GREEMU ~ Review

Throughout the year our family suffers with dry itchy skin. AJ can only use certain soaps and lotions because she breaks out if she uses the wrong kinds, and my mom is diabetic so itchy skin comes with the territory. I have dry skin, but I hate the feeling of creams or lotions. Last year we were able to try out a few different skin care products, some worked well, and the others didn’t work for our family. Since we had some success, I was intrigued when we were given the opportunity to review GREEMU from Devonian.

If you haven’t heard of GREEMU, you’re not alone. It is a new organic based plant oil that is an alternative to emu oil. Emu oil has become popular for uses on hair and skin. It can be used as a moisturizer and to help the skin in other ways. It can also help damaged hair. While there are benefits to using emu oil, there are many people who don’t want to use it because it is an animal based product. Devonian saw the need for a product that was as beneficial as emu oil, but that was animal free. GREEMU was the answer.

Greemu Devonian Review
We were given a four ounce bottle of GREEMU to use for the review period. I was anxious to try it out in a few ways. The first thing I tried it on was my hair. I have unmanageable curly hair that is dry and full of split ends. Once my hair drys, it is impossible to brush it out. I have tried numerous different conditioners and products to soften my hair. I always end up with one of two results. Either the products don’t work, or they make my hair look so oily that I can’t use them.

Greemu Devonian Review
I read the directions on the bottle of the GREEMU. It says to use a few drops and to work it in your hair from the roots to the tips. I tried using a few drops and my hair just soaked it up. After a few hours my hair looked so oily, but it did feel a lot softer. For a few days after washing my hair, my hair felt softer and looked healthier. I decided to take it a step further. I put quite a bit of oil throughout my hair and left it overnight (there was some residue left on the pillow) when I woke up my hair was so soft and smooth. I have continued to put the oil on my hair overnight about once a week, and I have had great results. I can brush through my hair, it isn’t as tangled after a shower, and it looks softer.

I won’t use it on my hair unless I know I can wash it out before I have to go somewhere, because it leaves my hair too oily, but I am excited with the results.

Next I tried it on my skin. I don’t normally use anything on my skin because I don’t like the oily sticky feeling. This didn’t work for me because it left my skin shiny and had a sticky feeling.

My mom on the other hand, uses lotions a lot. Her legs were itching really badly so I decided to try the GREEMU on her. I used just a few drops on her skin and rubbed it in. A little while later the itching had stopped. She liked how the oil helped her, but she didn’t like how there was a residue left on her skin. She has used it a few times sense, but she is afraid that the residue will get all over her clothes or the furniture.

We were happy with the results of GREEMU. It has helped my hair, and my mom has seen results on her skin. I wish that it would absorb into or skin better so that our skin was not left with a sticky feeling, but I think we will continue to use the GREEMU oil.

If you are looking for an oil that will help your skin and hair, GREEMU may be what you are looking for.

Greemu Devonian Review

Memoria Press Literature ~ Review

When I was in middle school and high school I really enjoyed literature. We would spend about a month on a book and by the time we were finished we learned so many things. We talked about all kinds of literary terms and often would spend an entire class period marking up passages in the books. Since I loved diving into good books I wanted AJ to have the same kind of experience as I did. Unfortunately, I hadn’t found a great literature curriculum that I could afford, so I decided to make up my own literature guides. I enjoy doing it and she loves them, but they take a long time. I knew I need to find a few well written study guides before next year, but I didn’t know where to look.


Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

As I began looking for literature curriculum to use with AJ next year, I came across Memoria Press. We enjoyed a history study from them last year, so I thought that AJ would enjoy their literature. A few weeks later I was blessed with the opportunity to review the Eighth Grade Literature Guide Set from Memoria Press. AJ is in 7th grade right now, but the books in the 8th grade set looked like ones that she would really enjoy.


Memoria Press Literature Guides Review


I was thrilled when I opened the box from Memoria Press. It included Student Study Guides and Teacher Guides for; The Wind In the Willows, As You Like It, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and Treasure Island. Each Study Guide was a little bit different.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island Literature Guide

The Student Study Guide for Treasure Island is 89 pages long. It begins with two pages of directions explaining how to use the literature guide and then a two page introduction about the author, Robert Louis Stevenson. The guide is broken into lessons that cover either one or two chapters. Each lesson follows a similar layout.

