We made Cheese!

We have had the amazing opportunity to do a lot of great projects while working our way through the Prairie Primer. We were even able to make cheese.

It was surprisingly an easy task. It only required three easy ingredients and a lot of patients. It takes one quart of whole milk, 3-5 tablespoons of vinegar, and a teaspoon of salt. (recipe is an adapted version from the Prairie Primer Binder Builder and the Little House Cook Book)

First you bring the milk to a simmer and remove it from the heat just before it starts to boil.

Then add the salt and vinegar.

Stir slowly for about 5 minutes. Curds will start to form.

Create a strainer out of cheese cloth and pour the mixture through the cheesecloth. The curds will stay on top of the cheese cloth and the whey will be in the container.

Put the whey into the refrigerator to use later or discard it. (We fed it to our dogs and they loved it)

Scoop the curds out of the cheesecloth and squeeze out the excess whey.

Continue squeezing out the whey until the cheese becomes a solid.

Then wrap in cheesecloth and place it in the fridge with something heavy on it to press out the whey. We started with the jelly jar then added some large rocks and left it over night.

Store in the fridge.

We had a lot of fun making the cheese but I was surprised with how little cheese it actually made. After looking online though, I found out that our results were normal. We put 4 TBS of vinegar and after tasting it I think 3 would have been plenty. It also needed a great deal more salt. When we tasted the cheese right after making it, the vinegar was about all we tasted. It has been about two weeks since we made the cheese, and the vinegar taste is almost all gone. It is farmers cheese so it is fairly soft and spreadable. If we make it again we will use less vinegar, more salt, and probably add something else to it for flavor.

Cheese is definitely one thing that we are glad that we can purchase at the store.

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