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AJ and I were recently given the chance to review a high school art history program from The Master and His Apprentices that is written from a Christian perspective. The course is called The Master and His Apprentices: Art History from a Christian Perspective . It can be used for a full high school credit.

We received a digital download of both the textbook and the teacher guide.

The Textbook

The Textbook is 380 pages long and is broken up into 19 chapters. While this book can be used for a full credit of high school, I feel it would be a great addition to any Christian homeschool family! The chapters are grouped together by time period and contain a great deal of historical information. We have learned a lot of historical facts just by reading through the chapters. The book would be a great supplement to any history curriculum.

The Master and His Apprentices
The book starts off with an introduction that explains about art and how we study it. My favorite quote from the introduction was:

While the timeline of human history does reveal many beautiful works of art, we must not forget that art created by man begins as a “copy” of the work performed by our highly intelligent and masterfully skilled Creator.

This book is different than anything I have ever read before, and really made both AJ and I think about art in a whole new way.

The book goes on to a chapter about the days of creation, where you learn about art in nature. And then it covers art history from Ancient Cultures through today focusing mainly through the 1600’s.

The Chapters

Each chapter is broken up into several subtopics that breaks the reading into easy to read sections. The book is written in a conversational tone that most textbooks lack. We didn’t find it a chore to read the book, in fact we enjoyed it. There are hundreds of beautiful photographs throughout the book. There are also maps and timelines.

The chapters vary in length and content depending on the time period.

The back of the book is full of even more information. It includes art terms, a list of art pieces by location, a time line of art, and more. This book is very user friendly. These added sections would make it easy to study art along with either history or geography.

The Teacher Guide

The teacher guide explains how to use the book for a full credit. It gives you optional questions for your student to answer along with the answers. Your student will need to write a few papers to get a full credit and the teacher guide explains what they need to do. The guide is very helpful to ensure you student is understanding the material, and for planning purposes.

Using The Book

Since it is summer time AJ and I mainly read through the book a little each day. I had her answer some of the questions orally, but we used it informally. She is studing world history in the fall and will be using this book right along side of her history program. We won’t be following the teacher guide exactly. Instead we will read through the chapters that coraspond to the era in history that she is studying and then do some of the activities from the teacher guide.

>There are so many ways to use the book. In reality, I feel the book alone could be used as a spine for a world history course. You could also read a chapter one week and then do art projects imitating the art the next week to combine both art and art history. The book is full of information and if it was printed instead of digital, it would make a great coffee table book.

We really enjoyed The Master and His Apprentices: Art History from a Christian Perspective and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about art history. We look forward to using it in the fall.

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