  • Reading Notes – This section gives information about unknown characters or terms.
  • Vocabulary – In this section your child gives definitions for an average of eight to ten words. Then they are asked to do additional dictionary work for two of the words.
  • Comprehension Questions – Your students answer five or six questions about the reading in complete sentences.
  • Quotations – A quote from the chapter is given and your student writes which character (or if it was the narrator) said the quote.
  • Discussion Questions – A few questions are listed for your student to discuss orally. Some of the questions are opinion based where others focus on morals or the reasoning behind a characters action.
  • Enrichment – The Enrichment section is not found after every chapter. It includes additional activities to go along with the reading. Some of the activities include; drawing, map work, finding definitions, research, and composition activities.

After about every six chapters there is a Mastery Word Review where your student completes vocabulary activities based on vocabulary that they learned in the previous chapters.

At the end of the book there is an Appendix of Nautical Terms. This section is really neat. It not only has terms, but types of knots, parts of a ship, and sailing directions. I think this section would really come in handy while reading the book.

The Teacher Guide is an exact copy of the student guide with all of the answers filled in. The back of the guide includes answers to some of the discussion questions. There are also six reproducible quizzes, a final exam, and answer keys.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Adventures of Tom Sawyer Literature Guide

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Student Study Guide is 79 pages long. While it is similar to the Treasure Island Guide there are some notable differences. This guide starts with a short one page guide about how to use the book and then it goes into a section about how to mark a book. This section made me smile. It is very basic, but it shows the student how to read closely and mark important things in their book.

After the section about marking the book the student is instructed to read the preface of the book and answer some questions about it in the Study Guide.

There are 36 lessons in this book, one for each chapter in the book. Each lesson follows the same layout.

  • Reading Notes
  • Vocabulary – They are only asked to define about 5 words, there is not any extra dictionary work.
  • Comprehension Questions
  • Quotations – This time they are asked who said the quote and who it was spoken to or about.
  • Discussion Questions
  • Focus Passage – In each Focus Passage the student is asked to find a certain paragraph in the chapter and answer questions about it. The first few have simple comprehension type questions about the paragraph. As they move through the book they are asked to list words that describe mood, or for phrases that show certain things about a character. At times they are asked to paraphrase parts of the paragraph or to describe what was going on.

Like Treasure Island, this Teacher Guide has all of the student pages with the answers filled in. It also has six quizzes and a final exam.

As You Like It

As You Like it Literature Guide

The Student Guide for As You Like It is 42 pages long. Since this is a play by Shakespeare the Student Guide is a little different than the others. It begins with a two page introduction to Shakespeare followed by a two page introduction to the play. Following the introduction is a Character Log with the name of twelve characters from the play. The student has to describe each character and their strengths and weaknesses as they read the play.

The rest of the Student Guide is divided into seven lessons, a question about the Epilogue, and 80 short answer review questions.

Each Lesson has:

  • Vocabulary – Ten to fifteen questions where they are only asked for the definitions.
  • Journal Prompts – Three to five activities including some fun activities like; making the family tree of a character, comparing and contrasting characters, diary entries from different characters, monologues, pictures, and more.
  • Quotes – The student is given three or four quotes. The need to tell who spoke it, who it was spoken to, the situation, the meaning, and the reaction.
  • Comprehension Questions – There are about fifteen questions in each lesson. Many of the questions have multiple parts.

The Teacher Guide is similar to the others. It has the Student Guide with all of the answers filled in. Well, almost all of the answers were filled in. The Character Log was left blank. I wish that it would have been filled in because Shakespeare is a hard topic to teach. Having those filled in would have helped me explain things to AJ a little easier. At the back of the guide there are answers to the Review Questions along with a Midterm Exam and a Final Exam. The exams both include required essay questions.

I think that this guide will make teaching Shakespeare a lot easier for me. I have not read this play yet so I think it will be helpful to have the basic answers at my finger tips.

The Wind in the Willows

Wind in the Willows Literature Guide

The Student Guide for The Wind in the Willows is 53 pages long. It has twelve lessons, one for each chapter in the book. This guide didn’t have any directions or introduction. It just starts. Out of all of the guides, this one seems a little all over the place. But it provides quite a bit of variety.

