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We have been looking for a good Bible study that didn’t teach Bible stories, but the principles found in the Bible. I wanted something that would help me teach AJ what the Bible says about God, His love, sin, and what being a Christian really means. I was blessed with the opportunity to review a new product from Prasso Ministries. We were given a copy of the Teen Prasso Teacher’s Manual and Homework Manual. It is an in-depth Bible study designed especially for teens.

Teen Prasso is a great way for teens to learn Biblical principals

The Teen Prasso Teacher’s Manual is a 124 page soft covered, spiral bound book. There is a short introduction in the beginning that explains how to use the book, and then the manual is broken up into 13 weekly lessons. Each lesson includes a teaching outline that gives you step by step directions on what to read, discuss, explain, and pray about. The teaching outline is followed by a story that you are to read as part of the lesson.

The story is very interesting. It is about two boys, Brandon and Derek, who go on an adventure. Along the way they have trials that test their faith in many ways. Each week through their trials we learn more about the Bible and what it says about different situations.

After the weekly lessons, there should be a group discussion on the topics that were learned. The final part of the program is the Teen Prasso Homework Manual. It is a daily student journal that the student works on independently after the lesson and group discussion. It is a 187 page spiral bound soft cover book. It is broken up into 12 chapters that have questions for your student to answer each day for the six days in between the weekly lesson.

The daily lessons are set up where the student is asked a question, they answer it, look up a scripture, and then write what they learned. There isn’t always a right or wrong answer.

Teen Prasso is a great way for teens to learn Biblical principals

Day 2 of Lesson 1 was “God, Your Father”.  It started off by asking what the word “father” meant to the student. Once they answer the question, they are told to look up and write a few different verses, Isaiah 64:8 and Galatians 4:4-7. Then they are asked a few questions about what the verses say and why they thought certain words were used.

Then came the next session which stated that often our views of what a father is are based on human fathers and she was asked to read and copy Matthew 7:11 . She was asked to write what she learned from the verse and a few other questions. The lesson ended with her writing down Psalm 68:5.

The homework is designed to be done independently, AJ was able to do a lot on her own, but she did need some help. This is designed for teens and she just turned 12, so I was happy with what she was able to do. She worked on it a few days a week, instead of the 6 days that were recommended. Each day after she did everything that she was able to on her own, we would sit down and discuss her answers. This made for some really good discussions.

What we thought about this Bible Study

I felt very lost in the beginning when I started to look at the book. The chapters in the teacher’s manual and the student’s book didn’t exactly line up. Chapter 1 in the teacher’s manual was, “The Right Beginning” and the student’s book was, “God Your Heavenly Father.”

I also had a little difficulty trying to follow the teaching outline. I soon realized that this program is meant for a group. And as a group study, I think it would be perfect. If each Wednesday night AJ was taught the lesson from her pastor, she came home and did her study independently, and then they discussed what they learned the following Wednesday, it would be amazing. I think AJ would learn so much. It would also be wonderful for a co-op. Unfortunately, I feel there is a lot missing when it is done in an only child homeschool setting.

The teacher’s manual states that Teen Prasso consists of 3 essential features, the daily student journal, a weekly teaching lesson, and a weekly small group discussion. We were lacking that small group discussion, and I think it really impacted the study.

The weekly lesson took us between and hour and  a half and two hours. which just didn’t work for us. I LOVE the way that the homework manual is set up. It makes the student really think about God’s word. AJ and I both like the fact that she is copying down quite a few verses and really digging into the Bible. The story in the teacher’s manual has it all. It keeps you wanting more all of the time.

The study is exactly what I was looking for, but it was not put together in a way that we benefitted fully from it.

But, we have decided to use it as our main Bible study next year. There are too many great things about it, that AJ begged to continue with it. We are tweaking a few things to make it fit our schedule. The weekly lesson will be broken into 6 sections that we will read each day and then AJ will do the independent work. It will take us longer to finish, but I feel it will be worth it. The Biblical principles that it is teaching are invaluable.

I would recommended this in a heartbeat to anyone who is teaching in a group setting. For those who are using it with a single child I think it can be a great study, but there will need to be some tweaking to make it work.

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