Thanksgiving Copywork Review – Now Even Better

Thanksgiving Copywork of Bible Verses - 144 pages, 5 styles, perfect for handwriting practice! Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year. Everyone is starting to think of Christmas and the holiday traditions are beginning. Last year around this time I was given the opportunity to review Thanksgiving Copywork by Amy Blevins (you can find her at Homeschool Encouragement among other places.) and AJ really enjoyed it. So this year I started to print off a few pages for AJ to complete, then I found out that the Thanksgiving Copywork had been revamped. Amy graciously gave me a copy of the new version to review.

What is Thanksgiving Copywork?

Thanksgiving Copywork is a 144 page e-book full of pages of scripture verses that focus on thankfulness for your child to copy. All of the verses are from the English Standard Version. So they are easy for kids to understand. 
The best part of this new version is that you don’t only get the verses in manuscript or print, you get the verses 5 different ways. Each verse is written in; lined print, lined D’Nealian, lined cursive, regular print, and regular cursive. I love that it is available in so many different ways. You can use it with all of your kids at the same time. At the bottom of each page there is a fun picture for your child to color.

What we thought.

The new version is even better than before. My only complaint for the previous one was that it was only available in print. That is no longer the case. Now I am able to have AJ practice a variety of different ways. The passages vary in length so I can pick appropriately based on how much time we have. She still enjoys coloring the pictures after she is finished and showing off her work. My favorite part is that while she is practicing her penmanship, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar, she is learning God’s word. We all need to be reminded to give thanks, and these copywork pages bring the subject to life in a simple fun way. 

Where can you get a copy?

You have two options. First you can purchase the Thanksgiving Copywork e-book for only $3.99. Or if you are interested in more than 1 e-book, you can purchase a subscription to Homeschool Copywork where you will have access to hundreds of copywork pages and artist studies. This is a great value! 
Homeschool Copywork Membership Sign-Up

When I Grow Up I Want to be a Missionary – Review

For as long as I can remember AJ has wanted to have a million different jobs. She is 11, and just last week she asked how much longer she had to wait to get a job and make her own money. Over the years she has wanted to do many things. Her job choices have ranged from working at Disneyland as Princess Bell, to becoming a marine biologist. I don’t know what she will end up being when she grows up, she has plenty of time to figure it out. She is very interested in learning about different careers, so when I was asked by the Schoolhouse Review Crew  to review the e-book, WannaBe – When I Grow Up I Want to be a Missionary I thought it would be a great fit.

When I Grow Up I Want to be a Missionary is part of the WannaBe series from the Old Schoolhouse Magazine. It is currently available for $8.95 and is geared for kids ages 4 to 10. As with most unit studies, the age range is just a guide. In this book there are plenty options for the older kids.

How did we use the product?

After downloading the 93 page e-book I soon realized that it was so much more than just a book. It is a full unit study all about missionaries. There are so many suggested activities available that AJ and I were not able to complete everything. We read the book on the computer and printed off some worksheets and the vocabulary.

We started our missionary unit study by reading all about different types of missionaries. AJ’s first question was, “What is a missionary?” As we started to read she learned so much. She learned about both foreign and domestic missionaries. She even learned about missionaries in closed countries. After reading all about missionaries, there were different suggested activities to do.

First up for us was math. There were a few different story problems that she had to solve. She practiced a variety of topics including; converting currency, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and elapsed time. The best part was figuring out a missionary’s budget. She practiced so many math skills and had a ball doing it.

The next activity AJ completed was translating a few the Bible verses into different languages. She picked Spanish and German. She thought it was the coolest thing ever to translate the Bible.

AJ completed the worksheets that I printed off earlier.  She did a fill in the blank story to practice vocabulary, a word search, a crossword puzzle, and copy work. The copy work is provided in both cursive and print.

To wrap up our missionary study we attempted to make resurrection rolls.  They didn’t turn out exactly right, but AJ understood the message and had a blast making the rolls.

There were so many other activities that we just didn’t have time to complete including; reading a biography about a missionary, a science study and project, an art project, a useful craft, and even directions for making a fish shaped cake. There are also ideas for practicing vocabulary, and games that focus on a missionary theme.

What did we think?

