Brinkman Adventures Season 6 ~ Review

Over the years our family has come to love audio books and audio dramas. It began when AJ was younger and struggled with reading. We would listen to audio books to help with her literature assignments while she continued to practice reading books that were at her reading level. Eventually, we started to pick up additional books just for fun. Then we came across audio dramas, and we were hooked. AJ told me they were like watching a movie with her eyes closed.

Brinkman Adventures
We have had the opportunity to try out quite a few different audio dramas over the years and Brinkman Adventures is by far one of our favorites! This time we were given the chance to try out the digital version of Season 6: Underground Rising and it did not disappoint!

What is Brinkman Adventures?

Brinkman Adventures are audio dramas that tell the stories of real life missionaries. The names and some details are changed for safety reasons, but the struggles, triumphs, and stories of God’s love are true. The audio dramas are well made. There are plenty of background noises and music to make the stories come to life. The acting in the dramas is amazing.

Underground Rising Season 6 Brinkman Adventures

About Season 6

The digital copy was simple to download. I just clicked on the link in the email, saved the episodes to my computer, and they were ready to listen to. There are over two hours of listening adventures. In the past the seasons have been twice as long, but making the seasons shorter lets them be released sooner.

Season six has six episodes that take you from the Netherlands to Wisconsin, India, Thailand, and Burma.

  •  55 – Dutch Underground Part 1
  •  56 – Dutch Underground Part 2
  •  57 – Twice Born Fly
  • 58 – I Wonder Why?
  •  59 – Free Burma Rangers Part 1
  •  60 – Free Burma Rangers Part 2

The stories in season six are heartwarming. In the Dutch Underground we learn more about resisting evil while learning about what happened to the Brinkman’s grandparents during World War Two. There are stories about salvation soldiers, and more. The best part is that you can read more about the true stories on the website. There are videos and behind the scene information that let you learn even more.

Our Favorite Episode

While all of the episodes are great, my favorite episode from this season was number 58, I Wonder Why? It is about a little girl named Sam whose family decides they need to move to India to run an orphanage. The kids are so bad. They tease Sam’s little brother, don’t listen in school, and do not behave. Sam resents them and her family for having to leave her home and friends. Especially when the orphans, “don’t deserve to be loved.” Her parents continually tell her to love without reason, but she doesn’t understand why she should. In the end the orphans end up accepting Jesus and become nicer, and her heart is healed and she becomes kinder. Her brother is also healed from his deadly allergy.

The episode focuses on Trusting God’s plan. That can be a difficult thing to do, and I think the episode showed that trusting in God is not always easy, but that He does have a plan.

What We Thought

AJ and I listened to the episodes together at the computer. I personally prefer the CD to the digital copy because then I can listen to the episodes in the car or other places. The digital content can be synced with digital devices, but I didn’t try to figure out how to do that.

As with the previous seasons, we really enjoyed listening to season six of Brinkman Adventures. The stories were life like, the added sound effects made the story more interesting. Overall the stories told of God’s love. We plan to re listen to the first two episodes again when we are studying World War 2 again in the spring. Stories like, Dutch Underground remind you that even though there was a lot of evil, there were a lot of people willing to risk their lives to do the right thing. I can’t wait to see what season 7 has in store!

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