Little House on the Prairie Week 1

Out of all of the Little House books, Little House on the Prairie is the only one that I ever read as a child. Both AJ and myself love to watch the TV series, so I expect this to be a favorite book to read and explore. I was surprised to find out that in reality the events that happened in this book happened before the events in Little House in the Big Woods.

To start our journey we mapped the possible trail that the Ingalls family took on their journey. Then we learned all about covered wagons and what it would be like to travel in one. AJ even made a covered wagon out of paper using a free worksheet found here. It turned out cute and she was able to play with it for about a week before it broke.

We compared daily life and chores that we do with those that the Ingalls had to do. It took Ma and the girls a long time to do laundry, so AJ tried washing clothes by hand. She even carried the bucket of water up and down the back yard a few times since Mary and Laura had to carry the water all the way from the creek. She had fun, but said that she was glad that all she has to do is put her clothes in the washer.

We learned all about prairies and the animals and plants that live there. We will be studying different prairie animals throughout the book. This week we focused on rabbits, gophers, dickie birds, hawks, and prairie chickens.
There was a lot of science to learn this week. We studied simple machines and read quite a few books about them. We also used this neat website that has a lot of videos and worksheets. Then we learned all about blood and the circulatory system. To learn all about the blood I went to my favorite science videos, Bill Nye. After watching the video she completed a worksheet and did the experiment that was in the video that shows how you can see that blood is flowing through our veins.

Then we learned about the history of the post office and the Pony Express. We read a great book, You Wouldn’t Want to be a Pony Express Rider! It was a fun book that gave a lot of information about the dangers of the Pony Express and was full of great pictures. I plan on using other books in this series throughout the year because AJ really enjoyed it.

Throughout the book we will be learning about Indians. This week we focused on Indian homes. We made a tipi out of construction paper, and then made a wigwam.

For the wigwam we took an empty bowl and covered it with a mixture of dirt, flower, and water. After the bowl was covered she added leaves, branches, and sticks. We left it to dry overnight and it held up fairly nicely, but then it rained and we had to throw it out.

It was a very full week of learning. What did you learn about this week?




  1. How neat! Now I want to do some of those things with my kids. I used to watch Little House on the Prairie with my Aunt.

  2. I’ve never read the books, but I did enjoy watching the TV show on Sunday’s while having my lunch though.

  3. I used to love reading the little house on the prairie series when I was young. What a great way to use it as a tool for learning. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cool! I love the ideas and the way your record your work and make school interesting.

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