AJ loved this unit study! In fact, she was upset when I told her we were going back to our normal school work tomorrow. We both enjoyed reading and learning about the different missionaries. I liked that this was a true unit study, and that it incorporated so many different subjects. It included numerous options so I was able to pick and choose things that I felt would work well with AJ’s learning style.The unit study was very well written and I feel that you could easily spend a few weeks or longer on just one book. After reviewing this book I am really considering getting the When I Grow Up I Want to be a Veterinarian e-book.

If you are looking for a well done unit study that has numerous activities, the Wanna Be series might be exactly what you are looking for.

Bible Road Trip Review

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The first part of a 3 year study of the Bible for all ages.

The Bible is something that needs to be a bigger part in our homeschool. This last year we looked up a lot of verses and learned a great deal, but AJ really needs more. Our history program this year is Bible based, and so is our science (more on those in another post) but I felt we needed a Bible curriculum. The problem I have with most Bible curriculum is that they are too religious and often there are things in them that we don’t agree with. After looking into a few different options I found a few that I couldn’t afford (really it needed to be free) and a few that just didn’t seem like a good fit. Then I was given the opportunity to review Bible Road Trip written by Danika Cooley.

What is the Bible Road Trip?

Bible Road Trip is a 3 Year Bible Survey for children and young adults, beginning in Genesis and progressing through Revelation. Year One covers the books of law and history in the Old Testament. Year Two covers the books of poetry and prophecy in the Old Testament. Year Three covers the New Testament. It is for preschool to adults with different assignments for each level; pre-K and K, grades 1-3, 4- 6, 7-9, 10-12.

When I began reading the introduction to the Bible Road Trip I was pleased to find the following statement.

“Bible Road Trip does not address specific theological or doctrinal arguments.”

I was very excited that this program might be the right fit for us. I kept reading and was ready to start our trip, then we hit a road block. I didn’t realize that in order to use the curriculum that we would need an additional book. The additional resources vary by grade level, but we needed, What the Bible is All About: Bible Handbook for Kids by Frances Blankenbaker. The book is used throughout all three years and from the previews it looks like an amazing resource, but it isn’t in our budget right now.

So we looked over the curriculum and decided that with a little adjusting we could still use the Bible Road Trip. 

There are 32 weekly lessons to be completed however you choose. Each week there is a lesson guide that has suggestions for; Researching the Word, Reading the Word, Memorizing the Word, Notebooking the Word, Praying About the World, Learning More About the Word, and Crafting Through the Word. The Bible Road Trip retails for $20. To go along with the study there are also notebooking pages that are available for $20, but this week they are on sale for just $10.

There are a lot of great ideas in the Bible Road Trip, and I think the notebooking pages are beautiful. For now we are going to put the study on hold, but we will be picking it up when we start back to school. We will be doing the reading, memorizing, and praying (hopefully weekly) and throwing in some of the crafts as time permits. I think the study will definitely be a great addition to our homeschool.

We have now been using The Bible Road Trip for the last five months and we LOVE it. We were able to get a copy of the book we needed and the What’s in the Bible DVDs.  AJ and I have learned so much. We love using the note booking pages to fill in the information that she learns. It is a wonderful program that is all planned out and easy to use. We plan to continue with it this year and to use year 2 next year.

Sheldon’s New Primary Language Lessons Review

One subject that we were really lax on this year was grammar. I honestly don’t see the point of diagramming sentences. I believe grammar is important, but took a relaxed approach to it last year. This year I wanted something that would be quick and easy. I was given the opportunity to review Sheldon’s New Primary Language Lessons and it looks like a great place to start. *We have only used this for a short period of time and I plan to update this review as we have the chance to use more of it.*

Sheldon’s New Primary Language Lessons is another great product created by Kimberly Garcia the author of Write From History and Memorize Philippians. It is a gentle approach to grammar that teaches parts of speech, punctuation, sentence and paragraph writing, and more. It is recommend for students in grades 3 to 6. The book contains 96  lessons, some lessons are really quick and only take a few minutes to complete, while others might take a few days or weeks depending on your student. The book incorporates many of the Charlotte Mason philosophies including; dictation, picture studies, and narration. It is available in printed form for $19.95 or in an E-Book for $14.95.

Previously I had stated that I didn’t really think the Charlotte Mason approach to teaching writing would be a good fit for AJ. I am rethinking that statement in regards to spelling and grammar. AJ can pass every spelling test, and when doing worksheets she always knows the concept that she is working on. Unfortunately, her skills don’t seem to translate into her daily writing. 