Each lesson is a little different and may have:

  • Reading Notes – These are not already filled in like in Treasure Island or The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Instead the name of a character, a place, or an unknown term is listed. During the reading the student is to fill in information that they find. Often the information was not found in the book and we needed to look it up.
  • Vocabulary – The student only writes a short definition.
  • Comprehension Questions – Some lessons only have a few while others have twelve or more.
  • Quotations – The student lists who said it, when they said it, and who they said it about,
  • Discussion Questions
  • Activities– These range from drawings to reports. There is room right in the guide for most of these activities.
  • Focus Passages

The Teacher Guide is similar to the others and has answers to almost every question. It also includes five quizzes and a final exam.

How We Used It

Since there was no way AJ could finish more than one of these during the review period, we had to pick one to start with. AJ decided to start with The Wind in the Willows, after I told her that Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Disney Land was based on a character in the book. I ordered two copies of the book from the library and after receiving abridged and junior additions, we were finally on the way home with two copies of the the original version.

When the box arrived AJ was anxious to see what was in it. At that time I didn’t look at the other guides. We opened the guides for The Wind in the Willows and looked over them.

Memoria Press

I was disappointed that there wasn’t a schedule or pacing guide at all. There wasn’t even any instructions. When I tried to find out how long the study would take I couldn’t find information for this guide, only for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. After looking at that I decided that we would take the study slow. AJ has improved a lot in her reading and writing, but I knew it would be too much for her to read the entire chapter and answer all of the questions at one time.

I decided to have AJ look up the vocabulary words and then we would take turns reading for about thirty minutes. After the reading she did any written work (except for the activities) that she was able to based on her reading. Following that schedule she was able to complete about two lessons and the quiz each week. On the day that she took the quiz I would also have her do a few of the activities from the chapters. At first I was a little uncomfortable taking that long on a book, but AJ was learning a great deal. I felt that the questions were well written and on an eight grade level. One thing that I really appreciated is that the Study Guide gave plenty of room for AJ to write.

What We Thought

The one thing that really frustrated me was that the quizzes and tests are all in the Teacher Guides? The only guide that states that the quizzes and tests are reproducible is the guide for Treasure Island. After reading the copyright on the front of the other guides I assumed that they were not reproducible. Since I didn’t want AJ to have the Teacher Guide I ended up giving her the quizzes orally and that was very time consuming. When I read that the quizzes and tests in Treasure Island were reproducible I assumed that the other ones were probably too. Knowing that would have made the quizzes easier for AJ.

At first I thought that reading four novels in a school year was just not enough. This year I planned to have AJ read eight. I quickly realized that these four Study Guides made for a very complete curriculum. The vocabulary in each one is challenging but doable and I think it will stretch AJ’s abilities. For each book the student focuses on a different element. This makes each guide unique and will keep the work interesting.

AJ’s favorite part was the Quotations section. She enjoyed hunting through the chapter to see who said each quote. I found that having her look for the quotes made her read closer. There were even a few times that she asked to do the work by herself. Normally she doesn’t enjoy study guides unless I create them, but she enjoyed working on The Wind in the Willows.

I love that this set has her starting to read closely and having her mark up the books. I think it is a great skill to learn.

While we read through this book together I think that she should be able to complete the guides for Treasure Island and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer with very little help from me. I was very reluctant to teach her Shakespeare already, but the way the guide is written makes me confident that we will be able to read and understand it.

These guides look like they will make a great literature curriculum. We are going to set the other three novels aside for now and use them next year. I am sure that with just one or two more books added AJ will have a very full year of learning.

If you are looking for a solid curriculum, that is easy for the parent, and has plenty of variety, then I think Memoria Press is something you should check out.

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Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

Brinkman Adventures ~ Review

AJ loves being read to and really enjoys audio books, when we were given the chance to review The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3 I thought that AJ would enjoy them. We had never listened to any of the products from Brinkman Adventures  so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

An audio drama adventure that helps bring your child closer to God.

What is Brinkman Adventures?

