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Grandma turned 85 years old today! Her mind isn’t all here any more, but health wise she is doing fairly well. Part of being a caregiver for my grandma and my mom is dealing with medications. They both have kidney disease, Grandma had Alzheimer’s and Mom has Diabetes. It can make for some busy days! Every doctor they see wants to know what medication they are taking, how much, and how often. Sometimes the questions seem redundant because they have all of the information right in front of them on the computer, but it is better to double check and make sure they are taking what the computer thinks they are taking. I can usually give them the names of the medications, but I never remember the strengths, and I don’t like to bring all of the pills with me.

Another issue I have come across is forgetting to call in refills. The pharmacy we use is strict and only lets you call in the refills about 4 days before you run out of medications, but they want 48 hours to fill the pills. A few times I missed the window of time and we didn’t have 48 hours to wait for a refill because they would be out of pills or insulin. The pharmacy worked with us, but I didn’t want that to happen again.

Between the two of them they take over 12 medications, so I decided to make a chart that tells their medications, prescription numbers, when to call them in, and which doctor prescribed the medications. I fill it out each time I pick up prescriptions and keep a copy in my purse, that way I always know what they are taking and why.

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