American Flag Worksheets

Almost everyone in America knows the Pledge of Allegiance. When you were a kid you more than likely rattled it off every day as fast as possible without even really understanding it. I know I did. It wasn’t anything important, just part of the day like attendance and recess. I didn’t know much about it until I was at church learning about the pledge to the American Flag, the Christian Flag, and the Bible. I remember spending about a month learning about each flag and pledge.

We learned what the pledge really meant, the significance of the colors on the flag, and how to care for it. After that, saying the pledge every morning at school meant a little bit more to me. It was no longer a task to hurry through, but a time of respect.

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AJ learned the pledge in kindergarten. She would mess up the words and had no idea what they meant, but she knew it. When she got to be in about third grade we learned a lot about the American Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance. We learned the history behind the flag and some basic rules about it.

We don’t say the pledge every day. Maybe we should, but it is not something we do. She knows a lot about the flag, but during times when the country seems to be a little more patriotic I try to revisit our study of the American Flag. We go over the pledge, the look and care for the American Flag, the Star Spangled Banner, and a few other items.

I made this packet for AJ to work on. It covers some basic facts about the American Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance. I will have AJ fill out most of it from memory, and the rest I will have her look up. Your child may be able to answer the questions from prior knowledge, or they may need a little help. Here are a few websites that may help.

USA For Kids

Learning Haven

American Flag Facts for Kids

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Pippi Longstocking Literature Study

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I didn’t read very many chapter books as a child. In elementary school we didn’t have read-alouds. The closest we ever came to being read to was an Encyclopedia Brown Mystery a few times a week in 5th grade. We went to the library at school every two weeks, but there was never any direction given about what to read. Often those books sat in our desks and we never touched them. Sixth grade was my favorite year, and the year I learned the most. But we didn’t read a single book as a class. We didn’t have book reports, and the only things we read were nonfiction.

Seventh and eighth grades were wonderful. I went to a prep school and we read a lot! I fell in love with books in 7th grade. I remember reading The Giver and a few other books. We read a lot in high school as well. When it came to reading with AJ, I had a lot of books that I wanted to read with her in her high school years, but I had no clue what to read with her before that.

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Since she is a reluctant reader I tried to find books that were fun, classics, or books that I had always wanted to read. One of those books is Pippi Longstocking.

The story of Pippi Longstocking always intrigued me, so I thought it would be fun for AJ to read. After looking all over though, I couldn’t find a good literature study for Pippi Longstocking. I decided to make one for AJ. I took it farther than just comprehension questions. It includes sequencing, true false questions, short answer, characterization, and more.

If you read one chapter a day the study will last 12 days. We do a 4 day school week  so we stretched it over three weeks.

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When Multiplication Doesn’t Click (And a Free Worksheet)

When AJ was younger we tried everything to help her memorize her multiplication facts! We tried games, songs, and charts, but nothing worked. Someone suggested that we should put a chart up and let her use it as much as she needed. That backfired big time! She started using the chart for everything, even two and three times tables that she had known for a long time. Then I had her copy the multiplication chart everyday, and that didn’t help. She used apps on the Kindle, flashcards, and so many other things.  She would know them one day and the next she would forget them all. It was frustrating to both of us. My kid who loved math just couldn’t or wouldn’t memorize the multiplication facts! I taught her tricks to them, but they just didn’t stick.

We struggled with multiplication, finally she memorized them all on her own! (plus a free worksheet)

Finally, one day I decided that I didn’t care if she memorized her multiplication facts. Maybe that makes me a horrible teacher, but really I was over basic multiplication! She understood the concept, and both of us were ready to move on in math.

The next day I took down the charts and I told her that she didn’t have to memorize her multiplication facts! You would have thought that I gave her a hundred dollars. She was excited. Until, I told her the rest. She didn’t have to memorize her multiplication facts, but she did have to get her math done. We were moving on to a new topic and it involved multiplication. As long as she could get the correct answer, and understood the concept, I didn’t care how she got the answer.

The next topic was decimals. Multiplying with decimals to be exact. She was thrilled to learn something new, and I was beyond happy to move forward with our studies. She understood how to do the problems, but then it was time to do the workbook page. She became upset because her multiplication chart was gone and she didn’t know all of the facts. I told her she would have to add, subtract, count, or do what ever she needed to in order to figure out the problems. She would have to use the facts she did know along with common sense to do her math. She wasn’t in any trouble, and I wasn’t mad, but she had to figure out how to do the math.

I think it took her about two hours to do math that day. She sat there adding up 7 sets of 8 to get 56, and then 4 sets of 7 to get 28. Then she would use the 9 trick and subtract to get the answer to an 8 problem. It took forever! The next day was about the same. But the third day was different. Suddenly she knew a lot more facts! Her math was done in about an hour. By the beginning of the next week, she had almost every multiplication fact memorized.

Maybe she was finally ready to memorize them, or maybe figuring out the problems the long way made them click. I think it was because she finally saw a NEED to memorize them. Who wants to sit and add groups of numbers when you can just memorize the answer?

