Celebrate Jesus Light of the World – Review and Giveaway

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Are you looking for a way to keep Christmas focused on God? If so then the newest product I was able to review might be just for you. I received a copy of Celebrate Jesus Light of the World written by Amy Blevins from Homeschool Encouragement. It is an advent journey for families. Amy and her family have been using parts of this book and adding ideas to it for the last 10 years to help them celebrate Jesus.

This is the second product of Amy’s that I have had the pleasure of reviewing and this one did not disappoint!

Celebrate Jesus Light of the World is a 81 page ebook, with daily schedules including Bible reading, crafts, songs, copy work, and even recipes to help you and your family celebrate this Christmas season. Each day the advent activities can be completed in a relatively short amount of time with out too much reading so little ones can stay focused. She even provides a link for Christmas coloring pages that can be used.

Here is what a sample day would look like:

  1. You light a candle
  2. Pray together
  3. Read the scripture together
  4. Listen to a song/hymn (She gives a website where almost all of the songs are found for free)
  5. Do an activity

The crafts and activities included throughout the book don’t require too many supplies and most of them you probably have on hand. The best part is that there is a page that has all of the materials you will need for each day so you can plan ahead. You don’t need to do all of the activities you can pick and choose what works for your family. This point is stressed in the book, it should be a time of celebration with your family.

I love that the activities are simple yet meaningful. After the daily activities there is a section full of Christmas recipes. We made the sugar cookies and they were wonderful! Unfortunately due to my corn allergy we couldn’t try the other recipes because they call for ingredients that I haven’t found good substitutes for. They all look really good though. Some of them are; ginger cream frosting, peanut butter fudge, pie crusts, and more. She even includes a few gluten free recipes as well.

At the end of the book you will find Christmas Copywork. Like the Thanksgiving Copywork it is beautiful. Each page has a scripture verse with plenty of lined space for the verse to be copied. There are also pictures on each page. You can work on both penmanship and Bible at the same time!

How did we use it?

Since advent hasn’t started yet we didn’t use the book quite as intended yet. We will be using it starting Sunday and I can’t wait! For this review I read the book and we did a few different activities. We also listened to some songs on the website that she lists. I have to say this book is very well written. I love that she includes Bible Study questions for mom and older kids. The questions she has make you think and help you to really understand the verses. I think my favorite part is that the scripture readings are short enough to keep your child’s interest.

Here are some of the activities we tried.

  • We made the sugar cookies (they were Thanksgiving themed, but we will make Christmas ones soon.)

  • Made a pipe cleaner wreath

  • Attempted to make a paper star. (We will try again but so far ours looks a little odd.)
  • Made a paper chain.

There are a lot more activities that we can’t wait to try.

Where can you get a copy?

Amazingly this ebook is only $4.99 and you can get it here. It is available in both KJV and ESV. If you are looking for just the copywork pages those can be purchased separately too for only $1.99.

I am going to have a QUICK giveaway for one copy of the ebook. Enter for your chance to win below!

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  1. The value of a dollar

  2. I am really LOST when it comes to Geography and find it very difficult to grasp and teach.. I have just enrolled myself in an online Intro to Geo class 🙂

  3. This looks like a great curriculum. I wish they did one for Hanukkah too

    • I know it is too late for this year, but I will definitely let her know that there would be interest in a Hanukkah version. I hope you and your family have a happy Hanukkah!

  4. This is pretty cool. Love today’s message. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  5. My favorite part of Christmas is being with family.

  6. What a great book! Activities that will teach kids, and help develop great memories for all of you. I’m glad that you were able to share time together through the book.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  7. My favorite part of Christmas is the anticipation. I love the focus on family and giving – and the thankfulness (even more than at Thanksgiving) for what we’ve been blessed with. I love that we plan our festivities around church services that we attend together!

  8. Visiting from the Lovin’ the Weekend blog hop, and I entered the contest. Thanks for hosting. 🙂

  9. Hi Katie,
    I love the whole advent season and my favorite part is to keep it simple and focus on family time and blessing one another. Baking and continuing traditions is wonderful and I love Christmas Eve candlelight services.
    Thank you for the give away. I’m in.
    Have a blessed advent,

  10. My favourite part of Christmas is being with family, listening to carols, decorating, eating delicious meals and thinking about the true meaning of this holiday.

  11. This book sounds wonderful! I definitely have entries in. I am now following your blog in several ways. Have a great weekend.

  12. My favorite part about Christmas is that family come home and I get to spend time with them

  13. My favorite part of Christmas is the anticipation of awaiting for the birth of Jesus!

  14. Being with my family and enjoying hot cocoa.

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