A Fun Way to Learn about the Moon

In Little House in the Big Woods, Mary and Laura were told that people use to think that the moon was made of cheese. That of course prompted a moon study. We learned a little bit about the moon phases last year so AJ was excited to learn more. We used the book, Eye on the Universe The Moon.  She read everything except for the first few pages that explained how the moon was formed because it didn’t correspond with our beliefs. As we read we stopped and did a few fun experiments along the way.

The first thing she did was learned about the landscape of the moon and the craters. To understand a little bit more about how the craters were formed, we did a simple activity. I filled a cake pan with about an inch of flour.

Then using different sized items she dropped them into the flour to see the indents (craters) that were formed. She experimented with heavier and lighter items, and with dropping them from different distances. We talked about why the different size craters were formed and what it would be like to walk on the moon. It was a messy project, but nothing a broom couldn’t fix in a few minutes.

She also made a book about the moon. It had pages about gravity, waves, the moon’s landscape, and the phases of the moon. It was a simple book made out of construction paper stapled together, but she had fun making it. I have learned that if I can take the writing that she would normally do in a report or on plain paper and  put it into a small book of some type that she not only writes more, but writes with a better attitude. The best part is that she likes to show off her work to other people so she tries to do her best.

Then we did the moon phase project that is all over Pinterest. I originally saw the idea here, but I have since seen it on a few other blogs as well. We used chocolate sandwich cookies to show the phases of the moon. AJ had a blast doing this product. I think she had even more fun eating it though.

We also watched a few different  You Tube about the moon.

Since our study about the moon, AJ has been looking at the moon each night and figuring out which phase it is in. She had a great time learning about the moon!


  1. That is such a fun idea with the flour and Oreo cookies. I wish I had known about it while doing the moon with my kids. Then again, there is nothing stopping us from revisiting the moon again. Thanks!

    • I originally saw the Oreo cookie idea about a year ago and couldn’t wait to do it with AJ. Hope you guys have a blast when you get around to studying the moon again! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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