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AJ’s favorite subject has almost always been science. But she hates reading dull textbooks. She likes to learn by doing, watching, and investigating. Over the years we have learned that one way she learns the best is by using unit studies. By taking a topic and really digging into it she learns so much more, and has a great time. We were recently given the chance to review a science program from

CrossWired ScienceĀ that looked like it would be exactly what we needed. We were given access to both of the courses that are currently available, Sound, and Fluid Dynamics. Currently the projects are being improved and updated with things being changed and added. I think the projects are great now and look forward to seeing what they end up being in the future.

About the Courses

These courses are designed to be used with kids in all grades. While younger kids may only watch the videos, older students can complete experiments and research. It is very flexible and allows you to decide how to use the course. The idea is that each of the courses will take about a month to complete.
The course is broken up into two sections, First Timers and Second Timers. The videos are the same, but questions and activities are different. Once your child goes through the First Timers set, they can then go back and go through the Second Timers. Or you can start at the Second Timers if you want.
For each course there are 8 core videos that the student watches. Once they finish the video they answer some true/false, or multiple choice questions about the video. They can watch the video as many times as they want. I was surprised about the questions. When testing the program out, I got a few questions wrong because I didn’t read the question carefully enough. I think younger kids may feel a little intimidated by the questions, but older students will be fine, once they realize they have to read each question carefully.
After watching the video and answering the questions, the student moves on to another activity. They watch the four core videos and then complete four activities. Then they watch four more videos and complete four more activities.

Other Parts of the Lessons

One of the activities is the experiment. There are so many experiments to choose from. There are ideas for every learning level. One of my favorite parts is that most of them use products that you can easily find around the house. If you have a kid who loves experiments, they can do as many as they want! From making paper airplanes in Fluid Dynamics to learning about sound waves in Sound, there is a lot to discover.


Under General Links your student will find numerous YouTube videos that are about the topic they are learning about. These are locked in the teacher section so your student can only view these with your permission. The videos are interesting and cover a variety of aspects.


Under the Research tab your student is given a variety of topics that they can research. You can have your student write a report, write a few facts down, or do anything that you choose. They are given ideas and resources and you decide what they need to do.

The U-Choose sections lets your student or you decide how to learn more about the topic. They may watch a video, do a survey, color, go on a scavenger hunt, cook a meal, or many other topics.

In the Reinforcement tab your student is given options to help them learn even more. They can color a page, create a crossword puzzle or game, make a puppet show, and so much more. Again you and your child decide what works best.

There is also a Field Trip tab that lists ideas for field trips.

Beyond the main lessons there are Gold Dig lessons that go deep into another topic. There are also lists of books to read and devotionals.

Using the Program

There are so many ways to use this program. We haven’t had access to it for very long, but so far AJ has enjoyed the videos. They are short but entertaining and full of information. Our plan will be to have AJ watch the videos and then spend a week trying out some of the activities. There are a lot of fun experiments to try and videos to watch. She could easily spend a few months on each topic if she wanted. Most programs that claim to cover a wide range of grades often fall short for older students, but this one doesn’t. There are so many options to make learning fun for every level.

It can be used as a program on its own, or as a supplement to your current science program.

What We Think

I think this is going to be an amazing resource. It is like someone did all of the hard work and put together a unit study for me. I can pick and choose what I want and leave the rest. The videos are a little easy for older students, but the other activities make sure there are a lot of learning opportunities. The site is simple to use and keeps track of what you have learned. The program cost less than $30 for a single student, and I feel the resources it includes is worth much more.

I can’t wait to see what new courses they come out with next.

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Sound, and Fluid Dynamics {CrossWired Science Reviews}
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