Christmas Activity Book

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I would watch sappy Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music all year long, if my family didn’t need a break. A year ago I put together a fun activity book for the holiday season. Since then I have updated it and made a few changes. Previously I was offering it for sale. But until the end of the year I am giving it to my readers for free. You don’t even need to sign up for my news letter. All you need to do is click on the link below, print out the pages you want, and have fun!

There are over 25 fun filled activities for a variety of ages. You will find dot to dot activities, mazes, a word search, a crossword puzzle, two different levels of Sudoku, math activities, word fun, and even more!

Grab your free Christmas Activity book! Over 25 fun filled activities to keep your kids thinking during the holiday season.

The Activity book has a Santa theme. Your child will encounter elves, reindeer, mice, Christmas trees, and other Christmas themed characters. I am currently in the process of making a biblical version of the activity book, but that won’t be finished in time for Christmas.

Grab your free Christmas Activity book! Over 25 fun filled activities to keep your kids thinking during the holiday season.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Grab your free Christmas Activity book! Over 25 fun filled activities to keep your kids thinking during the holiday season.

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More Free Printables

Are you looking for more free downloads? Here is the link to my 30 days of free printables. There are a variety of different topics including; math, science, geography, Bible, language arts, and more.

I am in the process of creating more pintables. Please comment below with they types of printables you are looking for.

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Lab Reports ~ What to Include & How to Grade

As AJ gets older, I wan her to start writing better lab reports. She wants to go into a scientific field when she gets older, so knowing how to write a proper lab report will be an essential skill. She has been writing simple reports about science experiments for a while. They usually included a hypothesis and the results of the experiment.

For her 8th grade year, I decided she needed something more. I wanted her to get use to following a guideline for the report and to include age appropriate information. After looking all over for a rubric or guideline for middle school science reports, I couldn’t find what I needed. So I made one for her. I wanted to share it with you incase you are searching for a solid lab report guide for your child.

Free Lab Report Grading Sheets!

Parts of the Lab Report

Title Page – The lab title should be centered on the page. Name and date should be in the bottom right hand corner. 2 Points

Objective – One or two sentence statement that outlines the purpose of the experiment. 2 Points

Introduction – Should include detailed information about principles, terms, and techniques used. Must include a clearly stated hypothesis that is underlined. 10 Points

Materials – List all materials that were used in the experiment, including equipment. Include labeled diagram of the experiment set up. 10 Points

Procedure – Describe all of the steps for the experiment in an orderly manner. Write in paragraph form using the past impersonal tense. 10 Points

Qualitative Results – Write a description of your observations. Results should include all of the senses that you used. What did you see, hear, smell, feel, or taste? ONLY TOUCH OR TASTE IF INSTRUCTED! Include a table or sketch if needed. 15 Points

Quantitative Results – Show completed graphs and tables of measured results. Make sure units are included and that all graphs and tables are properly labeled. If any calculations were done, show a sample of each type. Show your work and explain each step.  25 Points

Conclusion – Summarize the results of the experiment. Was the objective met? Was your hypothesis correct? Do the results make sense based on prior knowledge? Was there any chance of error? What would you change if the experiment was repeated? This should be at least a paragraph. 10 Points

Bibliography – Include a works cited page for any sources you used. This should include any textbook, video, book, or website that you used for background information. You must list at least one source. Use MLA format. 6 Points EasyBib is a great website to help you with MLA format. 

Neatness and Formatting – Report should be typed and double spaced. All graphs and drawings should be neat and fit on the page correctly. 5 Points

Spelling and Grammar – Proper spelling and grammar should be used throughout the report. 5 Points

Grading the Lab Report

I started by going over each section of the lab report and what I expected from her. My goal was to help AJ get use to writing lab reports and following directions, so I was fairly lenient in grading. As long as she followed the directions and included what was necessary she received the points.  Points would be taken off for missing information, improperly labeled graphs, or sloppy work.

I had her include a Lab Report Grading Sheet with each report she completed. It lists each section of the report and the points possible. There is a place for her score as well as any notes. I was able to easily grade her report and file it away with the grading sheet.

I found that some experiments didn’t provide measureable results. When those experiments came up I gave her a Lab Report Grading Sheet without the Quantitative Results. Those reports became worth 75 points instead of 100.

I didn’t make her use this format for every lab, but I did make her write one formal report each month. Her reports have improved quite a bit and she enjoys the process.

You can download a copy of the Lab Report Grading Sheet. I also included a printable version of what the student should include in their Lab Report. I hope it helps your young scientist!

Free 4th of July Word Search

Independence Day is a great time to get together with friends and family and have a barbeque. I hope that you all will have a safe holiday, but in case you are looking for something to keep your kids busy, here is a free 4th of July word search.

Free 4th of July Word Search

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Printable Pack

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an inspirational man who helped to change the world. Throughout our homeschool journey AJ has studied some fascinating people, from biblical characters to kings and queens. Unfortunately, we have only gotten as far as the Civil War and the abolishment of slavery when it comes to recent history. Next year our focus will be on history from the Civil War to the present, but right now we are in the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods.

