Christmas Memories Printable

Before we know it the Christmas decorations will be put away, the New Year’s celebrations will be over, and life will begin getting back to normal. After three months of sugar, parties, and fun, it is time for a little bit of normalcy. Some of us will make resolutions for a wonderful year, while others decide to go on with no real changes. Sometimes just getting back on a normal schedule is challenge enough!

Christmas Memories Printable

When I was a kid I was always told that time goes by faster the older you get. I never believed it, but now it honestly seems true. As a child it seems like Christmas will never get here. You wait and wait to get a few weeks off of school and to see what wonderful gifts you will receive. Kids have the luxury of living in the moment and enjoying everything. As I get older each season seems to zip by faster and faster. It seems like we are always planning for a holiday or trying to make a moment extra special for our kids. As AJ gets older, making memories magical isn’t as easy.

I have so many wonderful memories from childhood and I hope that as AJ grows up she will feel the same way.  When we talk about all of the fun things we do for the holidays, often the little things are what she remembers the most. Of course she loves the gifts she receives, but she loves the time we spend together as well.

This year I have decided to have her fill out a fun page that I made. It has a place for her favorite Christmas activities that we did. Her favorite movie we watched together, the best gift she gave to someone, her favorite color, and other things. The plan is to have her fill it out and then to stick it in her stocking before we put it away. Next year when we start to decorate for Christmas we will look over the paper and have a record of all of her wonderful Christmas memories. We will also be able to see how she has changed over the year.

Christmas Memories Printable

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