6th Grade Curriculum Plan

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I can’t believe that AJ is in 6th grade this year! It seems like just yesterday she was in second grade I was contemplating bringing her home to learn. We have come a long way. I am still learning, but I feel confidant that this year is going to be a successful year for AJ. We will be schooling 4 days a week because honestly any more than that is just not realistic with our schedule, we do the same amount of work, but spread it over 4 days instead of 5. Here is what we have planned for the year.


We are sticking with Key To Math. Last year we finished Decimals and half of Fractions. This year we will finish with Fractions and complete Percents. Last year I planned too much and didn’t give time for those instances where AJ just didn’t understand a concept. Math came easy to me and instead of planning by topic, I planned by the number of pages. This year I have went through each lesson and scheduled based on difficulty not just the number of problems.

We will finish Key To Percents with about 9 weeks of the year left. For those last 9 weeks she will be completing a geometry and a pre-algebra workbook that I picked up for free at the Pay What You Want Sale.

She will be doing book work 3 days a week, and then a Fun Math that I make up on the 4th day. The Fun Math will be lessons to make sure she has a good grasp of skills to be ready for Key To Algebra next year. Some skills I will be addressing are; mean, median, mode, range, graphing the coordinate plane, different types of graphs, area, volume, probability, and equations. I plan on sharing each of the Fun Math that I create here on my blog the week after we finish it.


We will be using different workbooks for logic. The plan is to do logic at least twice a week.

  •  Penny Press Easy Logic Puzzles. This book is full of puzzles that will require AJ to think. They start off simple and get more difficult.
  • Flash Kids Problem Solving. We are doing the 4th grade book because we never got to it last year. It has a lot of fraction problems and because of the way she is learning math we hadn’t covered some of the skills necessary for her to complete the problems until the end of last year.
  • Math Logic for Middle/Upper Grades. I picked this book up for $1 at a local teacher supply store. It is full of great logic problems. We will use this book over the next few years.
  • Sudoku Puzzles. I don’t have a specific book, but she has asked to learn how to do Sudoku puzzles so we will start easy and see where it leads us.


We will be studying Earth Science this year. We will be using a few different resources.
    • We will use Creation Geology for the first part of the year, adding in lapbooks from Hands of a Child to go deeper into some subjects. We will be doing the following lapbooks; Rocks and Minerals, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes.

 We will continue or study of Earth Science with Creation Astronomy. We will use the Moon and Galaxies lapbooks from Hands of a Child to go along with our space study.

  • Weather on the Move from Homeschool Legacy. This is a once a week unit study that we have been reviewing. It is a lot of fun and brings science to life. We will be using it with the Weather, Extreme Weather, Hurricanes, and Blizzards lapbooks from Hands of a Child.
  • We will finish off Earth Science with Oceans and Water Cycle lapbooks from Hands of a Child.
  • Throughout the year we will be utilizing thec by Luke Gilkerson. This is an amazing star study that has short weekly assignments. I have never been one that could easily find different constilations, so we will both be learning with this neat book. I think it will be the highlight of our science study!



History will be the main subject this year. We are using……….

Diana Warring’s History Revealed Creation to Christ. We are so excited to start history this year; and that is coming from someone who hated history in school. AJ has never studied Ancient History, so I have a lot of hands on fun planned. This history uses a unit study approach and incorporates music, art and science into history.

Language Arts

AJ will be doing literature studies on a variety of books. See our book list here.
Writing is AJ’s weekest subject so we will use 2 main books to help her this year.
  1. Writing Strands level 3. We started this book last year but didn’t have time to finish it. I like the fact that the book breaks writing down into bite sized pieces.
  2. Jump In! After reviewing this a few weeks back I am confidant that it will help AJ to become a better writer.
The two programs are very different and I think by using both of them AJ will get the best writing instruction possible.
Last year we decided to take a break on formal grammar. This year we are diving in with the use of these books.

  • Sheldon’s New Primary Language Lessons. I reviewed this a few weeks ago, it is a gentle approach to grammar that includes; copy work, dictation, and picture studies. We plan to work on this book for 15 minutes a day. This book won’t last the entire year because AJ already knows some of the topics.
  • Painless Grammar. I found this at the Good Will for $1 and fell in love with it. It teaches grammar in a funny story telling tone. Before I was given Sheldon’s New Primary Language Lessons, I had planned on using this book exclusively for grammar. It is a wonderful resource so I plan to use the two together.
  • Flash Kids Language Arts 6. Despite being a hands on learner, AJ likes workbooks. I like the Flash Kids workbooks because the lessons are short and topic specific.


We will be using Bible Road Trip Year 1. See my review here.

It should be a fun year full of learning. What are you learning about this year?

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