 Sheldon’s New Primary Language Lessons starts off very simple teaching what a statement is. The book has a variety of lessons are varied enough to keep AJ’s interest. In the first five lesson activities include; picture studies, answering questions out loud, making up statements and questions, fill in the blank stories, poem memorization, handwriting practice, and studied dictation. Doing the lessons orally is encouraged, and that is a big plus in AJ’s eyes. Some students may need assistance with the lessons, but AJ seems able to complete the lessons on her own with a little direction from me.

I like that the exercises make AJ think. I feel that she has already learned some of the topics covered in the book but that the extra practice will be good for her. About halfway through the book the concepts get a little more advanced and at that time I am sure we will need to slow down a little bit, but for now she is speeding through the lessons.

What I Thought

I really like that grammar is approached in a fun manageable way. I love that while there is a focus on handwriting in some lessons, there is not an abundance of writing. I also enjoy the fact that the book starts off very simple and then works up to more complex topics. This will be our grammar curriculum for the 2014-2015 school year. The only part of the curriculum that I am not thrilled about is the poetry memorization. I don’t know if we will memorize the poems or not, but either way I think it will be a great addition to our homeschool year.

Experience History Through Music

Oh, Susanna, Yankee Doodle, Home on the Range, you  know the songs but do you know the stories and history behind the songs? There is so much history to be learned while learning about the music from the days of our ancestors. This year one of AJ’s assignments was to learn about the history of the song Yankee Doodle. I was surprised that there was not anything kid friendly that explained the history behind the song. Sure there were song books, but nothing that explained the song. We used a few different things and AJ understood the basics behind the song, but I really wished there was a better way to learn. Fast forward a few months and I was offered the opportunity to review Diana Waring’s Experience History Through Music. From the description it seemed as though these books would be exactly what I was looking for, and they were.

Experience History Through Music is a fun way to do just as the title states, learn history through music. There are three titles available in the Experience History Through Music series; Westward Ho! The Heart of the Old West, America The Heart of a New Nation, and  Musical Memories of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Each book  is soft covered and contains beautiful stories and pictures. The books each have between 13 and 16 songs and the stories behind them. Included in the back of each book is the sheet music and lyrics for the songs discussed in the book. There is not really an age requirement for these books, but older teens may find the music a little hoaky. AJ is 11 and enjoyed most of the songs.

Attached to the back cover of each book there is a CD. Each CD was professionally recorded with beautiful instrumental music and vocals.

AJ and I were given a physical copy of; the Musical Memories of Laura Ingalls Wilder, Westward Ho! The heart of the Old West, and all three CDs. We were given a digital copy of America The Heart of a New Nation.

Westward Ho! The Heart of the Old West contains music and stories that have a pioneer spirit. Songs include; Home on the Range, Gooey Duck, Westward Ho!, and many more.We both really enjoyed this book. It shows both the good and bad that happened during the times of the pioneers and really digs into American history. While we read the stories and listened to the songs AJ was learning so much, but she didn’t think of it as school work, she just thought we were having fun. Our favorite song in this book was Gooey Duck. Neither of us has ever heard the song before, but is is upbeat and entertaining. The story behind the song is really eyeopening to what the pioneers had to do to survive.

Musical Memories of Laura Ingalls Wilder was the book I was looking forward to the most. Songs include; Wait for the Wagon, Buffalo Gals, Pop! Goes the Weasel, and many more. The pictures and stories in this book would make a great addition to any Little House study. We loved being able to hear some of the music that Pa played for Laura while they were growing up. It is full of pictures of the Ingalls family and the places described in the Little House books. I do have to admit though that out of all the CDs, this one was the one we liked the least. Some of the songs were a little slow and in AJ’s words kind of boring, but that is just the type of music it is.

America The Heart of a New Nation was the book we spent the least amount of time on, mainly because we don’t really enjoy reading books on the computer. The stories were great and even include Yankee Doodle. Other songs included in this book were, Oh, Susanna, Polly Wolly Doodle, She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain and many more. This CD was a favorite around our house, and if we were only going to be able to buy one book I think this one would have been our pick. The music was upbeat and fun and the CD contains so many of the songs we already knew.

All of the books were full of great information to help you and your child learn history through music. The books are available separately for $18.99, but for this month only you can get all three books for only $50. If you are going to be learning about American history, or if you just want to add in a little bit of fun these books might be for you.

Learn more about Diana Waring and her other great programs here.

Jump In!

