Growing Your Faith – 7th Grade Devotional (Review)


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This year has been a  breakthrough  year with our Bible study. AJ seems to really be getting it, she enjoys reading the Bible and as we go through the books of the Law she is learning so much. What we are lacking though is a more personal study. It is important to learn Bible history, but we need to add in a character study as well. I wanted something that would help her grow closer to God. Enter the new 30-Day Devotional 7th Grade Growing Your Faith by Lars Rood. AJ is only in 6th grade, but I thought it would still be a good fit. (At the time of this review the book is not yet available online, check your local store)

7th Grade Growing Your Faith - Review

About the Book

This fun 30-day devotional will guide you through some of the biggest changes and challenges of this year, including handling doubt, dealing with all the physical changes, making choices that will build your friendship with Jesus and being smart about what you see and hear and say.

Whether this is your first year of junior high or you’re already trekking through middle school. 7th Grade Growing Your Faith will give you some solid wisdom and advice, along with lots of truths to think about and lots of ideas to put into action.

7th Grade Growing Your Faith is a 72 page soft cover book broken into 30 different devotions. The book is broken into three sections.

  1. Owning Your Faith, Shaping Your Faith – These first ten devotions focus on a few different topics including; why reading the Bible is important, getting closer to Jesus, and having fun while following Jesus.
  2. Maturing in Mind, Shaping Your Thoughts – This second section is my favorite. It covers topics that really make you think. Topics include what is worth watching, listing to, and saying. It covers how to Follow Jesus at school, and how to find a good role model.
  3. Maturing in Body Shaping the Whole You – These final ten devotions wrap up the book and include topics like; talking to your parents, dealing with loneliness, shaping your future, and figuring out the other gender.

Each devotion is broken up the same way in four short sections.

  • Introduction – In this short section the author talks a little bit about his personal experience regarding the topic.  It is between a couple of paragraphs and a page long, usually including a short story from the author’s youth about the topic. These are very interesting and actually help to break the ice when it comes to the more difficult topics.
  • Think About – This section has 3 or 4 questions to think about (and in our case discuss). I love this section because the questions are simple yet thought provoking. You aren’t told this is right and that is wrong, you are asked to think about what you feel. One that really stuck out to me was, “If God has created you with a purpose (and He has), how do you feel about God when you are Lonely?” (page 59)
  • God Thought – This section turns you to the Bible. It may have you read a few verses, a chapter, or even an entire book of the Bible. Then there is a question to think about regarding what you read.
  • Activate – This final section varies in its approach. Some tasks include; talking to people about things, writing lists, or doing something active. Some of these we liked, others we didn’t care for.

How We Used It

AJ isn’t big on reading any book without pictures, so I decided to use the 7th Grade Growing Your Faith in place of our current Bible curriculum. We read the introduction, and then talked about the think about questions. They lead to a few interesting conversations. One question asked how she saw an adult in her life living out their faith. So I asked her to think about me and what I do. Her answer was, “Well you show that you’re a Christian because you are always buying things from the Christian store.” After a little prompting she thought of a few other ways I live my faith!

7th Grade Growing Your Faith

Then she would look up the section in the Bible we were to read, and we would discuss it. Finally we would talk about the Activate section. A few we just discussed. Some we skipped, and some she did as directed. Each devotion took between 45 minutes to and hour. I read the entire book, but AJ still has a little way to go. We plan on finishing the devotional throughout the rest of the school year. The book is very flexible. It can be used independently or with a group. You can do one devotion a day, or even do one a month. It is a great resource to get your (pre) teen closer to God.

What We Thought

7th Grade Growing Your Faith

Overall we really enjoyed the 7th Grade Growing Your Faith 30-day devotional. The lessons are relevant, short enough to fit into our day, and easy to read. The writing style is friendly and fun making each day interesting. Having a male author, I was a little worried how he would be able to relate to young girls. He did so seamlessly.

A few of the lessons didn’t really apply to AJ because she is homeschooled, but even those that didn’t were useful in one way or another. AJ LOVED the fact that there was little to no writing. I enjoyed the meaningful discussions and most importantly the Bible verses to back up the discussions.

The only thing we didn’t care for were some of the activities in the Activate section. They just didn’t fit with our life, but it was simple to skip the ones we didn’t like. The author has made devotions for other grades, and although I haven’t read those, I would recommend getting the book that goes with the grade your child is currently in. A few of the lessons are really tied in to the grade level.

The devotional is very affordable, only $6.99 and in my opinion it is well worth it.


  1. Thank you for this wonderful review. My simple goal is to help students grow. I agree with you that some of the activities aren’t for everyone. I’m writing the 6th grade book now and would love to hear from your daughter about some topics I should cover and the ways she’d like to see me do it.

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