Molasses Candy and Maple Syrup

We have been making our way through the Prairie Primer and learning so many things. Last week we watched Old Yeller and started to listen to the book on CD. We finished up our in depth study of Louis Pasteur, and learned about rabies. She also worked on her owl lap book some more. If everything works out she will dissect an owl pellet this week.

Throughout Little House in the Big Woods there is a lot of figurative language used and that was a topic that we learned about this week. Figurative language is a hard thing for AJ to grasp because she is such a literal thinker, but each time we go over it she seems to understand a little bit more. She can tell the difference between a simile and a metaphor, but has trouble making them up on her own. After watching the video above and a few others we played a game of making up silly similes and metaphors. She had fun and it got her out of her literal way of thinking. AJ then worked on dictionary skills and wrote a poem about Laura. She also did some cause and effect and sequencing worksheets. This week was a little heavy on writing so AJ didn’t complete any work in her Writing Strands book.

For Bible we have read and discussed a lot of Bible verses and talked about jealousy, mercy, and fear. This week we also went back to our regular math program and started back up with spelling.

One fun project that we did was making molasses candy. It was one of the first recipes in the book that didn’t contain corn so I was able to help make it and taste it. (I am allergic to corn) It was very easy to make. AJ measured out brown sugar and molasses and cooked it over the stove until it was at the right consistency. Then she dropped the candy over crushed ice. The recipe called for snow but it doesn’t snow where we live. I think it would have been better over snow and a lot less of a mess, but the overall idea came out well.

The candy started to stick to the ice in some places and melt the ice in others. It was a sticky mess to clean up but AJ had fun and it was a good learning experience. We both tasted the candy and it was actually pretty good. No where near as good as the candy we have today but something we would possibly try again if we had snow or shaved ice.
She also learned all about maple syrup. We read a book called, From Maple Tree to Syrup. The book was a little too easy for AJ, but it explained the process of how the sap becomes syrup very well. I decided to make a worksheet for AJ to complete that compared pure maple syrup to pancake syrup. It compares calories, price, and ingredients. It is the first worksheet that I have ever made, and you are welcome use it. Click to download the worksheet.
Overall we had a good but busy week. She worked hard and learned a lot. AJ had her first gymnastic meet of the season on Sunday. I will write about that in another post.
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  1. Thanks for sharing all the videos you find. I am going to share this one with my kids.

  2. No problem! I hope that the videos help, I know the helped AJ.

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