fifth grade course I decide to try out the higher level. 

Old School House

The idea for Daily Grammar is brilliant! Each week you have just one sentence. Each day throughout the week you use the same sentence to practice different elements of grammar.

  • Monday – You identify the part of speech for each word in the sentence.
  • Tuesday – You label the functioning parts of the sentence including things like; subjects, predicates, direct objects, and indirect objects.
  • Wednesdays – You identify the clauses, sentence type, and purpose.
  • Thursday – You fix capitalization and punctuation.
  • Friday – You diagram the sentence.
A lot of the topics were difficult for AJ, and admittedly myself as well. The best part is that for each day there is a note page that explains everything in detail about the topic. On Monday you grab Monday’s notes and start identifying the parts of speech. If you come to a word that you don’t know how to label you can go through the notes and figure out your answer.
The first week was very difficult! I couldn’t figure out why some of the answers weren’t making sense. Then I realized that there was a typo on the worksheet. Once we fixed the typo things were easier.

Tuesday’s work was by far the hardest because it contained things that AJ hadn’t learned before.

Old School House

We decided to use Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s work as a way to learn new material. We used the answer key and the notes to learn why the sentence was marked the way it was.

It just takes a few minutes a day, and already she is learning so much!

What did we think?

We both LOVE! It is flexible since there are so many different classes available. We plan to continue to use the website throughout the rest if the school year. I think I could easily use this website as an entire year’s curriculum for AJ. The amount of resources it places at your fingertips is amazing. I am already looking into some courses that AJ can take next year.
The only draw back I see is that there isn’t a way to save what courses you are working on. Each time you log on you have to click through to find the course you want to use. Overall, I feel it is more than worth the price!
Are you looking for an inexpensive supplement to your homeschool?


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