Melk the Christmas Monkey – Review

 I love Christmas! I love the songs, the decorations, the crafts and activities, the candy canes, the trees, and the spirit of good will. We always keep God at the center, but we take part in a lot of fun traditions as well. In our home we go all out. Santa comes, Elfie our Elf on the Shelf comes, and this year there is a new addition, Melk.  I know it’s only October, but AJ and I were given the chance to review a new e-book created by Katie Horner, an international speaker, educator, author and blogger who loves Christmas inside and out. Katie created the fun new e-book, Melk, the Christmas Monkey.

Who is Melk?

Melk, also known as Melchinor Noel Yule, is a mute, nocturnal, monkey, who loves Christmas. The only thing that he loves more than Christmas is God. His job is to spend the month of December with your family to teach them more about God’s character. Since he is mute he communicates with your family through letters that he leaves each night.

Some of the many characteristics that Melk teaches are; God cares for us, God keeps His promises, God is creative, and many others.

The best part about Melk is that while he is a monkey, he can really come in many forms. Our Melk happens to be a blue monkey that I found on sale. Your monkey can be one of  these monkeys that are available, or you can use a totally different Christmas friend.

How does it all work?

When you purchase the Melk, the Christmas Monkey e-book, you get a full color 90 page e-book. Inside the book there are 30 different lessons. Each lesson will have a characteristic of God that you will focus on. There are 5 different sections for each lesson.
  1. Melk – This section tells you how to position Melk. He may be under the tree, cutting snowflakes, taking a picture, or numerous other activities.
  2. Activity– This section tells what activity you will do for the day. Some of the activities are; going caroling, making cookies, doing various crafts, and reading books.
  3. Materials – This section gives a list of any materials you may need, including printouts and craft supplies.
  4. Lesson– This is where the main characteristic you are learning about is listed.
  5. Scripture – Any scripture verses that go with the lesson you are learning. 
To go with each lesson, there is a letter from Melk. You print the letter and place Melk and any needed materials somewhere for your child to find in the morning. 
*You have to purchase Melk separately, he is NOT included with the e-book.*  
Here is an example of Melk’s letter for the 26th lesson. The characteristic is God is Musical.
In the morning you or your child reads the letter, does the activity, reads the scripture, and gains a better understanding of how great God is.
There are 30 lessons, but you can do them in pretty much any order. In a few of Melk’s letters he mentions things that you did or learned about in a previous lesson, but overall you can pick the best order for your family. 
Included in the book there is a link to a website where you will find free journaling pages, calendars, tracts, and more. The website brings Melk to a new level.

How will this fit in with Elf on the Shelf, and other Christmas Traditions?

I love our Elf on the Shelf, and he will be coming again this year. Melk can be a replacement for Elf on the Shelf if that is what you want. Or you can use the lessons included in the Melk, The Christmas Monkey e-book and use your elf do the lessons. You could also incorporate both into your Christmas holiday using the best parts of both characters.
In our home Melk will be coming some days and the elf will be bringing gifts and activities some days. The Elf will move each night and report to Santa while Melk will stay where he was seen last until he comes with a new lesson. I think that both provide an element of fun. They can work together and bring years of Christmas memories.

What did we think of Melk?

Since we reviewed Melk in October, there were a few obstacles. Even though Christmas decorations are out in every store I wasn’t able to find any candy canes. We obviously don’t have a Christmas tree up, and going Christmas caroling is out of the question. After looking through the activities and figuring out what we could do that was not too Christmasy, I got ready and set Melk up for AJ to find the next morning in our classroom. This is what she saw.
To say she was surprised would be an understatement. She was a little confused as to why a Christmas Monkey would visit in October, but I explained we were testing him out to see if other families should get their own Melk. Then she was excited. (She says EVERYONE needs a Melk)
Melk came about 5 times through the month. One day she found him cutting snowflakes. In that lesson she learned that God is creative. 
Overall we love Melk. He is going to to be a great addition to our Christmas traditions. With Melk you get to keep the fun holiday traditions that you are already use to, and learn more about God at the same time. 
Melk will be leaving our family on Halloween and will reappear along with his new friend Elfie the day after Thanksgiving. 
I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to review, Melk, The Christmas Monkey. With this e-book I will be able to tie in the fun crafts and activities that we already do with a wonderful lesson that will teach my little one more about God. The crafts and activities are meaningful. We may not do them all, but I know that the ones we do will be fun and exciting.

