Tales from the Circle C Ranch – Review

Tales from the Circle C Ranch is a great book full of excitement!

After reading Thick as Thieves by Susan K. Marlow, AJ fell in love with Andrea Carter and her adventures as a young girl growing up in California in the 1800’s. She has read a few other books in the series since our last review, and plans to read more!  AJ  jumped at the opportunity to read the newest book in the Circle C Adventures series, Tales from the Circle C Ranch. We were also given a digital copy of Andrea Carter’s Tales from the Circle C Ranch Learning Lapbook.

Susan K. Marlow has done it again! This new book is full of excitement!

Tales from the Circle C Ranch is a 150 page soft covered book. It is comprised of 11 short stories about Andrea Carter spanning from 1873 to 1881. The book was inspired by fan’s questions and fills in parts of the stories you may have wondered about. Throughout the book you see Andrea (Andi) grow and mature. She goes from a little girl who longs to wear overalls so that she can ride her horse easier to an intelligent young lady who tries to save her sister.

This book helps you to really get to know Andi. You learn how close she was with her father and how much she admired him. You also see how her brothers grow and mature, and how close their family really was. You even read about Justin’s first “case” before he became a lawyer. The book is full of excitement. One of AJ’s favorite stories was chapter 8, Snakes Alive!, I don’t want to give away the story, but Andi learns a few lessons in that hysterical chapter that will keep you waiting to see what happens next!

I was worried that we may not enjoy this book as much as the others in the series since we have only read a few of them. I thought that we might feel lost in some places or not be able to follow the story. Surprisingly, that was not the case at all. At the beginning of each chapter there is a little blurb that tells when the story took place. We both found that to be very helpful and were able to follow the story very easily.  I loved that in each story Andi learned something and you are able to see her change. AJ loved the excitement of each story and how much Andi reminded her of herself – a girl, trying to grow up who always seems to be getting into trouble, but usually has her heart in the right place.

We both really enjoyed the book and look forward to reading even more books from the Circle C Adventures series!

This lapbook is a great way to bring the book to life!

AJ loves lapbooks, so she was excited when I told her that we were receiving a lapbook to go along with the book. I printed off all of the lapbook components, and had AJ fill out the mini books after each chapter that we read. There are 17 mini books in all, with at least one to be completed after each chapter.

The lapbook was wonderful, it was set up so that even someone who had never put together a lapbook would have easily been able to do so. It included step by step directions, pictures, and even told you where to put each mini book inside the lapbook.

For each mini book there was a page of information that the student reads to learn more about the topic. Then they use that information to fill out the mini books. Chapter 4, White Christmas had two mini books. For the first one AJ read about blizards and then created a mini book about them. The second one had her reading about the history of “Jingle Bells” and creating a mini book.

We had a great time putting together the Circle C Lapbook!

Each book was different and fun. There was enough learning to make it worth her time to do the lapbook, but not so much extra work where it made her dread doing it. She was able to practice math skills, science, history, and language arts.

We waited until all of the mini books were complete to cut them out and glue them in the lapbook. AJ was proud of her hard work!

The final outcome of the Circle C Lapbook

Overall we loved the book and the lapbook. It is wonderful to see a series that my reluctant reader willing picks up. I can’t wait to read another book from Susan K, Marlow. If you are looking for a great book that is full of excitement, I recommend checking out, Tales from the Circle C Ranch!

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  1. Thanks, Katie, for your fun and thorough review of Tales. I love it when you on the Crew post pictures of your reader and the different ways you work though and display the lapbook. I just loved creating the lapbook for A Journey Through Learning. It was much easier creating one with short stories (each story a different themed subject) than creating them for one of the longer novels.
    At any rate, I’m glad you and your DD had a good time with Andi’s newest adventures.

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