A Good Day

Our plans for Valentines day didn’t go exactly as we had planned. My mom wasn’t feeling too well so she slept in and we started our day off a little later than we wanted to. It started with me waking my little one up. She woke up on the right side of the bed and happily got in the shower. While she was taking her shower, I made breakfast. I made her red scrambled eggs, toast that said I love you and pink milk. She loved it. It was just little food color, but she thought it was the best breakfast ever. (I didn’t get any pictures) Then she got dressed and I fixed her hair for gymnastics. After everyone was ready we went to take care of my grandma. I was pleasantly surprised to see her in a good mood as well. We went through her mail and took care of a few things then we went to lunch.

Now I have been living with a corn allergy for a while, and have been watching everything that I eat but Thursday I made a mistake. We went to Joanne’s, a restaurant close to my grandma’s that we go to almost every week. I ordered a steak sandwich and didn’t think to ask for it on sour dough bread. I always ask for my sandwich on sour dough because I know I can eat it without being sick. The bad part is that once it arrived I still didn’t think anything of it and part way through the sandwich I realized my mistake. The sandwich came on a hogi type roll which must contain either baking powder (made from corn), corn syrup, or corn starch. I got so sick. Luckily I was ok after a while and or day went on.
Then we dropped grandma off and went to the gym. My little one was so excited to hand out her goodie bags.


Don’t you just love the glasses? She received so many complements on them.


She was at the gym from 3 to 6 and worked very hard. They have their first inner squad competition next Thursday so they are getting ready.

After gymnastics, we went to the Montclair Plaza and bought some SEES candy for my grandma. Then we ate dinner in the food court, and got a smoothie (corn free) on the way out. My little one told me it was the best Valentine’s Day ever. After that we did her grocery shopping and went back to my grandma’s. We didn’t get home until about 10pm. That’s pretty typical for our Thursdays.  So despite my mistake at lunch we had a nice day.

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