Horrible Manners

A few days ago there was a question asked on one of the homeschool Facebook groups that I often visit. It was a simple question. What is something non academic that you want to teach your child by the time they were finished with school? There were all kinds of answers ranging from cooking, cleaning, and sewing to life skills and good character qualities. The question really got me thinking. There are so many things that I want to teach AJ before she is all grown up. One thing I really want her to learn is something I see lacking in today’s society, manners.

We were grabbing a hamburger while we were finishing up our running around yesterday and I was shocked. A young couple with their toddler were in eating at the table across from us, they were ignoring the child looking at their cell phones, and the kid was just throwing food everywhere. I know kids will be kids and I have had to clean up a few messes that my little one has made over the years, but the way that they left the table was ridiculous. There were fries and ketchup all over the floor along with napkins and food wrappers all over the table and floor. The mess was not all from the child either. I couldn’t believe that when they were all finished eating, they picked up the kid and walked out.

I may not be able to teach AJ everything she will need to know, no one will, but one thing I will ensure she learns is manners. She will learn to clean up after herself at home and in public. She will learn to show respect and to put down her phone (if she ever gets one) when she eats or is with others. She will learn to make eye contact and listen when she is speaking with others. In this day and time I think it is important to stress manners, it is so easy to get caught up in other things……. but I hope I am able to instill manners in AJ.

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