Creation Illustrated Unit Study ~ Review

Have you ever heard of the magazine called Creation Illustrated  ? I hadn’t prior to this review, but it is an amazing Christian based magazine. The magazine is in its 25 year of publishing! It focuses on nature, scripture, and living. There are breathtaking photos, heartwarming stories, and honestly a little bit of something for everyone in the family. I can’t believe that we have missed out on such a great magazine.

One of the newer products available from Creation Illustrated is their unit studies. The studies are based on information in their magazines, and include a free digital copy of the magazine. We were blessed to receive two of their unit studies, one on Pine Trees and one on Snow. The unit studies are geared for kids in grades five through eight.

Pine Trees

Since we don’t have snow where we live (unless we go to the mountains) we decided to try out the study on Pine Trees first. It is based off of the Fall ’17 Digital Edition  of the magazine. The study is a 16 page digital download. It includes links to the digital magazine where your student can learn about pine trees, links to other online sources, links to videos about pine trees, and suggested books that you can check out from the library. All of the links that we tried worked, and the videos were quite interesting. It’s nice to have everything linked up for me so that I don’t have to worry about screening videos before AJ watches them.

Creation Illustrated Unit Study Pine Trees
The study provides some background information about the word “pine” and has spelling and vocabulary for the student to work on. They are simple fill in the blank activities where the student writes the spelling word by the correct definition.

It also includes a Bible Study section. This was a surprise for us. I never realized how many times the word pine was used in the Bible. The student is given passages to look up and asked what the word is referring to in each passage.

Creation Illustrated Unit Study Pine Trees
There is a section on geography where the student learns about where pine trees grow. It also gives advice for identifying pine cones and has the student label different pine cones. I learned a few things during that lesson.

The unit study includes other science topics relating to pine trees including the number of needles, the classification of pine trees, and other general information.

One of AJ’s favorite parts of the study was learning about Fibonacci numbers in the math section.

There is also a writing activity, an art activity, and a word search. The great part about unit studies is that you can use what you want and what fits for your family and skip the rest. I didn’t really find anything in this study that I would want to skip though. Because of AJ’s age I could easily had her the study and let her do it on her own. Instead she did some on her own and we worked on other parts, like the pine cone identification, together.


The Snow Unit Study is based on the Winter ’18 Digital Edition magazine. It is 17 pages long, including the answer key.

The snow unit study has a lot of the same elements as the pine tree study. It includes a writing activity, spelling and vocabulary, and basic information about snow. But there are also a few other activities that are more hands on like creating snow crystals, building an igloo, making paper snowflakes, and photographing snow.

Creation Illustrated Unit Study Snow
Both unit studies would be a great addition to any homeschool. There are quite a few learning opportunities and fun activities to do in both studies.

Creation Illustrated Unit Study Snow
If you are looking for a way to add in some unit studies to your day, then check out the studies from Creation Illustrated. They are affordable, easy to use, and have all the information you need right in one place. Find out what other members of the Homeschool Review Crew thought by clicking on the graphic below.

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