Brinkman Adventures is an audio drama that tells stories of real life missionaries. Names and some details are changed for safety reasons, but the struggles, triumphs, and stories of God’s love are true. We received a physical copy of season three. It has 12 episodes that come on 4 CDs. The episodes covered in this season are:

  1. God’s Mule
  2. Mountain Mover
  3. The Silent Ambassador
  4. Translating Trouble
  5. Man-Up
  6. Acorns & Oaks
  7. A Saint’s Story Part 1
  8. A Saint’s Story Part 2
  9. Untouched
  10. Busy Bees and a Bullhorn
  11. Missionary Tourist Part 1
  12. Missionary Tourist Part 2

While this is season 3 in the series, you don’t have to listen to season 1 and 2 first. The only issue AJ and I had with not have listening to the previous series is that we didn’t know who the different voices in the story were. We were able to listen, learn, and enjoy each story even without knowing exactly who everyone was in the beginning.

The adventures you go on as you listen to the audio drama really come to life. The amazing sound effects and musical elements add to the suspense in the stories. I was surprised by the incredible details, from different voices and accents to back ground noises in the city, there was so much to take in. AJ said it was so realistic that she felt like she was watching TV with her eyes shut.

How We Used Brinkman Adventures


Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review
Our original plan was to simply listen to an episode each day. That didn’t happen! AJ was so into the stories that we would listen as long as we had time for, some times three or four episodes a day. A few of them she wanted to listen to more than once. The best part is that there are more adventures waiting once you finish listening to the episode.

You can go to their website and find out more about the stories that you listened to. Depending on the story, you will find out who the story is based on and additional information. They even tell you which parts of the story were fictionalized. Some of the things we assumed were fictionalized were actually true, and that was fun to find out. Most of the stories contain pictures and videos of the real people or places that you learn about in the story.

After we listened to all of the episodes AJ and I went through the true stories online. We found it very inspirational.

What We Thought of Brinkman Adventures

It is amazing! The stories are fun to listen to and keep you at the edge of your seat, but most importantly, they show characters who are following God. The characters inspire you to be a better person and to do the right thing. I loved that they didn’t come off as preachy, but through the actions and decisions of each character your child is learning.

I would highly recommend this series to anyone looking to add a little adventure in their day! These would be great for road trips too.

Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review


Shape Whiz – Review

I love when I am able to make learning fun! Recently we were given the opportunity to review a game from SimplyFun, Shape Whiz. We had a blast playing and learning geometric topics at the same time!

Simply Fun Review
Shape Whiz is a card game for two to four players where speed and geometry come together. It is recommended for kids ages 10 and up, but I feel an 8 year old would be able to catch on fairly easily. It is a quick game, most of our games lasted about 10 minutes.

The object of the game is to be the first player to play all of their personal shape cards.

Each player is dealt a number of shape cards. The box has 45 blue shape cards and 35 green shape cards. The blue cards have simple shapes where the green cards have complex shapes. You have the option of just using the simple shapes or using both sets of cards. We found that using both sets actually made for an easier game.

The front of the shape cards feature different sized shapes. On the back of the card all of the shape properties are listed. It includes information about the shape’s area, perimeter, lines of symmetry, angles, parallel lines, and number of different length sides.

In the middle of the table you place the stack of 40 double sided whiz cards. The Whiz Cards have a sample shape and then a specific geometry question listed. The card might say “Total Area Less Than Or Equal To 3”, “One Line Of Symmetry”, or “Total Perimeter Greater Than 10”.

Simply Fun Review
To start the game you flip over a Whiz Card. Each player checks the cards in front of them and the cards in front of the other players to see if they can find a card that matches the properties on the Whiz Card. The best part is that if there are any disputes over how many 90 degree angles a shape has, all you have to do is flip over  the card and check.

It is fast paced and once you get going you start to learn how to figure out the approximate area and perimeter of shapes very quickly. AJ would look at the back of her cards constantly in the beginning to help her figure out the properties of her cards, but by the fourth time we played she was able to figure a lot of them out on her own.

There is a booklet included in the box that explains all of the symbols used in the game. AJ was introduced to a few new symbols including the approximate sign. It also includes how to find the area and perimeter of different shapes.

Since it is such a quick game with very little set up, we were able to play this game quite a bit. Most of the time it was just the two of us, but we also had AJ’s grandma play a few hands with us. She said, “Wow! This game sure makes you think, but it’s pretty fun.” It has been AJ’s pick for game night ever since we tried it out.

We ended up making one switch to the game the first few times we played to make it a little less competitive. Instead of being able to play the cards of other players, we decided to only play our own cards. If you are playing with a younger child I would recommend this little change to help them get use to the game.

