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When I was in school I hated learning about history. It was always dull and I just didn’t connect with what was happening. One of the great things about homeschooling is finding books and materials that make learning fun. I have found that textbooks have their place, but that they are not the only way to learn. One way I try to make history more exciting is by including biographies about people who lived during the times we are learning about. In the past we have had great experiences with books from YWAM Publishing . Their books are always fun to read and both AJ and I learn a lot.

YWAM has books about Christian Heroes and Heroes of History we have read books from both sets. This time we decided to try

Heroes of History- Davy Crockett. I thought it would be an adventure filled book that would keep AJ’s attention. In addition to the book we also received a digital download of the study guide.

About the Book

Davy Crockett is written by Janet and Geoff Benge. It is a soft covered book that is 190 pages long. The book is broken up into 17 chapters. It is written at about a fifth grade reading level. The book starts at the beginning of Davy’s life and ends after his death at the Alamo. It is exciting and tells the scary events in a way that younger kids won’t be afraid of.  One thing I really like is that it doesn’t fantasize his life like the movies did. He was a great man who made some mistakes and made a huge impact on history. It was nice to learn the real story of his life.

About the Study Guide

The best part about the study guide is that it is flexible. You can use all of the questions and do a bunch of activities, or you can just use the comprehension questions to see if your child understood what they read.

The Study Guide is broken into three sections.

Davy Crockett – This section gives a brief overview of Davy Crockett’s life. I would recommend not reading this section until after you read the book, unless your child already knows about the life of Davy Crockett. It gives a lot of spoilers.

Unit Study – There are directions for using the book with classrooms, small groups, or in your homeschool. Then there are two parts to the unit study. One part has worksheets for your child to fill in. They include fact sheets, maps, and timelines to fill in. The other section is the main unit study.

It is 72 pages long! There are questions for each chapter,  key quotes that go along with the study, ideas for a display corner (this would be fun if you are studying the book as a group), student explorations where they can take their learning beyond the book, and more. There is also a social studies section to help you fill in the maps and timeline.

Meet the Authors – This section didn’t have any information about the authors. Instead it sent us to a section with bonus materials. It had some cross word puzzles and other activities about some of the other Heroes in History like, Daniel Boone: Frontiersman. 

How We Used the Book

We have found that once AJ is interested in a book she gets frustrated to stop after every chapter to answer questions. What we like to do is go through and look up the vocabulary words for the chapters I plan to have her read for the week. Then I had her read the chapters for the week and answer some of the questions. She would work on the map work and timeline another day. She enjoyed reading the book and doing the map work that showed the different trips that Davy Crockett took.

What We Thought

This book, like all of the others from YWAM, was a great fit. The story was factual and AJ learned a lot. It was exciting and kept her wanting to read. The study guide had a lot of fun ideas to make learning come alive. This time we didn’t do any of the additional activities. But I was glad there were so many available.

I plan to include a few more of these books when we study American History next year. It is a great way to learn more than the facts, but really how those in the time period were effected. I highly recommend both the Heroes of History and the Christian Heroes series to improve your history or literature studies.

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