FREE Brain Break Cards

Grab Your Brain Break Cards - Fun Activities to do when you need a break from school work!AJ has always been one that needed to move. She stands up to eat dinner, stands to write, and moves all of the time. One thing that helped with school work was having her do activities while we did school work. She would jump on the trampoline when she practiced her spelling words, cartwheel while she was working on math facts, or walk on her balance beam while she was working on vocabulary.

Now that she is a little older and there is more writing and book work, moving around while she works isn’t always easy or possible. For the past few weeks we have been having her do different exercises throughout the day and it really seems to be helping her stay focused.

I created these fun brain break cards to do when you need a little movement in the day. They are simple to use! Print them out, laminate them, cut them, and put them in an envelope. Then when you need a little movement in your day pick a card, stretch, do the activity on the card and you are done. Do the activity for as long as you want, modifying the activity for your child’s skill/age ability. Keep picking different colored cards throughout the day and have fun!

*This is NOT an exercise program and I am not a professional, this is just a list of fun activities to get your kids up and moving throughout the day. Use your best judgment and do the activities at your own risk.*

Download your Monster Brain Break Cards today, and come back tomorrow for another freebie!

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