It has definitely improved AJ’s knowledge of geometric shapes. We both enjoyed playing it and I am planning on using the cards to help teach when we get to the next geometry unit in math.

If you are looking for a fun, fast paced game that will help your child master some geometric principles, I would recommend Shape Whiz!


Simply Fun Review

Easy Piano Basics Review

AJ took piano lessons for about six months. During that time, she had to be driven about 25 minutes away for a 30 minute lesson each week. Unfortunately, half of the time she didn’t remember what she was taught and since I have no piano experience at all, I was left trying to makes sense of a piano book that might as well have been written in French! I would try to figure out what she was suppose to do, but often it was different than the way her teacher taught her. She enjoyed the lessons, practiced almost every day, and was learning, but the set up just didn’t work for us. After a while there wasn’t time for the lessons and they were too expensive.

Easy Piano Basics is like having a piano teacher in your living room! Check out our review.

Those lessons were about 2 years ago, but recently AJ has been asking if she could take lessons again. Money is very tight so the answer had to be no. Then, we were given the chance to review Easy Piano Basics from JazzEdge. We jumped at the opportunity, and have been learning to play the piano together ever since!  We were given lifetime access to the video course.

Easy Piano Basics is an online streaming product that is geared for those who are just learning to play the piano or those who need a refresher course. It is a self paced course with 32 different videos which are taught by piano teacher, Willie Myette. Through each video you see the piano close up along with  the instructor in a small area of the screen. While the majority of the lessons are online you also need to print some music sheets for practice. You are encouraged to practice for 5 to 10 minutes 5 days a week.

JazzEdge  Review
 The set up is simple! AJ was able to log in and start watching the videos quite easily. Each video is between about 2 to 10 minutes long. Under the video you are given instructions on what exactly to practice before your next lesson.

The lessons start of easy! I wondered it they would be too easy, but AJ enjoyed the videos. We worked through the very basic videos; the alphabet, high and low notes, how to sit at the piano, ext. in a few days. Most of it was review. We would watch the video, practice the things that needed to be practiced for a few minutes, and then go on to the next video. The lesson difficulty increased with each video, and by lesson 8 we were learning how to read music!

We didn’t practice as often as we should have, and we still learned a lot. The way Willie Myette explains things is simple and effective. AJ appreciated the fact that I was learning with her, so I wouldn’t try to teach her the wrong way. I loved that the videos could be completed at our own pace. Right now we are on lesson 11. We slowed down when we hit lesson 8 because I want to make sure we both really understand how to read music. Our only complaint with the program was that a few times the camera angle was a little odd and made it difficult to see things. This only occurred for a few seconds at a time and we didn’t find it too distracting.

Overall I am thankful for the chance to try out Easy Piano Basics. With our busy schedule it is the perfect fit. It is like having a piano teacher right in the living room. AJ can practice when we have time, she can watch the lessons over as often as she needs to, and I can learn right along side her. I think the best part is that the course covers a lot of technical information in an easy to understand way. This is something that we will be sticking with.

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JazzEdge Review


Sovereign CD Giveaway

Michael W. Smith released his newest album Sovereign earlier this month! Today, May 27th he is released a brand new video of a single from the album, “Sky Spills Over.”
See Michael W Smith's newest video from the album Sovereign!
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If you enjoyed that video, you will love the fact that I am able to give away a copy of the CD “Sovereign” to one of my readers. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the CD yet, but with songs like the one in the video, I am sure it will be great!

Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win a copy of the CD! Please read the rules below. Unfortunately if you have won a giveaway from FlyBy promotions I the last 30 days, you are not eligible to win.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs – Egglo Review

After Christmas, Easter is my favorite holiday. We do the Easter Bunny, dye eggs, have egg hunts, and enjoy family get-togethers. While we  enjoy the secular traditions we also focus on the reason for Easter, Jesus and His resurrection. When I was given the chance to review a few different products from an amazing company, Egglo Entertainment I was really excited. Egglo Entertainment combines the fun of Easter with the true meaning of the holiday. The idea behind the eggs is that Jesus is the light of the world.

I was sent a package of 12 Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs, and a fun children’s book The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book. I also received an event curriculum and few other items to put inside the eggs.

