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For the last few weeks AJ has been using a new Bible Study from Greek ‘n’ Stuff.   We have done quite a few Bible Studies together, but she has not completed many on her own. Greek ‘n’ Stuff has a few different studies to choose from. We picked the NIV version of I Can Study Acts Alone With God Bible Study (52 week study),  because most of our previous studies have focused on the Old Testament.

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This year I wanted something different. This study looked like it would be a good fit for AJ.

What is I Can Study Acts Alone With God?

Alone With GodBible Study ActsNew International Version

I Can Study Acts Alone With God is a soft covered spiral bound book written by Karen Mohs. It has 156 pages and covers 52 weeks of lessons. There are short daily lessons Monday through Saturday. It is designed to be used by anyone who is in upper elementary grades or older. It is not just for kids, adults can also learn more about the Bible with this study! Each title is available in either the King James Version (KJV) or the New International Version (NIV).

There isn’t a teacher’s guide or any other book to go along with the study. The directions are written at the beginning of the book and there isn’t an answer key. The student will only need the book, their Bible, and something to write with to do the daily work.

Throughout this study the student will read the entire book of Acts. This will be accomplished by reading a few verses each day. Each person will vary, but lessons are less that fifteen minutes long each day.

What Does a Lesson Look Like?

I Can Study Acts Alone With God ~ Review

Prayer – Each lesson starts by having the student pray for help in studying the Bible.

Memory Verse – There is a memory verse each week that is taken out of the reading for the week. Each day the student is told to either read or recite the memory verse.

Bible Reading – Each day the student will look at the questions the see which verses they need to read. Most days it is just a few. On the last day of week two the student will need to read Acts 1:23 through Acts 1:26.

Questions – Each lesson has between one and four questions to answer. Each week the student will answer an average of 15 questions. Most of the questions are short answer. Some require longer answers or lists. There are even a few multiple choice questions. The verse where the answer can be found is listed after the question. The questions are fact based and usually answer who, what, when, or where.

Think and Pray –  At the end of each week there is a Think and Pray About It section. This section brings up situations where God’s Word needs to be applied. It makes the reader think about God’s Word and how they would apply it in their own life. One of my favorites was from week 6.

It talks about how sometimes instead of protecting us from difficulties, He protects us through them. Then it goes on to ask, “Do you serve God wherever you are and whatever you are doing — or are you expecting God to serve you.

I think it is a great message. I know it really hits home for me with all of the issues I have had with my leg!

Other Information – On the side of the questions there are small tidbits of information. They include definitions, explanations of who a person is, interesting facts, and answers to questions that the student may think of when they are reading.

How We Used – I Can Study Acts Alone With God

When the book arrived I looked through it. It looked like a simple study that AJ was going to be able to do by herself. Since there was not much writing I figures that there wouldn’t be any issues. I showed AJ the book. She thought it looked cool and was anxious to try it out.

We did the first lesson together and she was amazed at how fast it went. Over the next few days I had her do the lessons with me so that I could make sure she knew exactly what to do.

I Can Study Acts Alone With God ~ Review

Then I gave her the book and told her that I expected her to do a lesson each day. She did for a few days, but then she would “forget” or have an excuse as to why it didn’t get done.

I tried to have her catch up, but this is not exactly a program that works well for catching up. You can read and answer the questions for the week, but I think you get so much more out it when you do the little bit each day and reread some of the verses.

Now I have her do a lesson every time that we do school. We don’t follow the days. She may be doing Tuesday’s lesson on Friday. It is working well for us.

What We Think of – I Can Study Acts Alone With God

Overall this is a good study for anyone who wants to learn more about Acts. There are a few things that we really like and a few things that were not a big hit.


  • The study is available to go along with two Bible versions.
  • There is enough room to write answers.
  • Lessons are short but full of information.
  • There is a focus on prayer.
  • It will last an entire year or almost two school years.
  • It fosters a sense of independence.
  • The paper is a good quality and didn’t leak through when she used gel pens.
  • Encourages daily Bible reading and time with God.
  • It is a very in-depth study.


  • The spiral binding keeps coming undone at the top and bottom.
  • AJ found some of the questions confusing.
  • There isn’t an answer key. It would be nice to be able to quickly check her work to make sure she is understanding the lessons without having to read the selections myself. (Since there is not very much to read this isn’t a big deal for me, but it might be for a mom who has to check work for a few kids.)
  • AJ said it was a little bit boring because she had to do the exact same thing each day and the pages were plain. (Colored gel pens helped to bring some color to the dull pages.)

I Can Study Acts Alone With God ~ Review

I really like the I Can Study Acts Alone With God Bible study. I think that I may purchase one for myself in the future. AJ will continue to use the study as her Bible curriculum for school. In the future I plan to use the weekly memory verse for copywork and grammar assignments. I would recommend this study or one of the other studies from Greek ‘n’ Stuff to kids in middle school and older. I think some of the questions are too difficult for kids in elementary school. The study will be a simple addition to your day and will help bring your child closer to God.

Greek ‘n’ Stuff also has studies on Jonah & Ruth, Esther, and I Samuel. They also have Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! in a variety of levels. Learning Greek is a great way to help you further your Bible studies. It is not something that we are interested in at this time, but if you are make sure to read the reviews.

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