Pacific Coast States Printable

Learn the states and capitals of the Pacific coast states (FREE Printable)

I can’t believe the 30 days of free printables is almost over! Today I am continuing with the state sets. The Pacific Coast set covers; Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington.

Download your Pacific Coast States Set toady, and come back tomorrow for the final state set, the Midwestern States.

Southwestern States Printable

Free Printable to learn the states and capitals

Your kids will have fun learning the states and capitals of the Southwest with this FREE Printable packet. Fun puzzles will help them learn the capitals for – Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Download your FREE Southwestern States Set today! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for another free printable.

Rocky Mountain States Printable

Practice the states and capitals a few at a time with these fun puzzles!

Today’s free printable is another state set! Have fun practicing the Rocky Mountain States – Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. Your kids will have fun learning with crossword puzzles, a word search, matching activities and more.

Download the Rocky Mountain State Set today and come back tomorrow for another FREE Printable.

Learn the States and Capitals – Southern States

Today’s FREE Printable is the second set in my State Sets. This set focuses on the Southern States. There are crossword puzzles, word searches, matching activities, and more!

Don’t forget to come back for more Freebies. We are nearing the end of my 30 days of freebies!

Learn the States and Capitals – Northeastern States

Learning the states and capitals can be hard if you try and memorize them all at once! I decided to break them up into smaller parts when AJ was learning them. Today’s FREE Printable is a set of puzzles and matching activities for the North Eastern States.

I will be adding more state sets to round out my 30 days of FREE Printables, so be sure to come back for more!

New Testament Crossword Puzzle

I have been making crossword puzzles and word searches with the Books of the Bible to help AJ learn them all. Today I am sharing the Books of the New Testament.

Download your New Testament Crossword Puzzle today and come back tomorrow for another FREE Printable!

FREE Sudoku Puzzles for Kids

Yesterday I shared a fun set of Animal Sudoku puzzles for kids. Today I have another set of Sudoku puzzles, this time with a snack food theme.

FREE Snack Sudoku Puzzle Pack

Download your Snack Sudoku today and come back tomorrow for another FREE Printable!

Sudoku Puzzles for kids (Free Printable)

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I love playing logic games! I could sit for hours and play Sudoku, figure out logic problems, or even sharpen my math skills. AJ loves logic games too, unless they are really difficult. I try to keep logic practice fun for her. We play games as much as possible. One game we really enjoy playing is Zoo Logic. I found it at a book store on sale over a year ago, and it’s the one game AJ asks to play all of the time.

Players fill in a grid with the animals and food tiles, while avoiding chaos. You can’t place an animal next to its’ food or enemy, and all of the tiles have to be used! It uses simple logic in the beginning and gets progressively more difficult. The end of the book stumped me a few times at first!

I think it is important for kids to practice logic and deduction skills, so I made a few fun Sudoku puzzles for kids.

Download your FREE Animal Sudoku today and come back tomorrow for another freebie!



Old Testament Crossword Puzzle and Word Search

Yesterday I shared a crossword puzzle that covered the first three sections of the Old Testament; the Law, History, and Poetry. Today I have a fun crossword puzzle that covers the Books of Prophecy from the Old Testament. There are some hard names to pronounce in this section of the Bible, and spelling them can be very hard to learn. Using this crossword puzzle will not only help your kids to become more familiar with the books of the Bible, but with their spellings as well.

FREE Old Testament Crossword Puzzle and Word Search

I also am sharing a word search that contains all 39 books of the Old Testament. This puzzle is a little difficult, but with some determination I am sure kids 9 and up will be able to solve it. The answer key is included incase you get stuck!

Download your Old Testament Puzzles Part 2 today! Come back tomorrow for another FREE Printable!

Old Testament Bible Puzzle

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Learning about the Bible can be hard! One resource that AJ and I have been using is a wonderful book, What the Bible is All About! This book has the Bible broken down almost by chapter. It is a great tool for us to use after reading chapters in the Bible when AJ has a question. I also enjoy that it goes into detail about who wrote each book and how the Old Testament connects to the New Testament.

Get your FREE Old Testament Crossword Puzzle covering the Books of Law, History, and Poetry

To help AJ learn all about the books of the Bible, I made this fun crossword puzzle. It covers the first three sections of the Old Testament; the Books of the Law, the Books of History, and the Books of Poetry.

You can download your copy of Old Testament Puzzles Part 1 today, come back tomorrow for more Old Testament Puzzles. Yesterday I posted a Books of the Bible Printable that will really help with this puzzle, you can find it here.