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Last week AJ had an amazing opportunity. She was able to take a live online class that taught her the beginning basics of how to code with HTML. The class was a sample of what students would take when they sign up for CodeWizardsHQ

What is CodeWizardsHQ?

While AJ took a special one time class, each regular course is 12 weeks long. Students start at the very beginning with a course called Intro to Programing. For 12 weeks your student will log on to their computer at a designated time. They will be in an online class with other students from around the world. During the class time the students can interact with the instructor and the other students by using a chat box, or a microphone. After each class the student will have some homework to complete that will help them to practice the information that they learned during the class.

Live Class Computer Programming for your Students {CodeWizardsHQ}
There are assignments and even quizzes given to make sure the students are understanding the information. Once your student successfully completes the first course they are then able to move onto the next one. There are quite a few classes available.
Levels of Code Wizard

As your student completes classes they move up the Wizard Levels. Once they successfully complete all three Wizard Levels (9 classes that are each 12 weeks long) students are able to complete an internship with a non profit organization. I thought that was a really cool option. If your child wants to do something with coding in the future, an internship would look amazing on their college application!

What Did AJ Learn in the Class?

AJ wasn’t exactly excited to get up early for an online class. The times we were offered were all in a different time zone, so her class was earlier than she normally gets up on a non co-op day. But once she started she was interested. Her class was made up of other homeschool review crew kids, there were only six kids in total. I know that CodeWizardsHQ keeps their class sizes small, but I am not sure if six kids is a normal class size.

Logging onto the class was easy. I simply followed the directions that were sent in the email, clicked a link, checked that the microphone and speakers were working, and she was all set.

The instructor was nice, funny, and explained things very well. The goal for the class was for each of the students to create their own nine square comic using only HTML code. He began by asking what the kids thought parts of an HTML code were for. We had two kids in AJ’s class that had some coding experience, but the others were all fairly new. AJ had played around with animating HTML code in the past, but she didn’t know very much.

You can see her full comic here!

This is the comic that AJ made

The kids learned about each part of the code. Then they learned how to change and modify it. After about 20 minutes the kids knew enough to begin to make their own comic, but the instructor was their if anyone ran into trouble. HTML can be tricky and things need to be typed just right or you will get errors. The instructor could see the code that the students were working on and was able to help the few times that kids ran into trouble.

CodeWizardsHQ class screen shot
Hands on learning is the best way to learn. Being able to see boxes not work correctly or see how misspelling a word causes that dreaded white box with an X to appear was really good for AJ. She was able to quickly see what she did wrong and fix it. By the time she was working on her fourth scene, she didn’t need any assistance at all. She was flying through the steps.

What We Thought

We were told that usually there was a little more in-depth information learned in the class and that the comic would have been homework. AJ learned so much in the class time. She was engaged, having fun, and doing a great job.

When the class was over she thought that she got to do the next class the following day. She wasn’t too happy when I explained that we only got to take one class. She was willing to get up early for more classes, because it was fun and she understood what she was doing.

I think the class went very well, and if we had the money I would be signing AJ up for the next class. I haven’t seen her so excited about learning in a while. The good news is that they do have scholarship opportunities available. I am seriously thinking about having AJ apply for a scholarship, I think she would really enjoy a 12 week course.

If you have a student interested in coding, or who wants to learn how to code, I highly recommend these courses!

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Live Class Computer Programming for your Students {CodeWizardsHQ Reviews}

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