10 Best Things About Spring

10 Reasons why you should enjoy spring.

Spring is in the air; well it will be soon, anyway. Who knows what this crazy weather will bring? Where I live in California, it is usually nice out and it may get hotter or cooler depending on the month. Our winter is very mild and cool; spring is rainy, windy, and nice; summer is hot; fall may be cool, but still nice. With the drought we are going through right now we could really use some rain.

One thing that really bugs me about Spring is that we can’t really plan ahead what we should wear for the week. In a single week, my 11 year old may wear pants with a light jacket one day, shorts with short sleeves the next day, and a tank top, shorts, and flip flops the next day. Sometimes I wish that we lived in an area that had distinctive seasons, but then I see how others have tons of snow while we are running around in shorts. I guess everywhere has its advantages and disadvantages.

There isn’t a season that I don’t like, so today I wanted to share my top ten reasons for enjoying spring.

  1. The flowers. I love to see the beautiful new flowers starting to bloom all around. They smell wonderful and really put me into a good mood. I can’t seem to keep flowers alive, but I love to look at what others have grown.
  2. Easter. Easter is a favorite around here. From coloring eggs, to egg hunts, there is fun all around. We focus on God, but still take part in a lot of fun activities.
  3. Fresh air. Spring time is usually when the house can be open. We don’t need the air conditioner or heater going so the windows can be open and fresh air can fill the house.
  4. Day light. I hate changing the clocks in the fall. I don’t like that we lose an hour of sleep when the clocks change in the spring, but I do love the fact that it is lighter later into the day. AJ can ride her bike longer, and I can run errands longer without being in the dark.
  5. Rain. (Well, I hope there will be rain.)They say April showers bring May flowers. I am not sure how true that saying is, but I love the rain. I love to listen to it, and smell the freshness after the rain. We are currently in a drought so we can use any rain that comes our way.
  6. Birthdays. May is a busy month for us. It is AJ’s birthday, my grandma’s birthday, my birthday, and Mother’s day. Even if we don’t do much it is a fun time of year.
  7. Spring Break. We don’t do anything special for spring break, but it usually means that AJ’s friends are able to come over and spend some time with her. Between school, sports, and life we don’t get to see her friends as often as we would like. When the public school is out that means more time for friends.
  8. Fruit prices go down. Spring and summer bring affordable fruit prices. I am the mean mom who won’t pay for grapes and strawberries unless they are on sale. Spring time is when we start to see 99 cents a pound sales and we enjoy a greater variety of fruit.
  9. The birds. Listening to the birds out your window, and seeing them fly by just make the day a little bit better.
  10. Summer is just around the corner. Summer here means swimming and spring time means that we are that much closer to jumping into the pool. We could live in the pool and often spend hours swimming. If we have a warm spring we might even get to swim before the season officially changes.

What is your favorite season?


Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs – Egglo Review

After Christmas, Easter is my favorite holiday. We do the Easter Bunny, dye eggs, have egg hunts, and enjoy family get-togethers. While we  enjoy the secular traditions we also focus on the reason for Easter, Jesus and His resurrection. When I was given the chance to review a few different products from an amazing company, Egglo Entertainment I was really excited. Egglo Entertainment combines the fun of Easter with the true meaning of the holiday. The idea behind the eggs is that Jesus is the light of the world.

I was sent a package of 12 Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs, and a fun children’s book The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book. I also received an event curriculum and few other items to put inside the eggs.

Egglo Entertainment Review
The Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs come in a small black box. To use them all you need to do is snap them together, fill them if desired, and then charge them. You can charge them with sunlight, black-light, fluorescent light, or even just the regular light in your home. Depending on the type of light your eggs will be charged, usually in less than an hour.

The eggs come in pink, blue, yellow and green. Some of them have crosses on them and the others are plain. When they are not glowing the, eggs are a nice pastel type color. The yellow and green eggs are a little hard to tell apart, but when they are glowing you can  see the colors quite vividly.

At first AJ just played with the eggs. She loves things that glow in the dark, and she loves to play with the plastic Easter Eggs after Easter, so these were a big hit. I found that the eggs seemed to glow the best when there was no other light around. They glowed ok when we went outside with them, but the moon was very bright. When we brought the eggs inside of the garage and turned out the lights they really glowed.

Egglo Glow in the Dark Eggs, a great way to keep the true meaning of Easter.

They glow really well for the first 45 minutes after they are charged, then they continue to glow while decreasing in brightness for about two to three hours. We did a few fun egg hunts, and can’t wait for the Easter Bunny to hide them again on Easter.

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure is a 40 page soft cover children’s book. We received a physical copy of it. At first I wondered if it would be too babyish for AJ, but once we started reading it together she didn’t want to put it down.

Egglo Entertainment Review

It is the story of three kids, Pascal, Hardy, and Ana. Their family is going to have a fun glow in the dark egg hunt at church and they can’t wait. To pass the time they go into the attic where they find a magic, glowing, Easter egg. The egg takes them on an adventure where they use Bible verses and clues to find an amazing treasure – the meaning of Easter. Each of the kids has a personality issue and through the adventure they change.

The book was fun, exciting, and really brought home the story of Easter. The book doesn’t tell the story of Easter but it does lead the kids to the cross and includes John 3:16. It was a great starting point to a discussion all about Easter.

Egglo Entertainment Review
To go along with the book and the eggs there is a neat curriculum. The Egglo Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt Event Curriculum  is a great 62 page downloadable product. It is geared for churches or large groups, but has fun stuff for an at home egg hunt as well.  It includes; invitations, decorating tips and printable decorations, snack ideas, games, discussion questions for the book, coloring pages and more. This really brings together everything and has great ideas on how to focus on Jesus and have fun! Unfortunately, most of the games and activities really needed more kids. We did use the discussion questions and coloring pages. We hope to try the recipes in the future.

Egglo Stickers and Scrolls

We also received a few other goodies.  AJ’s favorite was the Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls. When we received the package in the mail that was the first thing she wanted to open. I made her wait until we did the egg hunt. When she opened the eggs and found the scrolls she was so excited. She read them over and over and then looked up the verses in her Bible. She even rolled them all back up so that the Easter Bunny can put them in some of her eggs on Easter. My only complaint is that they seem like they will rip very easily.

The Last thing we received was the Egglo Bible Verse Stickers. These 12 stickers fit perfectly inside of the eggs. What kid doesn’t like stickers? The stickers and scrolls can be put inside of the eggs, or used by themselves. AJ actually used the stickers as copy work. We put one on a piece of paper and then she copied it. The next day she copied the same verse out of her Bible. If was a fun break from her normal work.

While we had a lot of fun playing with the eggs and reading the book, we can’t wait until Easter to do it again. This Easter AJ’s cousins will be over and we are going to have a glow in the dark egg hunt! After Easter we plan to continue to use the eggs. They float and AJ thinks they will make the perfect pool toy during the summer.

Egglo Eggs after Easter

What We Thought

We loved that the eggs help to provide a Christian themed Easter celebration. They really help to remind you that Jesus is the light of the world. The book and curriculum all really tie in together to make a fun celebration.  The eggs glow nicely and AJ really enjoyed the book.  The stickers and scrolls are a fun addition and make great egg stuffers. My only complaint is that 12 eggs just isn’t enough for a good egg hunt. I think we may need to purchase a few more sets. Overall I would recommend any of the Egglo products. I think a glow in the dark egg hunt might become a new tradition around here!

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Egglo Entertainment Review