Owl Cookies

To go along with our owl study we made owl cookies. I found the idea on Facebook and as soon as I saw it I knew we were going to try it out. You can find the recipe here.

Basically you make a large batch of peanut butter cookie dough. Then you take a third of the dough and add coco to it. You put the chocolate dough on top of the regular dough and then roll it into a log. Then you slice the cookies and decorate your owl.

You take 2 cookie slices and put them together so that the ends are pushed together and make the face of the owl. Then you use a cashew for the beak, cream cheese for the whites of the eyes, and chocolate chips for the eyes.

The cookies turned out very cute, but they didn’t taste very good. To be fair it was the first time I have ever made log cookies and I had a hard time getting the dough to stay together. The dough tasted like it had too much flour in it and they kept falling apart when we were slicing them. I also had to change to recipe to make it corn free. (Baking powder has corn) If I was going to make them again I would just use my own cookie recipe and then decorate them the same way.

AJ had a great time making the cookies. I think they made a great end to our study of owls.


  1. These owl cookies look so cute!


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