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AJ just turned 13 a few months ago. Even though a lot of websites allow young teens to have accounts, AJ isn’t ready. We have also decided that she isn’t quite ready for an email account. She might be ready in a few months and she might not. The issue is that AJ uses a lot of online resources for school, and most of them ask for her email address. We were recently given the chance to review an Annual Subscription from, and it looked like a good fit.

About KidsEmail

With KidsEmail your child gets the benefits of an email address and you have the peace of mind knowing that it is safe. One of the reasons that I didn’t want AJ to have a regular email account was that I was afraid she would click on a link that would take her to an inappropriate website or that would give my computer a virus. I don’t have to worry about that with KidsEmail. They have many different features that let you decide what your child can do. Annual Subscription
Some of my favorite features are:

  • Mail Monitoring – This feature allows parents to see all incoming and outgoing emails. I love this setting because I receive an email every time she sends an email. It lets me make sure she is being safe online. Right now this setting isn’t really necessary because she is only emailing with her mom and a few other people, but I like that I can monitor her if needed. This feature can be turned off if you don’t need of want to monitor each email.
  • Mail Queue – If your child is sent an email that goes against the settings that you select, then the email goes into a queue before being sent to your child. Then you have the chance to let it go through or to delete it.
  • Block Senders – You can block specific email addresses that you don’t want your child to receive emails from. We haven’t used this feature yet, but I like that it is available if I ever need it.
  • Time Restrictions – You can set limits on when your child can log in to their account.

There aren’t any adds with KidsEmail, and there is even an app that lets you use it on mobile devices. Your child has the ability to customize their email with fun backgrounds, and teens have their own special place to log on.

How we used KidsEmail

When I first logged into KidsEmail I was able to set up an account for her. There are different options depending on the age of the child, but I created AJ an email address that ended with I went through the settings and decided which features would work the best for our family and then it was all set up. Since the computer in AJ’s room doesn’t have internet unless we connect it, we decided to download the app onto her Kindle Fire.

Since she downloaded the app, AJ has used it almost daily. She has been sending numerous emails to her mom and a few friends. There is even a way for her to draw a picture and add it to the email.

I have noticed a few benefits since AJ has started to use KidsEmail. Her grammar, spelling, and overall writing has improved. I see her using commas and quotations correctly because she wants the email to look right. She is also writing willingly without me telling her to. Having her write a letter to her mom is always a battle because she hates writing, but now she can easily send her a quick email.

AJ loves that she has an email address, and I love that I can monitor her as needed. Overall it has been a great fit with our family. If you are looking for an email for your child or young teen, KidsEmail might be a good fit for you. See what other members of the Homeschool Review Crew thought by clicking the graphic below. Annual Subscription

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