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When AJ was younger adding art to our school day was easy. Now that she is older and spends so much time on the basics, art can easily be pushed to the back burner. She has a few art classes at co-op so she is experimenting with different mediums. But we haven’t done very much art together lately.

She loves art so I was sure she was going to love Master Kitz The Starry Night from These kitz give you everything that you need to recreate a work of art from a famous artist. They come in a cute reusable box with easy step by step instructions. The kitz also include some brief information about the artist and the type of art.

The Starry Night Master Kit

What’s in the Box?

Inside the box you will find:

  • Two pieces of large white art paper
  • Paint in blue, black, and white
  • A special roller
  • A sponge roller
  • Chalk pastels in white, blue, yellow, and orange
  • Star Stickers (used to block the paint from specific areas on the page)
  • A stencil
  • Directions and information about the artist.

The only thing you will need to provide is tape to tape down the paper and a plate or pallet to pour the paint on.

Making the Projects

Since there were two pieces of art paper, we decided to do the project together. AJ and I each taped down our paper. We found that taping the paper on the back and sticking it to the table worked easier than taping down the edges. Then I read through the information about Vincent van Gogh while she started the project.

First she placed the star stickers where she wanted them.

Kidzaw Master Kitz

Then she used the special roller in the blue paint to create a neat texture on the page.

Painting with the blue paint to make a neat texture

Once the blue was all over the page, she used the same roller in the white paint. We didn’t really see the white paint over the blue. AJ stated that she thought the paper should have been an off white color like they showed in the instructions. Then the white paint and texture would look a little better. Even so, the texture was neat. At this point AJ washed out the roller and we took the star stickers off of her picture. Getting the stars off was hard. Two of them ripped, but I was still able to reuse them on my page.

While she continued with the next step, I started my project.

Her next step was taping the stencil over her picture.

Using the stencil to paint

Then she used the black paint and rolled over the stencil.  At that point the painting looked really cool. The dark black was a good contrast to the blue.

The picture after the black paint was used

Then it was time to start using the chalk pastels. She started off with the yellow and orange for the stars.

The stars colored in

When it came time to add color to the town part of the picture, AJ wanted to use more than the four colors that came with the kit. She got out her own chalk pastels and had a blast coloring in the scene.

Coloring in the town with chalk pastels

In the end, her project came out great!

The final project

I was proud of mine too. I am not very artistic, but the project was fun to do and looks good too.

My final project

From start to finish the entire project took a little less than two hours. It was a nice afternoon.

AJ showing off her final project

What We Thought

Both of us really enjoyed the project. The directions for everything except the chalk pastels were simple to follow. I wish they had a little more explanation on how to use the chalk pastels. AJ also thought that four colors wasn’t enough.

There is more than enough paint to do the project a few more times, but I am not sure that the star stickers would last for more than one more picture. So if you wanted to do the project with more than two people, you may need to use something else to block the paint where the stars go. But other than the stars, I think you could use this kit over and over. AJ is planning to use the special roller on a few other projects.

The information about van Gogh was simple to read and gave basic information. I think it was a great introduction to the artist. It is not enough for an in depth study, but I feel it could be used as a starting point for a fun study. The kit would be a great addition to an artist study, or just for a fun project. AJ and I enjoyed having fun and hanging out together while completing the project.

These kitz would be a great Christmas or birthday gift for people who are difficult to buy for. They are not just for kids, adults will enjoy them too! (If anyone is looking for a fun gift for AJ, she said she would like any of the other kitz.) I would absolutely recommend these kitz to other artists, and those who are artistically challenged.

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