Once she had her multiplication facts memorized, math was her favorite subject again. In order to keep the math facts fresh in her brain I have her do fun worksheets that I make up to practice a few times a month. They are easy for her, but they make her think.

Here is today’s FREE Multiplication PRINTABLE

Today’s free printable is a fun math page. After answering the questions they then find the problem number and color it according to the answer of the problem. This one is a mermaid. I hope you enjoy it!

Is your child struggling with multiplication? What have you tried?


Free Telling Time Printable

Grab your Free Telling Time Printable. Practice telling time to the hour and AM or PM

Telling time is a hard concept for some kids to learn. I made this fun printable to help practice telling time to the hour and to practice when to use AM or PM. The final page of the print out is a large clock. Once you print it, cut it out, and laminate it, it will be great for working on telling time!

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FREE Brain Break Cards

Grab Your Brain Break Cards - Fun Activities to do when you need a break from school work!AJ has always been one that needed to move. She stands up to eat dinner, stands to write, and moves all of the time. One thing that helped with school work was having her do activities while we did school work. She would jump on the trampoline when she practiced her spelling words, cartwheel while she was working on math facts, or walk on her balance beam while she was working on vocabulary.

Now that she is a little older and there is more writing and book work, moving around while she works isn’t always easy or possible. For the past few weeks we have been having her do different exercises throughout the day and it really seems to be helping her stay focused.

I created these fun brain break cards to do when you need a little movement in the day. They are simple to use! Print them out, laminate them, cut them, and put them in an envelope. Then when you need a little movement in your day pick a card, stretch, do the activity on the card and you are done. Do the activity for as long as you want, modifying the activity for your child’s skill/age ability. Keep picking different colored cards throughout the day and have fun!

*This is NOT an exercise program and I am not a professional, this is just a list of fun activities to get your kids up and moving throughout the day. Use your best judgment and do the activities at your own risk.*

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FREE Medication Check Off List

Grandma turned 85 years old today! Her mind isn’t all here any more, but health wise she is doing fairly well. Part of being a caregiver for my grandma and my mom is dealing with medications. They both have kidney disease, Grandma had Alzheimer’s and Mom has Diabetes. It can make for some busy days! Every doctor they see wants to know what medication they are taking, how much, and how often. Sometimes the questions seem redundant because they have all of the information right in front of them on the computer, but it is better to double check and make sure they are taking what the computer thinks they are taking. I can usually give them the names of the medications, but I never remember the strengths, and I don’t like to bring all of the pills with me.

Another issue I have come across is forgetting to call in refills. The pharmacy we use is strict and only lets you call in the refills about 4 days before you run out of medications, but they want 48 hours to fill the pills. A few times I missed the window of time and we didn’t have 48 hours to wait for a refill because they would be out of pills or insulin. The pharmacy worked with us, but I didn’t want that to happen again.

Between the two of them they take over 12 medications, so I decided to make a chart that tells their medications, prescription numbers, when to call them in, and which doctor prescribed the medications. I fill it out each time I pick up prescriptions and keep a copy in my purse, that way I always know what they are taking and why.

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Free Spelling Practice Pages

Today I am sharing 8 different spelling practice sheets. There are three different themed sets making the download over 25 pages long. Have fun practicing spelling words with activities that include:

  • ABC Order
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Part of Speech
  • Pyramid Writing
  • Spelling Math
  • Word Search templates
  • Drawing Spelling Words and
  • Constantans and Vowels

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Free Printable Day 10

Today is day 10 of the 30 days of printables! Today I am sharing a fun color by part of speech worksheet. It is a quick way to practice parts of speech with a little fun thrown it. Download your FREE worksheet today and come back tomorrow for another FREE printable!

Memorial Day Freebie

Grab your Free Memorial Day crossword puzzle and word search. Day 9 of the 30 days of free printables!

It is hard to believe that Memorial Day is right around the corner. On the last Monday on May families gather together to celebrate the start of summer. There are BBQs, pool parties, and usually a lot of fun. Unfortunately, too many forget that the real reason for the holiday isn’t just a paid day off of work.

Memorial Day is a time to honor those who lost their lives while fighting for our country. While we will be swimming and enjoying time together as a family, I want to make sure we take time out of our day to remember those who died fighting for our freedom. I made this word search and crossword puzzle to help kids remember the reason for the holiday. It is day 9 of my 30 days of FREE Printables!

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Free Adverb OR Adjective Printable

Welcome to day 8 of my 30 days of FREE Printables! Today I am sharing a simple grammar worksheet. I shared yesterday how AJ has a hard time with adverbs. She seems to think that any word that ends in”ly” is automatically an adverb. To help her understand that some “ly” words are adjectives, and that a lot of adverbs have other endings, I created this worksheet for her.

There are two different versions of the worksheet. The first has a list of 25 words that needs to be cut out and sorted, the second has a word box and the student writes the words in the correct category.

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