Drawing Around the World ~ Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review 2 fun products from Brookdale House, Drawing Around the World USA and Drawing Around the World Europe. They were both created by Kimberly Garcia. I have previously reviewed a few of her products and have enjoyed every one of them, so I was anxious to have AJ try these out.

This is an amazing curriculum that teaches geography through drawing!

Drawing Around the World America and Drawing Around the World Europe are very similar. Both are geography programs that use daily drawing and tracing of states or countries to help kids become more familiar with geography. Short lessons broken up over 4 days provide a fun way to learn!

On the first day you are introduced to 1 or more new states (USA version) or countries (Europe version). Your child traces the new state, draws it the best they can, and then uses the internet or other resources to fill out information about the state/country. Then they trace all of the states/countries that they have learned up to this point. The lesson ends with them drawing and labeling all of the states/countries they have learned on a blank map. The first day is the longest, because it requires them to look up information.

The second and third days are very simple. The student traces all of the states/countries they have learned and then draws and labels them on a blank map.

On the fourth day they draw all of the states/countries that they have learned from memory. In the USA version they also list the states they have learned along with their abbreviations.

My favorite thing about this program is that the lessons are fairly quick, easy, and AJ is really learning the different states and countries. She likes to trace the different countries and is getting better at drawing them. The point of this curriculum isn’t to get your child to draw a perfect map, but to get them familiar with where different countries are located. I feel it is doing just that!

The only downside that I have found is the amount of printing. Each week you need to print about 7 pages, most of which require a lot of ink. One recommended way to limit some of the printing was to use sheet protectors and dry erase markers. This is something we will be trying over the next few weeks. I think if I only had to print a few pages, that this program would be even better.

So far this program is great! We are going to continue using them both. I will have a complete review in a few more weeks.




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