Why We Have A School Room

Welcome to the first day of the Homeschool Blog Hop! Today I am sharing why we have a school room.

Why we decide to have a school room.

You don’t need a homeschool room in order to homeschool. As long as your child has a flat surface to write on and a desire to learn, you have what you need. Schoolwork can be done on at the kitchen table, on a TV tray, or on a clipboard. We have homeschooled both with a school room and without one, for our family having a school room makes our days go by a lot smoother.

Here are 6 reasons we have a school room.

  1. There is a place for everything. I love the fact that when school is over for the day we can put away her books, leave any projects on the desk, and go about our day. I don’t have books all over the house and the kitchen table isn’t occupied by solar systems, crystals, or castles made from sugar cubes.
  2. There are less distractions. The television is almost always on in the house, because of grandma. AJ can not concentrate when the television is on, it doesn’t matter what is on – she can’t tune it out or ignore it. It drives me nuts! I know if we are doing any type of schoolwork where she can see or hear the television, she will not do her best.
  3. It puts her in school mode. When we didn’t have a place designated to school I found we would both get lazy with how much school work was done. When she walks into her classroom she knows she is there to work. We are going to have fun, but she has to do her job.
  4. The visual aids on the wall help her! In public school you see charts and posters all over the walls. I never realized how much those visual aids help. We have posters for the Presidents, states, the Periodic Table, and a few others. Seeing those posters every day helps her to learn about them. Some days we will go over the different posters, but most of the time she looks at them and practices on her own. We also hang up completed lapbooks and some of her art work. Knowing that her work may end up on the wall makes her put a little bit more pride in her work.
  5. Grandma stays out of her stuff. Schooling while taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s has some difficulties. Often Grandma would touch her projects, take her books, or even rip up her work. Being in the school room cuts down on some of those issues. Grandma will still join us for school some days, but on her bad days AJ has a place to work without worrying about Grandma.
  6. AJ likes it! I love having a classroom atmosphere. I enjoy teaching her new concepts on the whiteboard and watching her work at her desk. But the best part is how much she likes it. She will go out there and do her independent work without being told. She likes feeling like she has an area that is hers, and even gets upset on days when it is too hot or cold to work in the garage.

How our school room is organized.

6 reasons why we have a school room

We school in the garage, and the lighting isn’t the best for pictures, but this shows the basics. The black desk is where she does most of her work. It is the perfect size to move wherever we need it. Behind that is her piano and piano books. The large desk has school supplies like paper, pencils, and markers. On the desk is her castle that she is building out of sugar cubes and extra sugar. The green jar is the sugar crystals that she is growing. On the desk we also have the globe we use for geography and a printer to print off worksheets.

On the bulletin board there is a calendar, a few posters, literary terms, a solar system model she made, Melk our Christmas Monkey (He spends time with us year round), and lots of books. That is where all of our current curriculum is kept and any books that we may use in the recent future.

On the other side of the room we have an easel and a whiteboard.

Even though we have a school room, we are not confined to it. Most of her work is done in there, but we also read on the couch, do some experiments in the kitchen, and do writing in the family room.

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  1. Great post! We’ve been thinking about a dedicated homeschool room for a while now!

  2. We had things organized for a school room, and then out grew it! I’m working on moving us into another section of our basement, but it’s taking a while to convert it from play room to school room. I’m hoping by next month to have us moved in.

  3. I can only imagine how much having a dedicated room helps with the family situation you have! What a blessing for AJ to have some space to study privately when needed and to be able to safely leave projects around.

  4. My daughter does most of her work on the roknicg chair on the back porch! :-)In reference to your daughter, here is a thought . . . how much time did you spend with her while she was at school and extra-curricular activities X hours a day? I bet you spend more time with her now . . .It takes time, but you do find your rhythm. In time, your son will become more independent. I remember when I had to sit next to my daughter and, if I got up to wash dishes, she lost her concentration. Now, she gets out her math before my first cup of coffee and works on it in her rocker.

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