VeggieTales Noah’s Ark – Review and Sale

VeggieTales is coming out with another fun, faith based video, Noah’s Ark. It will be available to own as of February 28, 2015. AJ and I had the pleasure of reviewing it before it came out.

VeggieTales Noah’s Ark is a lot like many of the other VeggieTales videos. It is funny, has a great message, and is filled with those crazy songs that you just can’t help but sing. Unfortunately, there was one major difference. If you have been following VeggieTales recently you probably noticed the change in our beloved friends, Bob and Larry. A lot of people on social media don’t like the change, and I will admit I liked the old version better. When I put the DVD on that is the very first thing AJ noticed. She thought they looked weird and didn’t like their eyes. The characters themselves even make a joke about looking different at the beginning of the DVD. Thankfully, after a minute or so into the show we didn’t even notice the change. 
The story itself is loosely based on the Bible version and is told by Larry. It is the story from Noah’s son’s point of view of what Larry thinks he might have been thinking while on the ark. There are some odd twists in true VeggieTales style, including holes in the ark and a sea monster. The story my stray from the original, but throughout the video we are reminded to trust in God in the good times and the bad, and that God always has a plan. A great message that we all need to remember. 
Noah DVD
If you and your family enjoy VeggieTales, this DVD is sure to entertain. My main complaint is that the story didn’t stick to the Biblical version enough. Overall AJ loved it and I liked it. I am sure this DVD will be watched a lot around our house. 
You have to wait a few weeks to get your chance to watch this fun filled DVD, but the good news is you can buy it now at Family Christian. When you pre buy VeggieTales Noah’s Ark you get a FREE copy of VeggieTales Rack, Shack, & Benny. For only $12.97 you get two VeggieTales DVDs and that sounds like a great deal to me! 



  1. I pre-ordered this title yesterday from Family Christian. Our family loves VeggieTales and we are excited for this one! Thanks for sharing here.

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