Writing is the most dreaded subject in our homeschool, AJ hates to write. She not only loathes the physical act of writing, but the thinking process as well. I have tried a few different programs with her and most of them just didn’t click. When I had the opportunity to review Jump In: A Workbook for Reluctant and Eager Writers, I was excited yet cautious to get my hopes up.

Jump In is a two year writing program designed for middle school students created by Sharon Watson. The set contains a 248 page workbook for the students with step by step directions, and a teacher’s manual. The 80 page teacher’s manual contains a great deal of information about how to help your student get the most out of this program and an additional one year writing program that uses daily writing prompts. It also contains the answer keys to different skills in the workbook.

When we first received the books I took an evening and read through the entire teacher’s manual. The manual was actually interesting to read and gave detailed examples on how to use the program.  The best part was that the program is flexible. There was not a section that said you had to do writing 5 days a week or for an hour a day. It was up to me to decide how to implement the writing program. After reading the manual I learned that I didn’t need to do much teaching. Most of the work would be on AJ’s shoulders. The manual gave detailed examples on how to grade the different types writings and how to help the student proof read. For each type of writing there is a section that shows how to earn an A or a B paper all the way down to an F paper. I felt the grading section was very helpful even though we don’t usually use grade in our homeschool. It helped to put my expectations in check as I have been expecting too much when it comes to AJ’s writing.

We started off with the one year writing program that is included in the teacher’s manual, 10- Minute Writing Plunges. Listed in the book there are four different writing prompts for each week of the school year. Each day the student is given the prompt and has to write about it for 10 minutes. The writing is not graded, and on the fifth day of the week the assignment is to edit and polish one of the prompts from the week. We didn’t get off to a good start. I started the timer and left AJ alone to write, but she only wrote one sentence in the 10 minutes because she spent the rest of the time “thinking”. I decided the idea of 10 minutes was not going to work for AJ and I ended up changing the directions to a number of sentences she had to write instead. The prompts were fun and once I got rid of the time limit AJ did a great job. The prompts got her thinking and she wrote some fairly good compositions.

After a few weeks of using the 10- Minute Writing Plunges, we started on the workbook. AJ loved the fact that it was full of colorful writing and pictures and that the font was big enough for her to read easily.  She was excited to see how short the lessons were, but that they didn’t seem watered down. The first few lessons in the workbook only took her about 15 minutes each to complete. At first I wondered if it was enough writing. After a few days I saw her go from filling out lists about her favorite things to looking closely at writing examples and finally to learning how to write an introduction and conclusion.

While the daily lessons are short, they are practical, sequential, and make going to the next lesson fairly easy. Throughout the program students will learn the following types of writing;  prewriting skills, opinions,  persuasion, exposition, description, narration, and poetry. In the back of the workbook there is a section called Your Locker. This section contains helpful hints and checklists for each type of writing. The student uses this section of the book throughout the program to help proofread and polish their writing.

Overall, we love this program so far. Writing is still not AJ’s favorite subject, but with Jump In it is a little easier. From the two units we have completed so far I feel it is fair to say that using this program will help AJ to become a better writer. The lessons are short enough to hold her interest and there is not a lot of busy work.  There are so many different writing options that I don’t think AJ will get board with this program. I went in to this review excited yet cautions, but after using the program for a while I think we have found a great writing program that will help my reluctant writer not only learn to write, but learn to enjoy it a little bit as well. We will continue with this writing program next year and until we finish it.

Jump In is also available from Apologia and can be purchased as a set for $40. You can also view a sample on the website as well.

The writers for Home and School Mosaic reviewed three different writing programs from Sharon Watson, including two programs designed for high school students. Click on the graphic below to see the other reviews.

Care-giving While Homeschooling

We take care of my grandmother that had Alzheimer’s throughout the week and it can be very challenging but rewarding at the same time. Throw in having an injured leg that makes me hurt all of the time with trying to homeschool and some days are just crazy.

Grandma never knows how old she is. She will be turning 84 this week, but often thinks she is as young as only 10 years old….. and that can make for some interesting days. When we try to start our days sometimes she joins in on school work and other days she gets mad that AJ isn’t in a regular school. She really likes to listen to our read-alouds and often even talks about the stories, sometimes she even gets upset when we stop reading for the day.

I feel the most challenging part of being a care giver while homeschooling is our schedule. Things come up when we are in the middle of doing school work and we have to stop and tend to grandma’s needs. It can be something simple like watching her while she decides to wander in the back yard, or something like having to clean her up and shower her after and accident.

