My Thoughts on Halloween

This time of year my Facebook news feed is full of two different types of posts, those who feel Halloween is the Devil’s holiday, and those who enjoy posting gruesome and scary pictures. I fall somewhere in the middle.

Everyone has a different opinion, but these are my thoughts on Halloween

I won’t be posting scary images or decorating the house in death glorifying décor, but AJ will dress up, have fun with some friends and eat a little too much candy.

We treat Halloween as a time to dress up as a fun character (AJ has been different princesses, a gymnast, a cheerleader, a cat, and this year she will be Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ.) and get some candy. In previous years we have trick or treated in areas we know and we have attended quite a few church events. When she was younger we went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

We have never made it a time to glorify death or evil, for our family it is a very downplayed holiday where we focus on pumpkins and the changing season.

This year I can’t do much of anything, because I just had surgery. There won’t be any fun Halloween crafts or pumpkin carving. And we will miss another trip to the pumpkin patch. I am sure we will watch a few Halloween related movies and AJ will do some pumpkin themed worksheets, but that will be about it. On Halloween AJ will spend the evening at her church helping out with their Harvest Fest while I rest.

I am completely aware that Halloween is derived from a pagan holiday, but really most of our holidays are. Some people celebrate the holiday with spiritual rituals and other odd things. We don’t. I feel that it is like most holidays, it is what you make it. There are a lot of educational things you can learn about this time of year; the human body, cats, spiders, bats. Make the holiday what you want it to be.

So happy Halloween everyone.

Do you let your kids dress up for Halloween? *We don’t have to agree but please keep comments kind, or they will be deleated.*

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