Egglo Entertainment Review
The Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs come in a small black box. To use them all you need to do is snap them together, fill them if desired, and then charge them. You can charge them with sunlight, black-light, fluorescent light, or even just the regular light in your home. Depending on the type of light your eggs will be charged, usually in less than an hour.

The eggs come in pink, blue, yellow and green. Some of them have crosses on them and the others are plain. When they are not glowing the, eggs are a nice pastel type color. The yellow and green eggs are a little hard to tell apart, but when they are glowing you can  see the colors quite vividly.

At first AJ just played with the eggs. She loves things that glow in the dark, and she loves to play with the plastic Easter Eggs after Easter, so these were a big hit. I found that the eggs seemed to glow the best when there was no other light around. They glowed ok when we went outside with them, but the moon was very bright. When we brought the eggs inside of the garage and turned out the lights they really glowed.

Egglo Glow in the Dark Eggs, a great way to keep the true meaning of Easter.

They glow really well for the first 45 minutes after they are charged, then they continue to glow while decreasing in brightness for about two to three hours. We did a few fun egg hunts, and can’t wait for the Easter Bunny to hide them again on Easter.

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure is a 40 page soft cover children’s book. We received a physical copy of it. At first I wondered if it would be too babyish for AJ, but once we started reading it together she didn’t want to put it down.

Egglo Entertainment Review

It is the story of three kids, Pascal, Hardy, and Ana. Their family is going to have a fun glow in the dark egg hunt at church and they can’t wait. To pass the time they go into the attic where they find a magic, glowing, Easter egg. The egg takes them on an adventure where they use Bible verses and clues to find an amazing treasure – the meaning of Easter. Each of the kids has a personality issue and through the adventure they change.

The book was fun, exciting, and really brought home the story of Easter. The book doesn’t tell the story of Easter but it does lead the kids to the cross and includes John 3:16. It was a great starting point to a discussion all about Easter.

Egglo Entertainment Review
To go along with the book and the eggs there is a neat curriculum. The Egglo Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt Event Curriculum  is a great 62 page downloadable product. It is geared for churches or large groups, but has fun stuff for an at home egg hunt as well.  It includes; invitations, decorating tips and printable decorations, snack ideas, games, discussion questions for the book, coloring pages and more. This really brings together everything and has great ideas on how to focus on Jesus and have fun! Unfortunately, most of the games and activities really needed more kids. We did use the discussion questions and coloring pages. We hope to try the recipes in the future.

Egglo Stickers and Scrolls

We also received a few other goodies.  AJ’s favorite was the Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls. When we received the package in the mail that was the first thing she wanted to open. I made her wait until we did the egg hunt. When she opened the eggs and found the scrolls she was so excited. She read them over and over and then looked up the verses in her Bible. She even rolled them all back up so that the Easter Bunny can put them in some of her eggs on Easter. My only complaint is that they seem like they will rip very easily.

The Last thing we received was the Egglo Bible Verse Stickers. These 12 stickers fit perfectly inside of the eggs. What kid doesn’t like stickers? The stickers and scrolls can be put inside of the eggs, or used by themselves. AJ actually used the stickers as copy work. We put one on a piece of paper and then she copied it. The next day she copied the same verse out of her Bible. If was a fun break from her normal work.

While we had a lot of fun playing with the eggs and reading the book, we can’t wait until Easter to do it again. This Easter AJ’s cousins will be over and we are going to have a glow in the dark egg hunt! After Easter we plan to continue to use the eggs. They float and AJ thinks they will make the perfect pool toy during the summer.

Egglo Eggs after Easter

What We Thought

We loved that the eggs help to provide a Christian themed Easter celebration. They really help to remind you that Jesus is the light of the world. The book and curriculum all really tie in together to make a fun celebration.  The eggs glow nicely and AJ really enjoyed the book.  The stickers and scrolls are a fun addition and make great egg stuffers. My only complaint is that 12 eggs just isn’t enough for a good egg hunt. I think we may need to purchase a few more sets. Overall I would recommend any of the Egglo products. I think a glow in the dark egg hunt might become a new tradition around here!

Learn more about Egglo Entertainment:

Google +

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Egglo Entertainment Review

Homeschool Planet – Review

One of the downsides to homeschooling is the paperwork. Trying to keep track of assignments, grades, and attendance can be time consuming. When I was given the chance to review Homeschool Planet I was enthusiastic. It sounded like the perfect product.