We never know when she will be awake or asleep. Some days she is up all night and goes to bed around 5am. Other days she sleeps all day, and then there are some times where she will be up for up to 36 hours straight. On times where she refuses to sleep we can’t get too much book work accomplished because I am too tired to teach and AJ is too tired to learn. That doesn’t mean she isn’t learning….. just that the book work aspect isn’t getting done. On those crazy days we stick to reading, watching videos on topics we are learning about, (YouTube is our friend) and playing games.

Is it all bad? No. There are a lot of great moments. I get to see grandma’s child like happiness when she sees something that she thinks is for the first time. We get to hear her tell stories of when she use to live on the county farm and her father use to tend the chickens. We get to see her in her own home living the best life she can. AJ is learning numerous life skills. She is learning about taking care of her family and how to put the needs of others before herself.

We don’t have everything figured out. Some days are stressful and overwhelming. I often feel sleep deprived and wish I could have a normal schedule where I knew what I was doing from day to day…….but right now we are where we need to be, doing what we need to do, and learning along the way.

Asia its People and History Review

Post Contains Affiliate Links Is Asia a mystery to your kids? When I think of Asia I think of the the well known countries like China, Japan, and North and South Korea. When studying history we normally take a unit study approach, so AJ has learned a little bit about China and Japan, but she hasn’t studied too many other Asian countries. She is a hands on learner who doesn’t like your normal dry boring history books. I am always looking for ways to make history come alive.
Book Cover of Asia its People ans History

We were given the opportunity to review a new book, Asia its People and History written by Bonnie Rose Hudson.

Photo of Author

We reviewed the downloadable version of the book which is available here in e-book format or here for the paperback version. The book is a 16 week homeschool history and geography book that is meant to introduce you and your child to the people of Asia. It is geared for kids 8-12. (although I feel older students would enjoy it as well) Throughout the book you visit 6 different countries; Laos, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Iran, and Vietnam. You learn about the country’s geography, a little history, how to pray for the people, and what life is like for Christians who live there. While the course is meant to last 16 weeks it can easily be adapted to fit the needs of your family by speeding up or slowing down as needed.

The layout for each country is a little different. Each country starts with a story about a young person living in the country. Then you learn about the geography of the country, a brief history, what life is like for Christians, and the people that live in the country. At the end of each story there discussion questions that are thought provoking. There are different activities to complete as well. AJ found them to be fun and enjoyable while I found them easy to complete and enjoyed the fact that there was little to no preparation needed from me. Some activities included cooking, puzzles, writing a letter, and a matching game. AJ’s favorite was the Bangladesh Animal Safari Game.

One thing you would see a lot of around Bangladesh is animals.

This book was very eye opening for both  AJ and myself, she couldn’t believe that people would be so mean and hateful just because someone believed in Jesus. Asia its People and History is full of stories that make you think. Sometimes they make you cry and other times they make you reevaluate your own life, problems, and relationship with God.  This book doesn’t sugar coat the bad things that happen throughout the history of the countries, or what it is like for Christians today, but it is written in a way that spares a lot of details. It gives a very human look at history by not just listing facts, but telling the story of children who are living in those countries . AJ enjoyed this book and learned valuable information that we other wise may not have learned about.

I would recommend this book to any homeschool, Sunday School, or co-op. The lessons are short and sweet but full of useful information. I honestly couldn’t find anything that I did not like about this book. It didn’t require a lot of writing (which is a huge plus in this house) and the lessons were very engaging.

E-book available now, printed version coming soon

Memorize the Bible Review

I believe that the Bible is the infallible and authoritative written word of God. When I was younger I was in Missionettes and memorized a lot of different Bible verses. The longest thing I had to memorize other than the statement of faith was 1st Corinthians 13. It was just one chapter but it took me a few weeks practicing every day. Once I finally knew it though I really knew it. I can still recite it today if I look over it for a second. I think memorizing the Bible is very important, unfortunately it is something that I haven’t made a big enough priority with AJ. I was given the opportunity to review Bible Memorization made Easy written by Kimberly Garcia, the same author that created the Write Through History Series that I reviewed a few months ago.