Since there have been so many influential men and women in the recent years, I have decided to spend a little time having AJ learn about some of those people a few times each month.

Martin Luther King Jr. printable pack - free for subscribers

Since Martin Luther King Jr. Day is coming up, I decided to start our new study with him. AJ has learned a little bit about him over the years and knows that he fought for equal rights for all people. It was hard for her to understand why he had to fight for the equal rights though. It is hard to try and explain how people use to believe when I have a difficult time understanding it myself.

Normally I would go to the library and check out a bunch of books for AJ to look through and research. I still can’t drive for another month at least, so our research was limited to the internet. I am still not comfortable with AJ searching the internet by herself, so I found a few good websites that I knew would be appropriate. I used information from those sites (and a few others) to make a printable pack about Martin Luther King Jr.

The four main websites I had her visit were:


Social Studies for Kids

Kids Play and Create and

National Geographic Kids

Martin Luther King Jr. Printable Pack includes:

Word Search

Fill in the Blank Activity

Quotable Quotes Page

Writing Prompt

and a page to write about Martin Luther King Jr.’s character traits

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I hope you and your child enjoy learning all about Martin Luther King with this printable pack. Which influential person would you like to learn about next?


Christmas Memories Printable

Before we know it the Christmas decorations will be put away, the New Year’s celebrations will be over, and life will begin getting back to normal. After three months of sugar, parties, and fun, it is time for a little bit of normalcy. Some of us will make resolutions for a wonderful year, while others decide to go on with no real changes. Sometimes just getting back on a normal schedule is challenge enough!

Christmas Memories Printable

When I was a kid I was always told that time goes by faster the older you get. I never believed it, but now it honestly seems true. As a child it seems like Christmas will never get here. You wait and wait to get a few weeks off of school and to see what wonderful gifts you will receive. Kids have the luxury of living in the moment and enjoying everything. As I get older each season seems to zip by faster and faster. It seems like we are always planning for a holiday or trying to make a moment extra special for our kids. As AJ gets older, making memories magical isn’t as easy.

I have so many wonderful memories from childhood and I hope that as AJ grows up she will feel the same way.  When we talk about all of the fun things we do for the holidays, often the little things are what she remembers the most. Of course she loves the gifts she receives, but she loves the time we spend together as well.

This year I have decided to have her fill out a fun page that I made. It has a place for her favorite Christmas activities that we did. Her favorite movie we watched together, the best gift she gave to someone, her favorite color, and other things. The plan is to have her fill it out and then to stick it in her stocking before we put it away. Next year when we start to decorate for Christmas we will look over the paper and have a record of all of her wonderful Christmas memories. We will also be able to see how she has changed over the year.

Christmas Memories Printable

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Free Fall Printable Pack

Fall is just around the corner. Living in Southern California means that we will have summer weather for a while, but the stores are already full of stuffed scarecrows, pumpkins, and harvest items. I love fall, because it means that the holidays will be here soon. Fall means pumpkin patches, Thanksgiving, baking, and wonderful smelling goodies.

FREE Fall Printable Pack perfect for 3rd through 6th graders.

I created this Fall Printable Pack to help celebrate fall. (This pack is Halloween free)  It is geared for upper elementary aged kids, but older kids may find some of the activities enjoyable as well.

This pack is over 25 pages long and includes answer keys. It prints out beautifully in either black and white or color.

The Fall Printable Pack is broken down into three sections; Fall Word Practice, Math, and Just for Fun. In the Fall Word Practice, you will find a list of fall related words. Those words will be used throughout the packet. Activities in this section include:

  • ABC Order
  • Word Search
  • Noun Sort
  • Plural Practice and
  • Writing Prompts with journal pages

The Math section includes:

  • Multiplication Color by Number
  • Word Problems
  • Place Value and
  • Graphing

The Just for Fun section includes:

  • Bingo and
  • Sudoku

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Midwestern States Packet (Free Printable)

Grab your free printable to help learn the states and capitals of the Midwest!

Today is the final day of my 30 days of Free Printables! Today’s printable will finish off the State Sets. The Midwestern states set covers the states and capitals for; Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

I hope you have enjoyed all of these free printables! Did you miss any? Check out this post that lists all 30 days,

Pacific Coast States Printable

Learn the states and capitals of the Pacific coast states (FREE Printable)

I can’t believe the 30 days of free printables is almost over! Today I am continuing with the state sets. The Pacific Coast set covers; Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington.

Download your Pacific Coast States Set toady, and come back tomorrow for the final state set, the Midwestern States.

Southwestern States Printable

Free Printable to learn the states and capitals

Your kids will have fun learning the states and capitals of the Southwest with this FREE Printable packet. Fun puzzles will help them learn the capitals for – Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

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Rocky Mountain States Printable

Practice the states and capitals a few at a time with these fun puzzles!

Today’s free printable is another state set! Have fun practicing the Rocky Mountain States – Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. Your kids will have fun learning with crossword puzzles, a word search, matching activities and more.

Download the Rocky Mountain State Set today and come back tomorrow for another FREE Printable.