Patterns of Evidence Exodus ~ Review

When you think about the first few books of the Bible, it can be easy to wonder if they really happened. I believe they happened because I have faith and a belief that the Bible is God’s Holy word. But that isn’t enough for some people. Some people need proof. Obviously we can’t go back in time, so our next best option it to depend on scientific evidence to determine what happened in the past.

We were recently given the chance to review an interesting documentary called, A Filmmaker’s Journey Patterns of Evidence Exodus. I was interested to see what it would say about the biblical story of the Exodus.

Did the Exodus really happen? See for yourself in this documentary.

About the DVD

When filmmaker Timothy Mahoney has a crisis of faith, he decides to go on a journey to search for answers about the Exodus. Over 12 years he travels around the world. The documentary combines scientific investigation with the story of Exodus. It provides evidence that the events we read about in the Bible really could have happened.

The documentary is about 119 minutes long. It is narrated by Kevin Sorbo. Throughout the video there are interviews with leading archaeologists, stunning animations, and amazing reenactments.

There are two DVDs in the package. The first has the actual documentary. The second disk has a lot of bonus features. You will find interviews with the cast, a section about the music used in the film, trailers, and more.

Did the Exodus really happen? You will have to decide for yourself. You can purchase the DVD here. It retails for $19.95, but you can use the coupon code MK1 for $3 off.

How We Used It

Even though documentaries aren’t AJ’s favorite thing to watch, we decided to watch the video together. I thought it would be a great video for her to watch as well. She watched the beginning with me, but soon decided to move onto something else. While there isn’t an age range for the video, kids and teens may find that it doesn’t hold their attention. I ended up finishing the documentary by myself.

What We Thought

This documentary has won quite a few awards at international film festivals. It is well made and there was a lot of work put into it. The result is a well made documentary. There were times that it got a little slow, and some of the scientific interviews lost me a little bit. But overall it was quite interesting. They did an excellent job.

It didn’t change my mind about the biblical account of the Exodus, but it did provide me with a little proof. If you are on the fence about the truth of it, this may be a documentary that you want to see.


  1. Thank you for your great review of our film. We appreciate it and glad you enjoyed it- along with some of your readers too hopefully!
    We wanted to let you know about our ‘Thinker Updates’ since you are a Bible enthusiast. They include fascinating research & finds with new evidence related to the Bible, plus more . We typically send them out once a week and then archive the blogs for reference & pleasure reading. You can sign up here to become a ‘Thinker’
    We also have our homeschool videos and curriculum workbook ready for ages 7-13 on this topic. Our HS curriculum will be ready in early 2018 for this. Blessings, Jane

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