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AJ loves to do puzzles. She likes to find how the pieces go together and see the kind of picture they can make. Unfortunately, she is much better at putting puzzles together than putting them away. It drives me nuts to get a puzzle part of the way finished and then realize that pieces are missing and that I can’t finish putting it together.

When I learned about these fun FlipStir Puzzles from Enlivenze LLC I was interested to try them out. There are two different levels of puzzles. The first level has pieces with straight edges, while level two has pieces with wavy edges. We received the level 1 puzzle called Rainbow Pencils. The other puzzles that are available are; T-Rex (level 1), Statue of Liberty ( level 2), Solar System (level 2), and a limited addition Periodic Table of Elements. The puzzles are recommended for kids ages 7 and up.

These FlipStir Puzzles are fun but challenging!

The FlipStir puzzles are different from any other puzzle because they are 3D puzzles that are in a container. The container doesn’t open. There is enough room inside of the container for the puzzle pieces to move around and turn, but there isn’t a lot of room. It  also has a stick with a piece on one side sticking out. There are no rules or instructions. The goal is simple, put the puzzle together.

FlipStir Puzzles Reviews
It sounds easy to do, but it is harder than you might think. You can shake it, use the little stick, and do just about anything to get the puzzle pieces in the right place. It requires patience, problem solving skills, and coordination to get the pieces to line up. Sometimes you end up messing up the puzzle when you are trying to get a piece to flip over or change directions.

When the puzzle came in the mail I expected AJ to be excited to try it out, but she wasn’t. She said it looked too hard to do and she thought it would be boring. In an era where we simply need to swipe or click to be entertained I guess a puzzle that required her to work at it didn’t seem like something she would like. There wasn’t a hint or cheat available for her to make it easier.

I started to attempt the puzzle and my mom asked to try it. She had it all put together in less than five minutes. Then I shook it up and mixed up the pieces before I tried it. It took me a little while longer to solve, but I eventually finished it. I got a little frustrated with it a few times because when I would try to move one piece a different one would move at the same time. It was a challenge, but a fun one.

Eventually AJ decided to try to put it together. She attempted it a few times and was proud of herself when she finally put it together. She decided that it wasn’t boring, it was actually a lot of fun!

These FlipStir Puzzles are fun but challenging!

I liked that all of the pieces were self contained and couldn’t be lost. I also liked that it was a screen free alternative to fun. It was challenging yet doable. Once AJ gave it a chance she really enjoyed putting it together.

One thing I noticed is that the inside of the container is getting scratched up from the puzzle pieces. It hasn’t been used too much, so I worry how long it will last before the inside is too scratched up and we are unable to use it.

I hope it lasts a while, because I plan to bring the FlipStir puzzle out on family occasions. I can already see a few people seeing if they can be the first person to put the puzzle together. It is the perfect family brain teaser, and I hope to get a few of the other puzzles in the future. The Periodic Table Puzzle looks like a great way to learn the elements.

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FlipStir Puzzles Reviews

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