Christian Heroes : Then and Now ~ Review

This year we are exploring the world of Narnia. We are reading through the Chronicles of Narnia and learning about the amazing author, C. S. Lewis. He lived a fascinating life. I have read quite a few books about C. S. Lewis and Narnia in the past few months as I create an amazing literature study for AJ. Until now, I hadn’t found a good biography for AJ to read.


Then we were given the chance to review the book, C. S. Lewis Master Storyteller from YWAM Publishing. We also received the Unit Study Curriculum Guide. I thought it would be the perfect biography to help AJ learn more about one of my favorite authors.

C. S. Lewis Master Storyteller part of the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series. This series is all about people who trusted God and made a difference.

C.S. Lewis was an amazing man, this is a wonderful biography for kids!

C. S. Lewis Master Storyteller is a 189 page soft covered book broken up into 17 chapters. It is well written and reads like a story more than an ordinary biography.  Unlike other books in the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series, this book is written using an omniscient narrator and is not only told from one person’s viewpoint. I felt like we were given a good overview of what life was like for C. S. Lewis.

The book takes you from C. S. Lewis’ childhood, through his time as an atheist, and when he found God. You learn about his struggles, triumphs, successes, failures, and his writings.

The Unit Study Curriculum Guide goes perfectly with the book.

The Unit Study Curriculum Guide goes along wonderfully with the book. You just put the CD in your computer and the fun really begins. There is additional information about C. S. Lewis, questions to go along with the book, and a lot of supplemental ideas.

How We Used It

We started the book after we finished reading about half of The Magician’s Nephew. AJ had some basic knowledge about C. S. Lewis, but that was all. We started off reading about one chapter a day. The first chapter took a little to get through, but then we both really started enjoying the book. C. S. Lewis had a horrible childhood!

While this could have been used as her literature curriculum, we decided to just discuss the questions in the Curriculum Guide and to do a few of the activities. I appreciated that they give so many activity options to go along with the book. There were comprehension questions and open ended questions available for each chapter. There were creative writing activities, map activities, a timeline activity and a lot more. We really enjoyed learning about Ireland and England. We also found the Bible verses useful.

What We Thought

We both really enjoyed the book, and would like to read more books in the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series in the future. I think we would probably purchase the Unit Study Curriculum Guide for any book we decided to read as well. I love the variety of activities suggested and how it can be adapted to fit the needs of almost any family. It was the perfect biography for AJ to read.

One note though, if your child hasn’t read through the entire Narnia series (and they plan to), you may wish to skip parts of chapter 13, Chronicling Narnia. It gives away some of the story line for the books, especially The Magician’s Nephew. I read the chapter, but decided to wait to have AJ read it until she finishes the series. If you are looking for a great biography on C. S. Lewis, I would highly recommend this one!

YWAM Publishing Review

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