Finished With Fractions!


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Fractions, they are all around us yet they are so difficult for kids to understand. I think that fractions are about the most difficult part of elementary math. They involve so much thinking and often there are many steps to solve a problem. We have been working on fractions for a while now. (It seems like forever) AJ started her first fraction book about two months before the end of school last year and has been working on them for the first three months this year. Last week she took her final fraction test and got 96%. We were both amazed.

Math Fractions

She worked through the Key To Fraction books, and I really can’t say enough about them. They provide step by step instructions, adequate practice but not so much that it is overwhelming, an answer key with everything worked out, and they are very inexpensive. Finding the Key To Math website a few years ago was really a blessing because these workbooks really work for AJ.

She has an amazing understanding of fractions now. With each book, even as the material was getting harder, she was having an easier time understanding it. After finishing the four books she can; add, subtract, multiply, divide, and simplify fractions. She can work with different denominators, mixed numbers, cross simplify, rename fractions, and so much more.  I am certain that she has a good understanding of all fraction operations.

While working on the Key To Fraction books we did a few extra things to work on fractions.

First she played this fraction game a lot. I found it on sale during back to school time for $2 and it was well worth it.

Fun math Fractions
The game really helped her to visualize what it meant when she had to add 3/8 and 1/2. It is a quick game so we were able to fit it in when we had a few extra minutes for math.
Fraction Fun
She did a lot of cooking and measuring. There is no better way to learn about fractions than to double cookie recipes.
I made her a few different worksheets as well. The first one I shared in October, and the second I will be sharing soon.
This week we started with percents. The first few weeks will be simple and then it will become a little bit more complex. We both feel a great sense of accomplishment that she has finished with fractions and really knows her stuff!
What are you working on in math? How is your school year going?

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