I have a theory that the reason America is fat is due to convenience. Think about it, we have drive throughs, premade food, boxed and canned food available to us at cheep prices. You can get a pizza for $5 or a taco for $.49. Not being able to grab these convenience foods has put me in the kitchen a lot longer and cost a bit more money, but I think with time and planning better it will get easier. Today I made scalloped potatoes, broccoli, and London broil. The scalloped potatoes came from the Betty Crocker cookbook and everyone loved them. I had planned on having some left over for tomorrow, but I will have to make something else. It took me about an hour to wash, peal, and slice the potatoes, about twenty min to make the sauce and then about two hours o cook. The London broil was quick. I put it on a cookie sheet, poked it with a fork, salted it and then put it under the broiler for 5 min on each side. I steamed the broccoli in about ten min, and called it dinner. The potatoes tasted better than any boxed potato I have ever had and I know they had NO corn which was the best part.

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