Bible Memorization made Easy is available in four different versions:

  • Memorize Philippians
  • Memorize the Sermon on the Mount
  • Memorize Galatians
  • Memorize Psalms for Praying 
The books are available in an E-book format for $15.99 or a printed book for $21.99. Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things.” Philippians 4:8 has always been a favorite verse of mine so we decided to review Memorize Philippians 
In Memorize Philippians there are 23 weeks of lessons to help you memorize the entire book of Philippians. Each week is designed the same, by reading, writing and with prayer you should be able to memorize the entire book of the Bible.  Here is how a week would look:
  • On Day one, students read the passage of Scripture.
  • On Day two, students read the passage. Immediately following, the passage is rewritten with approximately 25% of the words omitted. You fill in these missing words from memory.
  • On Day three, they read and fill in the missing words. Approximately 50% of the words are omitted.
  • On Day four, they read and fill in the missing words. Approximately 75% of the words are omitted.
  • On Day five, students write the entire passage from memory.
This program is geared for grades 6 and up, AJ is in 5th grade but we decided to give it a try any ways. While I love how easy the program is to use and think it would work perfectly for a visual learner, it just wasn’t the right fit for my hands on learner who doesn’t like to write. She is a child that needs to move, have music, and really understand what she is memorizing. Philippians has a lot of vocabulary that was just too difficult for her since the King James version is used. To be honest the amount that she saw she was going to memorize overwhelmed her a lot and she didn’t have her heart in the memorizing. In the past she has only memorized small verses here and there so I think that trying to memorize so much at one time was a bad idea that I should have thought about prior to agreeing to review this product.
I think this would be a great program for older students who have done some Bible memorization in the past. The way that the author has the program set up makes it easy to use; you don’t even need the Bible because everything is already written in the book. For the more disciplined student who has a desire to memorize an entire book of the Bible, this would be a wonderful tool. For this particular study I would actually recommend the E-book version over the printed book, if your child needs a little more time working on a section you can easily print extra sheets for them to work on. That is one of the great things about this program. If you need to slow down and take longer on a section you can. It is very flexible and lets you move at your own pace. 
Overall it did not work for my hands on learner, but I think it is a great product that is well written and would be helpful for the older child or those who are visual learners. Some of the other reviewers had amazing results there is a wonderful video at Hopkins Homeschool  that shows how one child had incredible results!
Find out what other reviewers had to say by clicking on the graphic below.

Kids Around the World Giveaway

I am so excited to have the opportunity to share a great giveaway with you! It is full of wonderful prizes (I wish I could enter) that would make for a very in-depth study of Asia. AJ and I have recently been reviewing a great history and geography book all about Asia. It is full of beautiful pictures and plenty of fun useful information. The book, Asia: Its People and History, is not available yet but it will be soon. So far we are learning a lot and having a lot of fun. Be on the look out for my full review of the book in a few weeks.

  kids around the world giveaway 2
To celebrate the upcoming release of Asia: Its People and History by Bonnie Rose Hudson, I am joining my launch team friends to share a Kids Around the World giveaway, an incredible gift especially for kids between the ages of 8-12! This giveaway as a total value of nearly $335! Prizes include a Kindle eReader, a one-year membership to, some wonderful unit studies and lapbook set in Asia, and books about missionaries! Here’s everything you could win: Asia: Its People and History by Bonnie Rose Hudson ($6.95 value) From  One-Year Membership ($139 value) From the Asia: Its People and History Launch Team: Kindle 6″ eReader plus a $15 USD Amazon Gift Card ($84 value) Philippians in 28 Weeks digital by Stacy Farrell ($14.95 value) From Ben and Me — YWAM Christian Heroes Then and Now Books 1-5 Gift Set ($32.47 value) From The Old Schoolhouse Magazine — eBook Bundle: Missionary Geography, TOS WeE-book by Maggie Hogan and Diana Waring and Mary Slessor: The White Ma of Calabar, TOS WeE-book by Diana Waring ($3.90 value) and  August 2013 Schoolhouse Expo – Bonnie Rose Hudson: How to Write for The Old Schoolhouse and the TOS Family ($4.95 value) From Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett – Download N Go Bundle: Expedition China, Expedition Israel, and Kite Capers ($26.85 value) From A Journey Through Learning Lapbook Bundle: Asia and My Favorite Country ($9 value) From author, Gwen Toliver, Seed Sowers: Gospel Planting Adventures ($12.50 value) To enter, use the Rafflecopter below. Residents of the U.S. and Canada only (excludes Quebec), age 18 and older. Other Terms and Conditions can be found in the Rafflecopter. a Rafflecopter giveaway