Knee Scooter – Pros & Cons

knee scooter pros and cons




I have been using a knee scooter for about two and a half years now. In the beginning I would get weird looks, especially from kids. I remember one time a little girl got upset because I got to use a toy in the store and she didn’t. The truth is, I wish I could walk. I wish that I didn’t need to use a scooter to get around. But the fact is, I need it. I am in physical therapy and strengthening my leg so that one day I will be able to walk. But until then, I will be using my scooter. I have gotten quite a few questions over the years, so I wanted to share some of my opinions. Remember, these are my opinions based on my experiences. Please follow your doctor’s recommendations.

Knee Scooter ~ Pros

  1. Knee Scooters are safer than crutches. When you use a knee scooter you don’t have to worry about slipping like you do with crutches.
  2. It is easier on your joints than crutches. A knee scooter lets you glide across the floor. You are not forced to jump and hop, putting pressure on your knee and ankle on the leg that isn’t injured.
  3. You can carry things. When you use crutches, both of your hands are used to help you walk, so trying to carry things can be difficult. Sure you can get creative and carry some things, but more than likely you will need some help. The basket on a knee scooter can be extremely helpful.
  4. A knee scooter is easier on the arms than crutches. If you have ever had to use crutches for a long period of time, you probably had sore arms. My arms, arm pits, and wrists always killed me after walking with crutches.
  5. You can be more active than in a wheel chair. After some of my surgeries I was in a wheel chair. It was hard to get through the house, and shopping was difficult. On a knee scooter you can reach things easier in a store and maneuver through tighter spaces.
  6. You are using mussels in your leg. One thing I never thought of was that by riding the scooter, my upper thigh was having to work. I lost a lot of mussel in my leg because I wasn’t able to walk. But by using the scooter I was preserving some of the mussel in my upper leg.
  7. There is a place to sit. Sitting on a knee scooter isn’t comfortable, but it is nice to have a place to sit if you are out and about and your leg is tired.


While I would love to say knee scooters are wonderful. They do have some down sides.


  1. After a while your knee begins to hurt. Your body wasn’t built to put constant pressure on your knee, so it is understandable that after a while your knee could become uncomfortable. I actually developed bursitis in my knee and had to stay off the scooter for a while so it could heal.
  2. They are big and bulky. A knee scooter isn’t as big as a wheel chair, but it takes up about as much room in the car. They don’t fold well and are hard to fit in small cars.
  3. People Stare. I have learned to tune out the stares. But when you are on a knee scooter you should expect people to look at you. It is still a newer product (compared to crutches and wheel chairs) and some people don’t realize it is medically necessary at first glance.
  4. Stairs are difficult. It is much easier to go up the stairs on crutches.
  5. The Price. You can usually find a pair of crutches fairly inexpensively. Sometimes a doctor or hospital will just give them to you. Knee scooters are another story. To buy your own you are looking at at least $120. I was lucky enough that workers comp covered my knee scooter. If you are going to be unable to walk for a while try to see if your insurance will cover the cost.
  6. It prevents you from walking. One good thing about crutches is that once you are able to put some weight on your leg, you can walk with the crutches while putting some weight on your leg. Eventually putting full weight on your leg. This isn’t an option with a knee scooter.

I am very thankful that I was given a knee scooter. I don’t think I would have survived not being able to walk for this long with out one. If you find yourself unable to walk, check with your doctor and see if a knee scooter is right for you.

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