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We have had the chance to listen to quite a few audio dramas over the past few years. Our favorite ones by far are the ones from Heirloom Audio. We were given the chance to try out their newest audio adventure, For the Temple, and we were excited to try it out.

About The CD

The CD is about 2 and a half hours long. It is recommended for kids ages six and up because it may be a bit scary for younger kids. As you listen to the story you can hear the background noises in the town, hear the Sea of Galilee, and hear weapons crash against each other. This is a story that will have you on the edge of your seat as John has to make a decision on the best way to save the Temple.

About The Study Guide

The study guide has questions for each track of the CD, three Bible studies, and background information. Each track has three different types of questions.

  1. Listening Well – These questions are basic and  can usually be answered simply by listening to the audio drama. These questions have to do with the basic plot and what is going on in the story. For example one question is, “On what day, month, and year did the Roman’s begin their attack?” From listening to the audio drama it would be easy to answer the question.
  2. Thinking Further – These questions are usually a little bit more opened ended. You may need to think carefully about an action of a character or a moral problem. Sometimes you may need to research something to be able to find the answer. Often you will need to look to a verse in the Bible to be able to form and answer. For example one question is, “How does Titus plan to get the melted gold from the temple? What will his armies have to do to accomplish that? How is this a fulfillment of Luke 21:6.” 
  3. Defining Words – This is a list of words that are used in the story that you may not know. Some of the words seem obvious while others are words that are not often heard. Some of the words from one of the tracks include; inevitable, access, conduit, granary, and, obliterate.

The Rest of the Study Guide

The Bible Studies are simple. One is about how God is our only savior. Another is about proper worship, and the final one is about Christ being our temple. Each of them have questions to think about and then a list of Bible verses to look up. They are all simple to complete, but will make you think.

The background information has a lot of information about the Temple and various events in the Bible. AJ and I both found it interesting and learned a few things from reading it.

There are also diagrams, food ideas, and more to explore in the study guide!

How We Used For the Temple

Our original plan was to listen to the audio drama and complete the study guide at the same time. We ended up getting the study guide a little later than we expected, so that didn’t quite work out. Instead we listened to the audio drama and then later looked at the study guide. We read through the background information and completed one of the Bible studies. We are going to be studying the Roman’s in history next month, so I think we will listen to the CD again and at that time AJ will answer some of the questions from the study guide.

What We Thought About For the Temple

Like the many other audio dramas from Heirloom Audio, this one did not disappoint! The story was exciting, taught a good lesson, and really brought history to life. You get to see more than just facts, you get to see how real people were pushed to their limits and had to make decisions on right and wrong, and how to trust God. This story seemed based on the Bible more than any of the other dramas we have listened to, and I didn’t hear anything that I disagreed with. I would highly recommend it!

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