Fruit of the Month – January

One of our goals for the new year was to try a new fruit and vegetable every month. How are we picking which new thing to try? It is simple, I am going by price. We are on a limited budget so we are going to try new produce based on the deals I find.

This month’s fruit was grapefruit. They are readily available and actually fairly inexpensive, but neither of us had tried one before. My mom hates grapefruit and now a few of her medications don’t allow her to eat it, so we were on our own for this one.

Growing up our fruit mainly consisted of; apples, bananas, oranges, and berries. AJ loves almost every fruit and vegetable she has tried so I think this goal will be a fun way to branch out and try new things.

I picked up two grapefruits (they were only .20 each) and then a fruit cup in natural juice.

First we tried the fruit cup.

AJ liked it and I couldn’t stand it. Even though it was all natural it had a fake flavor to me.

Then it was time for the fresh grapefruit. Since I didn’t like the pre cut grapefruit, we decided to share one grapefruit. AJ loved it. I thought it was ok, but way too sour.

I decided to try it with a little sugar. It was edible, but the point of trying new fruits and vegetables is to eat healthier. I don’t really see the point of eating a fruit that I need to add sugar to.

Overall, AJ really liked the grapefruit and asked me to buy it again. We agreed that the fresh fruit was a lot better than the packaged, and it is cheaper too. Our first new fruit went well and I can’t wait to see which new fruit will be on sale next month.

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