Sudoku Puzzles for kids (Free Printable)

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I love playing logic games! I could sit for hours and play Sudoku, figure out logic problems, or even sharpen my math skills. AJ loves logic games too, unless they are really difficult. I try to keep logic practice fun for her. We play games as much as possible. One game we really enjoy playing is Zoo Logic. I found it at a book store on sale over a year ago, and it’s the one game AJ asks to play all of the time.

Players fill in a grid with the animals and food tiles, while avoiding chaos. You can’t place an animal next to its’ food or enemy, and all of the tiles have to be used! It uses simple logic in the beginning and gets progressively more difficult. The end of the book stumped me a few times at first!

I think it is important for kids to practice logic and deduction skills, so I made a few fun Sudoku puzzles for kids.

Download your FREE Animal Sudoku today and come back tomorrow for another freebie!



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