Top 10 posts of 2014

2014 was a difficult year for me and I didn’t blog nearly as often as I would have liked. 2015 will have a lot more posts along with some improvements to my blog. Here are my most viewed posts from 2014. Some of them surprised me.

10. Bible Road Trip – Review

Back in July I had the opportunity to review Bible Road Trip by Danika Cooley. This is a great Bible curriculum for kids and adults. In the beginning we were not able to utilize the program completely, but now we have the book and DVDs to go along with the program. We use the Bible Road Trip weekly as part of our homeschool journey. 

9. 6th Grade Curriculum Plan

Here I shared our plans for 6th grade. Not a typical curriculum, but it is working great for us!

8. Alone Yet Not Alone – Review

This is one that surprised me. I really liked the book but I never would have thought that it would have been a top post. Unfortunately, I was never able to see the movie even though it looked amazing. If you haven’t read the book Alone Yet Not Alone yet, you really should check it out!

7. 6th Grade Reading List

This is the list of books I am planning on having AJ read this school year. I think it is a good mix of books and she has been enjoying them.

6. Sparkle Egg – Review

This is a wonderful picture book perfect for Easter time.

5. Little House on the Prairie Week 1

We learned about so much during the Prairie Primer. It is one thing that I really slacked on blogging wise, but I will finish the series this year! In this post we had a ton of fun learning about Indians, blood and circulation, and more. It was a week full of fun hands on learning.

4. Reading Eggspress – Review

Reading Eggspress is the Reading Eggs program for kids ages 7 to 13. It had some good and bad aspects. We are not currently using it, but if you have a struggling reader it may be the answer for you.

3. VeggieTales Celery Night Fever

A silly, fun, musical video that teaches about forgiveness. It was a huge hit at our house.

2. Melk the Christmas Monkey – Review

Melk is the Christmas Monkey that helps to keep Christ in Christmas. We really enjoyed our time with Melk through the Christmas season. Melk isn’t just for the Christmas season though, he can be a part of your family year round. Click on the post to learn more. 
And the post that was viewed the most was………

1. Valentine’s Day Math Printable 

There are 2 fun math printables that I created for upper elementary kids. The first is a coordinate grid picture and the second is Candy Heart Math. Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, so grab your copy today!
Was the post you enjoyed the most one of my top ten most viewed posts?


  1. It sounds like we had similar years. I hope to share more content this year, and a lot of what was in my top posts surprised me. Thanks for linking up, and I’m sorry I’m making my rounds for reading and commenting so late!

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