What is Homeschool Planet?

Created by Homeschool Buyers Co-op, Homeschool Planet is an online planner that is a control panel for your life! It helps you keep track of much more than just homeschooling. Once you log into Homeschool Planet there is so much available to you, but it is easy to learn. Every step is simple and if you run into a question there are videos to help you along the way.

Homeschool Planet includes:

Calendar View that lets you see anybody’s or everybody’s calendars at once

#Homeschool #planner

A Planner View with a simple list of everything you need to do and when

#homeschool #onlineplanner

Automatic Rescheduling — A class time changes? You miss a few days to illness or vacation? No problem! Homeschool Planet automatically reschedules all the affected classes and assignments.

#onlineplanner #Homeschool

Separate logins for kids to view their assignments and check them off when completed.

Daily Digest emails to everyone in your family with their own schedule, assignments, and chores for the day

#Homeschool #online Planner

Email and text message reminders to help everyone stay on schedule (Some limits apply.)

Lesson plans with assignments, web links, notes, and more

#Homeschool #onlineplanner

Easy attendance tracking, grading and transcript creation

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To Do lists for everyone in your family

Shopping lists (one each for Target, Safeway, etc.) that you can text to your spouse or have sent to your smartphone when on the go

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Widgets you can use to do research, send text messages, and more.

#homeschool #onlineplanner

Mobile Version — Ability to view and edit (with some limitations) your calendar on SmartPhones and tablets

Calendar sharing — View the contents of your spouse’s Google Calendar inside Homeschool Planet, and vice versa! This also works with Apple iCal and other online calendars.

Lesson Copying — Copy any lesson for use at a later time by another student.

Homeschool Planet is an online product, but it has printable features as well. It can be used on any computer with Internet access and on mobile devices.

Currently there are two subscription options. You can pay $6.95 a month or $65 a year. The best part is that there is a 30 day FREE trial, and it really is free they don’t even ask for credit card information.

How I Used It

I had this product for a long time and was able to really get a lot of use out of it. In the beginning I planned out the first part of our school year. For some classes, like math, I put page numbers and details about what I wanted finished. For other classes I just put, “next two pages” or “next lesson.” It was simple, but time consuming. I had each subject assigned a grading scale and I planned to be on top of everything for the school year. 
Then, after a few weeks our schedule changed. We ended up doing school on more days some weeks, and changed how we were doing our science and history. I realized I didn’t need or want to give grades. The entire program (the way I had set it up) became a little overwhelming and I decided to stop using it. 
I stopped using it for a few reasons. Yes, I could have went in and rescheduled the assignments that we hadn’t finished. I could have easily went in and readjusted the days that we were doing each subject, and I could have switched the way that the grading was done. It would have just been time consuming and I didn’t see the need when I already had everything written down on paper. It only takes a second to mark a lesson finished in a paper planner. 
Then about a month ago, while we were on Christmas vacation, I went in and fixed everything. I took away some of the grading, took a few classes out completely, and decided to change all of the assignments to just lesson numbers. I went through and marked the days that she did school work and started over.

What We Thought

I really liked being able to put all of my appointments and school assignments in one place. I like that with a few clicks of the mouse you can make a transcript. You can even customize the colors and background of the program. I think my favorite part was being able to easily enter school days and days off. 

Overall it is a great program for someone that likes to use an online planner. I think if I had a smartphone, sent text messages, or had to sync my schedule with someone else I would have gotten more use out of the program. However, it just didn’t really work for me. I only have one child and I live in a state with really easy homeschool laws. For my situation a simple planner from the dollar store seems to work wonders. 
If you are interested in an online planner that can help keep everything together, this may be the planner for you. Try it out for 30 days and see what you think.
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Wizzy Gizmo – Review and Giveaway

Shop Wizzy Gizmo!

Wizzy Gizmo, the name itself is enough to bring a smile to your face. A few weeks ago I had never heard of Wizzy Gizmo, but that changed when I was recently given the opportunity to review a few products from the Wizzy Gizmo company.

What is Wizzy Gizmo?

Actually Wizzy Gizmo isn’t a only a what, but a who. Wizzy Gizmo is a series of Bible books for kids, Bible audio dramas, Bible flashcards, and  more. All of these are based off of a main character named, Wizzy Gizmo. The character Wizzy Gizmo is a genius inventor who loves God and loves to explore the Bible.


