Under The Sea Bible Review

When I was little there were a few different kinds of Bibles, but they were all very similar. The main difference was always the cover and the few special pages that usually had pictures or special verses written on them. Now there are so many different Bibles. From Bibles made especially for kids or teens to ones that are made to read in a year or for different devotions. There are so many Bibles available to help make studying God’s word easier and more enjoyable.

This Under the Sea Bible is a fun way to help your child learn to read their Bible.

I was recently sent an Under The Sea Bible and was interested to check it out. The Under the Sea Bible is a complete Bible for kids that is written in the New International Reader’s Version or NIrV. According to the back of the Bible the NIrV is the NIV for kids or those just learning to read. This version seems very easy to read and while written for kids to understand it still keeps the original meaning. I know that some people are very particular when it comes to the version of the Bible that they read. I don’t know which Bible is the best to use, but I know that when AJ can read and understand her Bible she not only enjoys reading it more, but she reads it more often. Visit Zondervan to Learn more about The Under the Sea Bible.

The Under the Sea Bible is hard covered with glittery fish all over the cover. The font is a good size and chapter titles make searching for a particular topic easier. Inside the Bible there are four special pages that are thicker and a beautiful blue color with adorable fish on them.

This Under the Sea Bible has fun pages to help your child grow closer to God.

The first page has a place for your name and who the Bible was presented by on one side, and a picture of the books of the Bible broken into the section of the Bible (like Law, History, or Letters) that they belong to on the other side. The second page is about prayer and is found in First Kings. One side explains what prayer is and has an example of how to pray. The Lord’s Prayer on the back. The third page has the Ten Commandments for kids on the front and First Corinthians 13 for kids on the back. The final page has a list of famous kids in the Bible and the passage where you can read about them. On the back it explains the ABC’s of becoming a Christian.

In the back of the Under the Sea Bible there is a Bible Dictionary and a list of great Bible stories and where to find them in the Bible.

I really like the page about kids in the Bible. I think it will encourage kids to read more and it is a fun way to quickly learn some Bible trivia. I didn’t care for the page that had the Commandments for kids or the First Corinthians 13 for kids. While the actual verses in the Bible are translated very well, I think the way that both of these are written takes the Bible too far out of context. For example for First Corinthians 13 the page starts off by saying,

“If I can speak beautifully and sing like an angel, but don’t love others, I sound like a child banging on a piano or a screeching radio.”

That is not what the real verse says.

Overall this is a cute Bible that kids will enjoy. The only other issue I had with this Bible is that the pages are very thin and the font comes through in some places. If you are just using this as a Bible to read through it would be fine, but I don’t think it would make for a good study Bible because highlighting or even writing will show through on the next page. AJ loves the cover and we will add it to our other Bibles to use for her Bible studies or school work.

This Bible is available at Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and Family Christian.

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