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For the past few weeks AJ and I have been reviewing a fun product called Music & Creativity – Foundation Course. It is a free online program from Simply Music.


I can play a few simple songs on the piano that I learned as a kid, but I never took any lessons. AJ did take lessons for about six months, but that was quite a while ago. She taught herself a few songs. But overall both of us have very little musical knowledge. In the past we have tried online music programs and they have either been really good, or fell flat. I am happy to say that Simply Music is a good program. The best part is that is is completely free. You don’t even need to enter a credit card number to sign up. Simply create an account and begin your musical experience.

About the Program

This program focuses on learning to play music first instead of learning to read music. The idea is that the student needs to be able to get hands on experience playing the piano and learning about rhythm and beats before they start to read music. I think this a great idea. You can always learn to read music later, but if you get stuck trying to learn to read music, you can become frustrated and never go much further.

Simply Music is self paced. It includes online videos as well as other downloadable materials. The program can be accessed with any device that has internet access. Often I had AJ watch the videos at the piano on the Kindle Fire so that she could easily practice. Other times she watched the video on the computer and then went on to practice.


When you log into the account you have a few downloads available to help you on your musical journey. One is a book in PDF form called, Music and the Art of Long Term Relationships. This book, written by Neil Moore, is over 80 pages long. While you can absolutely jump right in to your music lessons, this is a very interesting book. It talks about why a lot of people don’t stick with music lessons and our overall attitude about music lessons. The book is a quick and easy read, but I think it would benefit anyone who is thinking about taking music lessons or having their child take lessons.

Simply Music Review

The second item for download is a printable piano craft. By following the directions your child will be able to create their own practice piano that they can use to reinforce concepts taught in the lessons. We didn’t end up using this, but I think it would be very helpful, especially for younger students. Simply Music Review

The last printable download is a 20 page reference book. There are songs, exercises, and different pages that are utilized throughout the program. I recommend printing this off in the beginning and putting it is a folder. That way when you need a page for your lesson you can easily grab it. I printed off a page at a time in the beginning and then had to stop and print off new pages in order for AJ to practice.

Simply Music Review

The final download is a file of music in MP3 format. These are the songs your student will be playing and listing to as part of their lessons. We found these helpful. When AJ was practicing she could easily pull up the song on the computer and see how it should sound.

The Lessons

When you log in you are taken to the next lesson. The program keeps track of your progress and won’t let you move on until you have completed the lesson you are on. After marking the lesson complete you are able to re-watch lessons at any time.

Simply Music Review

The first few lessons set up your learning. By the third lesson your student is able to begin playing their first song Dreams Come True. The video lessons are short and effective. They show the student how the song should be played and give plenty of help to make the student successful. The elements are broken down into bite sized pieces as they learn the new language of music.

Simply Music Review

What We Thought

This is an amazing program. I honestly can’t believe it is free. They do offer another course that your student can take after they complete this one. That course does cost to use, but if it is anything like this course it is worth the small price. I have been sick and haven’t made near as much progress as I had planned, but AJ has made some good progress. Just a few minutes each day is plenty of time. The lessons really break everything down into steps and make success possible. If you want to learn how to play the piano, I highly recommend this program!
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