Currently Wizzy Gizmo has 2 books available, Who Created Everything? and In His Image
The first book, Who Created Everything? covers all of Genesis chapter 1. At first I thought that an entire kids book based of of one chapter in the Bible would be boring. The story has been done so many times before and in so many ways. But, Wizzy Gizmo is so much more! The story is fun and engaging, yet it doesn’t take away from the amazing Bible story. I love how the characters in the book don’t actually talk to Adam or Eve, they just listen in and watch them.

 The second book, In His Image, covers Genesis chapter 2. Both books have vibrant colors and  engaging images that really draw you in. The books are very well done and explain the Bible in a kid friendly way without dumbing it down. I think the books are perfect and I really look forward to seeing more in the series. We were able to view a digital copy of the books, both AJ and myself thought they would be fun to read over and over. The books are available for $12.99 each. I am normal very frugal when it comes to books, but I think that these books are worth the price.

Audio Drama 

Currently there is one audio drama available, Who Created Everything? The audio drama is absolutly amazing! AJ said it was like watching TV with her eyes closed. I honestly think that out of all of the products, that the audio drama was our favorite. It was way more than just an audio book.The music and the characters really bring the story to life.  We were able to listen to a digital copy, and while that was great, I would recommend the CD and digital download option. It would have been nice to listen to the CD while we were stuck in the car running errands. The Audio drama is available as a digital download for $9.99 or as a CD and digital download for $14.99.

Fast Track Bible Cards

The item that AJ and I received as a physical product was the New Testament Fast Track Bible Cards. It is a set of 27 double sided cards that are full of information all about the books in the New Testament. On the front of each card there is a summary of the book, the author of the book, the approximate date it was written, and the theme of the book. Then you turn it over and it lists the key people, key passages, key chapters, key doctrine, and an outline of the book.

The cards are large and sturdy. They are easy to read and full of color, but best of all is the abundance of information. I have read the Bible all of the way through a few times but these cards really pull together everything and make sense. I love the timeline aspect and the theme on the bottom of the cards.

How did we use the cards?

AJ is working on the Old Testament right now, so we used the Fast Track Bible Cards to help get her familiar with the books in the New Testament. She looked up some of the key verses, practiced putting the books in order, and spent some time just reading the cards. According to the website the cards are perfect for kids up to 12, but I learned a lot from these cards and think that most adults would to. The cards are available for $14.99.

Any of the Wizzy Gizmo materials would be a wonderful addition to any home school, church group, of family that is looking for a fun way to help kids get to know the Bible.  

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What’s in the Bible Coloring Book – Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review a fun new coloring book, What’s in the Bible. Since AJ and I have started our Bible study this year I have been looking into the DVD series by the same name. They look like a wonderful way to help kids really understand the Bible. After reviewing this coloring book I am even more interested in the DVDs.

The What’s in the Bible coloring book has 200 reproducible pages, so it is the perfect coloring book for church groups, day cares, and homeschools. But it is way more than a coloring book. In fact I have found AJ reading it like a story book a few times.

 It takes your child from the beginning of the Bible to the end highlighting the main events, and reads like a story Bible on the bottom of the pages. Along with the main plot of the Bible there are pages that show different scripture verses, the books of the Bible, and characters from the What’s in the Bible DVDs.

The illustrations are interesting and not too babyish according to AJ. She is not a big fan of coloring, but actually enjoyed this book. I liked that the pages were thick enough so that when you are coloring, you can’t see the lines from the other side showing through. Most of all I love that while she is coloring, she is continuing to learn more about God’s Word. In fact when she came to the picture of the Tower of Babble she got excited and said, “Hey , We just learned all about this!”
There were  only two downsides to the coloring book that I found. First was the Bible version that was used. The verses used in the coloring book are all written in ESV. I personally think they picked a great kid friendly version, but I know that many people are particular. The second downside for me is the price. Currently you can get the coloring book for $14.99 at Family Christian. I think that is a little expensive for a coloring book for a single family, but if you planned on copying the pages then the $14.99 might be a good deal. Here are 3 Free downloadable coloring pages that are in the coloring book.
Overall I feel the What’s in the Bible Coloring Book is a great way to help kids learn more about the Bible in an entertaining way.

You can purchase your copy here.

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