Where can you get a copy of Melk, The Christmas Monkey?

You can purchase your copy of Melk, the Christmas Monkey for just $11.97.
If you are looking for a fun new tradition, Melk may be what you are looking for. Keep Christ in Christmas while still enjoying all of the fun of the holiday season!

Udderly Smooth Review

I hate lotion. I hate it so much that even when I have dry skin, I put off using it for as long as possible. I have never liked to use lotion for as far back as I can remember. The sticky, slimy, greasy, mess is just something that I have never enjoyed. Unfortunately, AJ was blessed with not so great skin and has to use lotion a lot. The lotion recommended by the dermatologist is expensive and still leaves her skin dry! So, when I was given the opportunity to do a review for Udderly Smooth, I was excited.

Udderly Smooth is the lotion with the black and white cow spots. It was originally developed in Ohio to be used on dairy cows and is now used by people world wide on dry and chapped skin.

Udderly Smooth offers a variety of products including:

  • Moisturizing Lotion
  • Shea Butter Foot Cream
  • Body Cream
  • Udder Cream
  • Country Cream
  • Chamois Cream
  •  Hand & Body Moisturizing Lotion
  • Udderly Smooth Extra Care

I was given the opportunity to try the hand cream, foot cream, and body cream.

The body cream is a soft white cream that is non-greasy with a fresh scent. It moisturizes your skin leaving it soft and smooth. I used the body cream on AJ and it soaked right into her skin. I feel that it actually works better than the expensive lotion recommended by her dermatologist. We also tried it on my grandma’s face where she had some dry spots, by the next morning the spots were soft and smooth. The best part for me was that my hands didn’t feel sticky and slimy after I put it on them. This will definitely be a keeper in our house.

The foot cream was amazing! My mom is diabetic so I often rub her feet and the foot cream made it an enjoyable experience for both of us. She actually said, “I love this lotion!” It left her feet smooth, but not greasy. It also helped with the cracking on her heals. The foot cream is a little bit thicker than the body cream and has a similar fresh scent.

The hand lotion worked great too! In fact I put it on right before typing up this blog and have had no problem. With other lotions there would be no way that I could type after less than a minute of putting it on.

People have used these products for a number of different uses from dry skin to sunburns. The products are available online and at various retailers including Walmart. Prices vary depending on where you purchase it, but they are a great value.

Overall this lotion is wonderful. It goes on smooth and is not at all greasy. It is something that we will be using from now on in our home. It is a product that I would recommend in a second. If you have dry chapped skin look for the black and white spotted bottles!

Find out what others had to say by clicking on the graphic below.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Hi everybody I know I haven’t blogged in a few weeks I’ve been busy with doctors appointments and finishing up the first semester of school. I recently got a new product it is called Dragon Naturally Speaking. In fact I’m typing this blog using it. For those of you that don’t know, Dragon Naturally Speaking is a speech recognition software. You speak into a microphone and the software types what you say. I have to say it does take a little bit to get use to. According to the website the more you use it the easier it becomes. In writing this blog I have had to edit it quite a bit, but I must say it is a lot of fun to use.

I’m going to continue to use the product and work with it to see if it becomes easier. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just talk and not have to type? I hope this product is as good as it sounds.

I hope that everyone had a nice week.

An update on Dragon Naturally Speaking– I have completed a few more tutorials and know what to do and how to use it a little better. My little one has even set up a profile on it and has used it a few times. I don’t have to edit what it types nearly as often and it is getting faster at recognizing what I say. I have a cold right now though and today it didn’t recognize anything that I was trying to say. I got frustrated and decided to just type. I hope when my voice is back to normal it will recognize me again, I was getting use to not typing.