Over the past few weeks AJ and I have had the chance to review a one year subscription to  Help Teaching Pro from This was our second time using


What is is an online subscription based program that gives you access to worksheets, quizzes and activities. There are a variety of options for early education all the way through twelfth grade. The site also gives you the ability to make your own custom tests and worksheets. There is a free membership available, but it has limits on how many questions can be on customized material and it doesn’t give you access to all of the content.

The site uses free resources found online along with original content and content made by other teachers to give you a variety of options. While there are a lot of worksheets and tests, there are also lessons that are put together that include videos and worksheets. There is even the option to make your own BINGO sheets or Word Search Pages.

What Type of Worksheets Are There?

You have the ability to sort the worksheets and tests by subject or grade. I was unable to find a search button, but I think one would be very helpful!

When you click on a category like Math Worksheets and Printables you are taken to a screen with even more options. When we reviewed this in the past there were a few options for the higher grades, but not very many. Now there are options for algebra one and two, geometry, and even trigonometry. They have added a lot, it is nice to see how the site has grown! A wealth of information at your fingertips!

Once you decide on the category you want, you can pick a worksheet that fits your need. You have the option of printing it off, or assigning it to your student to complete online. There is also the option to copy the worksheet and add to it or take problems away that don’t fit your needs.

Most of the worksheets are multiple choice questions, but there are also some diagrams where the student needs to match the name or function to the part of the diagram. There were a few diagram type questions in the science section. A wealth of information at your fingertips!

I found a worksheet to go along with almost every topic we were studying in math, science, and geography. There are a lot of interesting worksheets in the English and Language Arts section as well. There were questions about books, writing helps, spelling, vocabulary, reading strategies, grammar, and more.

The Lessons

In addition to the worksheets that test the knowledge your student has on a topic there are also lessons that teach concepts. Again there is a big increase in the topics covered now than there was when we used the site before.

Currently there are lessons available for; English and Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

For younger kids a lesson may include a video that has a story read to them. Then a worksheet that goes along with the story. A wealth of information at your fingertips!

Older students may watch a video about SAT words, be sent to another site to practice the words, and have two worksheets to complete. There are a variety of different types of lessons depending on the grade level. A wealth of information at your fingertips!

How We Used

This year I am teaching at co-op. Since the subscription is good for a parent or teacher, I have used a few of the worksheets with my kids at co-op.

For my class about government, I used the Constitution Lesson. It had brief written information about the constitution, a video, practice questions, and a worksheet about the amendments. I didn’t have the ability to show the kids the video, but I watched the video and made sure to include some of the information in my lesson plan. I made a worksheet with some of the practice questions and had them do the amendment worksheet. It went over well, and they learned a lot.

For my fraction class I have used some of the various worksheets as we practiced different operations with fractions. I plan to make a final review worksheet for them to use at the end of the course by putting some of the worksheets together. A wealth of information at your fingertips!

The final class I used the site for was my reading and writing class. There are six kids from 5-7 years old who range from tracing letters to a little girl who is very advanced and is writing stories. I have printed off bingo sheets with spring words for the kids to play. In addition to the bingo sheets,I also printed a few grammar worksheets for my advanced little girl to work on when she finishes her work early.

I have also used the site with AJ. When she was working on her science fair experiment on osmosis, I searched the already made questions about osmosis. It brought up a few different worksheets. I had AJ look up any of the questions that she couldn’t answer. She used the questions as a starting point for her research.

We also used various worksheets throughout the review period, especially the vocabulary section. Every few days I would pick the worksheets I wanted her to do, save them to my computer, and use them as the time came up during our studies.

What We Thought

I was very happy with the growth of the site, especially the lesson section. I hope to see that section continue to grow. There is a wide variety of options available, but I do wish there was an easier way to search for worksheets.

I like the ability to create my own worksheets and customize them to fit my needs. The fact that there is an online option and a printable option is very helpful. The worksheets are of high quality and I didn’t notice any errors. This site gives you a wealth of information at your finger tips. I plan to continue using the site for the remainder of the year.

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